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Had to turn around and drive to another trailhead because NO DOGS ALLOWED! But looked like a great trail otherwise.

5 days ago

Hiked up Dry Canyon to Big Baldy Saturday 13 Oct, beautiful day for hiking, started at 10am finished at 1:30pm. Last mile to saddle between Big Baldy and Timp is straight uphill, a heart pounder. Got our feet soaking wet coming down from the snow melt stream in the middle of the trail. Busy trail passed more than 8 groups.

Climbed it this last Saturday, 10/6. It was a little chilly with some light snow falling. It gets pretty rigorous and steep at some points. It was actually more scenic than I expected. The reason why I give it 4 stars is because the trail slopes inward at certain parts so on the way down it wreaks havock on the knees and ankles because with every step your legs want to fall inward. I enjoyed the hike overall, but will probably never do it again because of the rough, uneven trail.

Great walk with the first snow.

8 days ago

Good shorter hike to get a great workout

very difficult hike. Be wary the trail goes right and up the side but we ended up scrambling in the shale. if anyone finds a turquoise beaded earring it belonged to my dear friend who has passed away.

Hardest hike of the summer! But I had the place to myself and the views were worth it! Lots of different terrain and scenery!

Great hike! Not for those wanting an easy walk. The scenery changes as the summer progresses. I have Verizon as my cell carrier and get service right before hitting the saddle of the basin. Love that because I can share pictures at that moment. I wear microspikes and take hiking sticks every time.

Agreeing with the other poster about this trails rating. Once you cross the river, around the bend there is a rough spot with a lot of boulders. We went while it was wet, and there was no way for us to make it without mud tires. 3 of the 4 keeps behind us turned around and went another route. It is a beautiful, rocky ride. Very heavily travelled and several with trailers beyond where they shouldn’t have been. Most everyone is courteous.

Great hike. Tough hike. Several steep and technical sections but overall challenging enough and very rewarding. The false summit will have you fooled but if you keep pushing, you'll make it to the top and love the views. From the the false summit to the top, the trail is a little tricky to follow. Be careful! Took me just over 3 hours roundtrip with no breaks until the top and some trail running on the way down.

I only went from Inspiration Point (Willard Mountain) to Willard Peak. You can approach the peak from two different directions. The first route is the trail that goes up to the ridge and then bends to the left, following the ridge up to the peak. There is some scrambling, and the last stretch you have dropoffs on either side. It is the shorter route.

If you summit from the Ben Lomond side, it is quite a bit easier, but there doesn't appear to be a trail for the last bit. From Inspiration Point, take the second closest trail to Willard Peak (the closest trail is the shortest route described above). The other two trails stay lower, and provide a direct route to Ben Lomond. Once you pass the peak, you can look up and see a couple grassy saddles. Cut up these until you get the ridge, and then turn back to the north for a gradual climb to the peak.

Nice "short" but challenging hike! I did this one with my SIberian Husky Kaya :-)

Before continuing on to Dog Lake, the trail will veer off left.

It is not a very well defined "trail" at this point so be prepared for about a mile or so of bushwhacking.

It's well worth the effort as the view gives impressive outlook points of Millcreek Canyon and beyond.

Someone needs to come up here with a machete or an Eagle Scout should do a project to make the last ascent to the summit navigable.

This is a beautiful time to go hiking up Millcreek.

The fall leaves are coming into full bloom and the colors are amazing!

Beautiful trees this time of year! The lake was unimpressive--it's pretty low, and the glacier is basically gone. I'm going to venture back up in the spring and give it another go. I'd like to see ot again.

It was quite steep and strenuous. The Timpooneke side was much easier if you're trying to compare sides. Havong done both sides now, if you're just going to climb to the top of Timp, take Timpoonele, not Aspen Grove. It's much less exhausting. :)

This trail or at least the general area offers fantastic view from the mountain ridge down on both sides. The road to Willard Basin Campground is rough, mainly used by ATVs and trucks. The trailhead is not marked so I don’t even know what trail we took. But the views were great.

This was particularly difficult for me and already want to go do it again. My wife and I wanted to go deep into the mountains and have gone up this trail before. We didn’t know we were on the Big Baldy trail until we met a couple that were on there way back and that was enough for us to give it a go. We wanted to quit a couple times but rallied to the end. Strongly suggest taking plenty of water and food.

First off, this is not 11.1 miles from parking lot after Orson park. We used a fit bit and this is 14 round trip. Maybe 11.1 from Jacobs ladder beginning though. Other thing. I hike hard and a lot. I hiked this one hard and it pushes back. Hardest hike I’ve ever done. Quads will rage unless you pace it slowly most likely. So, I’m 6’ and I weigh 200 lbs. Roughly 14% body fat. I bring this up ONLY to let anyone know who is athletic built that 102 ounces of water was not enough. You need AT LEAST a gallon to be safe. The ladies that came with us were fine with like 80 ounces actually. Anyway, awesome views the whole way. Be cognizant of where trail is on way up also. :)

21 days ago

For me, this was a difficult trail. Not necessarily because of the length or climb, but because of the trail surface. Most of this trail, I estimate 60-70%, is extremely rocky. The footing is slippery and treacherous. There is a base of 2 to 3 inches of fine pea gravel. Sometimes you're walking on that and it's like walking on the beach. Other times there is a layer of softball to football sized rocks on top of the pea gravel. You can turn an ankle if you're not careful. Frankly, I got sick of it. It was extremely slow going because of this.

The trail is a steady uphill to the top and then the last half-mile or so the grade increases. Then the trail ends at the base of the cliff and you have to scramble about 100 feet or so up and over the rocks on a grade that is about a 60 degree angle. For me it was a notch or two short of needing a rope. It's pretty dangerous.

But the views are great, it's a very pretty canyon. I saw no other hikers, but about half way down three motorized mountain bikers came up. There was a dead animal carcass about two thirds of the way up where the creek joins the trail. It looks like it's been dead there a week or two. I couldn't tell what it was.

At the very top there were animal tracks. Whatever has three toes and is hooved. I assume a mountain goat but I never saw anything.

23 days ago

Great steady incline. I don’t think I hiked it all bc I lost service. You go through some beautiful aspens, then up to a peak where you can see mountains all around. Excellent hike for the fall! Good trail for dogs too. Not crowded at all since it’s up towards the top of Millcreek.

Much less traveled, trail is great until the meadow then gradually fades and splits numerous times. General rule: stay LEFT on the way up! Stay LEFT of the large stand of 5-10' tall pines on the lower part of the scree field. Look for the cairns. Long slog up the scree slope with loose footing in places and then some easy scrambling. I recommend NOT going alone on this one, and first doing Timp, Pfeifferhorn, Sundial Peak before attempting this difficult climb.

This was an awesome little hike! Kid and dog friendly! Super easy! Great views! 1 hour up 1 hour down! Super shady and very easy!

Such a nice hike up with the dogs and family! Such a beautiful hike and love the creek for the dogs!

started around 8 am. Road up to the trail is rough, so dont go without the proper vehicle. On the way up, we only ran into one jeep. Hike up is fine, not too tough but nothing special. The fall scenery once you get to the lake is amazing though. ATVs on the way back down around 1030 ish, but not too bad.

One of the best hikes in all of the wasatch! Certainly challenging but worth every second of it!

Great hike lost the trail a few times and it got a bit sketchy. Its a butt kicker but so worth it, views were amazing. Reached the first peak in 4 hours takes about 10-15 minutes to get to the west peak. Took about 15 minute lunch then headed back. Total time 8 hours 10 minutes.

Wow! What a trail to tackle. Bring a wind jacket because the seasons are changing. I also recommend gloves (I brought gripping garden gloves and they worked great) for warmth and scrambling down the sharp boulders. Be careful at the top... take it easy and know your limits.

Did this hike after having done Timp and Pfiefferhorn - THIS ONE IS MUCH HARDER. The slog up to the top is long and steep. Be prepared to get lost in the boulder fields (we had GPS and a map) and to be frightened by the exposure at the end. The views are incredible and I’m glad to
check it off my bucket list but I’m not sure I’d do this one again.

Easy hike and so beautiful!

Not for the faint of heart but once you come down from the summit and look back it is exhilarating and satisfying to know that you made it! We had to keep encouraging each other to get through the sketchy parts but finally made it and had the summit all to ourselves for lunch. Stay on the ridge near the top as described earlier. Took us 6.5 hours total. 4.5 hours up and 2 hours down (with some running). Highly recommended!

on Lambs Canyon Trail

1 month ago

Definitely on the hard side of moderate! Beautiful right now in early fall

1 month ago

Fun! Great for kiddos. We got to eat some apples too!

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