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17 hours ago

Great hike, tough towards the last saddle. Traverse is moderate and views are amazing.

the falls had little to no water and the trail wasn't well posted. have to be careful you don't continue on the timp trail.

Do this hike from the Battle Creek trail head. It's a little longer (10 miles) but maybe my favorite hike I've ever done.

Very steep. Great views the whole hike and amazing wildflowers.

1 day ago

Nice walk from the Visitor Center (trailhead) to the beautiful Huber Homestead and orchards. We had an 8, 7, and 3 year old hobbit with us and they did it just fine without too much grumbling.

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1 day ago

Beautiful scenery with a few fun spots to maneuver on the trail

Did this as a night hike, on a moonless night. If you can do this at night I highly recommend it. This was easily one of my favorite trails, this close to town. We left at roughly 1:30 am. Got to the top around 4:30-5:00. Watched the sun come up and got some great pics. I went with a friend and recommend you don't do this one alone if possible.

The trail is very steep in spots and has a lot of rocks in it, but it's not so bad.

On the way down we got to see all of the scenery. It's absolutely beautiful. We also saw a lot of deer, an elk, and tons of cows. At night our headlamps lit up the eyes of the cows, it was quite unnerving to just see their eyes.

There are bears in this area so bring some Bear Spray.

Bottom line it was one of my favorite hikes, so far, this summer.

I Made a bad decision dropping down into Lake Hardy instead of following lightning ridge while doing “The Beatout” so I had to scramble and boulder through the north ridge to then go to south thunder. The view from the lake of the majestic carved out granite is unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before. I plan on returning here this summer but this time going through Alpine. Where plenty of bug spray for the lake and if your doing “The Beatout” DO NOT go down to Lake Hardy cause that exhausted me to the point of dehydration and added what seemed to be an extra mile to my trip!

Way too overgrown at the moment, it’s difficult to hike through and we had to turn back halfway. Beautiful hike so hoping to finish it another day. Bugs everywhere

Fantastic trail. Beautiful, family-friendly while still being a bit of a challenge. Beautiful falls at the end. Can get crowded, but if you go early it's just you and the wilderness! Watch for wild life; I saw a mother moose and 2 calves with her!

Great hike. Read previous reviews to follow the 7.7 mike hike and to stay right at the log so it worked out well! Lots of shade. Great for dogs. Proved to be a good workout!

Amazing! Definitely a challenge, but worth it! Needed to allow myself more time to descend (once again) . . .Thank God I was able to navigate down a passable path on the way down ... _/|\_

After reading all the comments, we decided to drive out to Nebo and see what all the rage was about. For reference, we are pretty experienced hikers, one of us coming from LA and the other from Providence, RI (so both at sea level with about a week of acclimation in Park City at ~7000ft).

The first part of the hike was beautiful. The hills were a little less gentle than some commenters have suggested, especially with the altitude (for all you out of towners), but it was nothing serious. The wildflowers were beautiful.

The hike began to get real when we hit the first significant climb. You walk into a big valley and see a notch extending through the center with tall trees going up either side. Here, you cross the notch from left to right and begin to climb. We estimate we gained about 700-800 feet in this section in less than a mile. It is steep and the trail is loose, dusty dirt. However, we both felt comfortable and at the top of the climb, felt like it was manageable and felt ready to keep going.

After this, you gain a ridge line and walk along a gently rolling path until you arrive at the base of the false summit. In the 1/2 mile leading up to this, you can see both Nebo and the false summit on the right and left respectively. The route to the false summit is another significant climb, perhaps gaining another 800 feet in about a mile of hiking. Once you get to the top of the false summit, it is a good time to take a little break and begin to plan your attempt at the peak.

The final stage of the hike is very different from the first part. You walk along a tight, loose, rocky ridge above tree line. The path is not clearly demarcated and it is up to you to choose the path of least resistance. The ridge line is narrow and the drop off on either side is steep. My best advice, after completing the hike today (which others also suggest), is to stay as close to the top of the ridge as possible. Paths diverging to the left and right side can look inviting, however, many of these paths begin to drift off into loose shale and scree. While it can be intimidating to walk on top of a narrow, rocky ridge, you will find the path of least resistance here over and over again.

The final push to the summit is scrappy and includes some scrambling. It's a good idea to test rocks with your hand/foot before trusting them. The things that look like paths are not always a good indicator of the best route -- we found that doing some class 4 or perhaps very easy class 5 scrambling/climbing made our lives a lot easier because we were able to feel secure with what we were holding and standing on.

The route down from the summit requires patience. As is often the case, it is slow going when you head down on a hike like this. Keep a cool head and, again, follow the ridge as much as possible. After you hit the top of the false summit, the rest of the hike flies by.

Our total time was 5 hours 50 minutes, 3:20 on the way up and 2:30 on the way down. This excludes a 20 minute pit stop we took on the peak to admire the views.

In general, I would consider this a stout hike, but nothing terribly difficult. The real difficulty in this one lies in the mental game. It is significantly exposed and requires some confident scrambling. If you haven't done something above tree line before, get nervous seeing steep drop offs/on ridge lines, or you aren't fully acclimated to the altitude, I would be cautious and think about something less intense. If, on the other hand, you are in decent shape, don't get easily intimidated by heights, and feel confident in your ability to securely place your hands and feet at ~12,000 feet, go for it! It's really not so bad and offers BEAUTIFUL 360 views of the territory below. The hike itself is also really fun, challenging, and offers a wide array of different experiences and a lot of elevation gain in an afternoon.

One of my fave’s! Amazing views and wildflowers. Love coming down Mill D.

I wanted to scout this trail out knowing I did not have time to the top, but I was curious how hard it was, etc. I walked on this "trail" for 2 hours and it is a the most dry boring service road, and looking at Google maps.it went a lot father before changing to trails and something better. I think when I hike to Lake Hardy I will go up Dry Creek canyon on Alpine and then walk the trail that connects that trail to the Lake Hardy trail. Check out my blog post for more info.

Excellent! Beautiful!!

Steep! Worth it.

12 days ago

Really like this trail. Watch for rattle snakes tho

My husband and I completed this hike on July 1.

This hike was okay. Typical canyon hike- lovely views and mostly shaded. Frustrating that the trail was overgrown in some areas, especially toward the end. We're not even sure we made it to the official end of the trail... we just couldn't go any farther.

Probably would've given it 3 stars, but the stream crossings and clusters of butterflies were redeeming factors.

This is a beautiful trail, the views from the top are magnificent. There are a couple sections of the trail that are calf burners but most of it is a nice leisurely hike. It took me just shy of 5 hours to go up and down. I would definitely recommend it.

Went on this hike yesterday and it was AWESOME !
Its steep and it gets steeper till the end but you get to see some amazing views. You also get to witness the beauty of the big cottonwood canyon on your left when you are close to the summit.
Was a challenge but worth it ! ⛰

Great hike, enjoyed the views all around.

Grasses and flowers higher than your knees. The first part and the last part are steep. Nice work out.

Really fun hike up to scenic vista point. The trail itself is fairly easy to follow but there is a fair amount of overgrowth on the sides to push through. While our little dog appreciated the packed earth trail, we did have some concerns considering the narrowness of the trail and the several snakes we encountered in the overgrowth on the sides. You do have to park quite a ways away from the trail head, so once you start seeing signs, (we only saw one official parking area) start trying to find parking there or along the street. The elevation is subtle but makes it progressively tiring.

great hike :)

Nice trail. Some wet parts at beginning near waterfalls, which were quite pretty. Started at 1pm on a Sun and encountered few hikers or dirt bikes.

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15 days ago

Pretty trail. Scrambled to top of ridge line between Mineral Fork and Mill B Saturday morning. Amazing view. Don’t get hit in the face by a rock! Went early, started at 5:30am. Motorized dirt bikers seem to wake up around 9:30am/10am. They Were filling up trail as we were exiting around 11. Some dirt bikers with dork status seem to have dirt for brains and pay little attention at beginning point of trail, almost drove my buddy over. Saw some mountain goats at end of trail, that was great.

It’s a family favorite. We don’t always go all the way to the top but it’s a nice hike for me and the kids. The first kilometer can difficult for beginners and people not in good shape but after that it gets easier. My four year old can do it completely on his own so it’s a good first peak bagging hike.

Love this hike, but got quite the scare today when I came across a bear and two cubs on trail. Be safe! https://wildlife.utah.gov/learn-more/bear-safety.html

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