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1 day ago

Beautiful, lush, and worth the work! The path is a bit washed out and flooded at this time in April, so keep an eye on that. The waterfalls are amazing.

Scenic Hike. Gorgeous views at the top.

Very busy during the summer. Parking can be scarce and you can be waiting in choke point in the trail for a few minutes waiting for people to pass through.

Great trail! Started hike at about 8am! Great amount of people on trail. About an hour up and hour back. After 9:30am, trail got really busy!

If you like rush hour traffic on the trail, this is the one for you. Considering what the Pacific Northwest has to offer in this area, the trail itself was rather boring with little to no views the entire way up. The view at the top is pretty great and the color of the lake was neat, but be prepared to shuffle through tourists as well as locals and good luck getting a spot on the cliff to take in the view (which was basically 50+ people taking selfies). You're better off going the extra clip to the very top to get away from the crowds, but even then it was pretty busy. It was good to spend a nice day outside with the great weather, but won't be doing this trail again.

What a gorgeous hike! We encountered multiple waterfalls on our way up along with old growth trees and beautiful vegetation. The lake at the end is truly spectacular and well worth the climb. Loved hiking here today! Lots of people so be prepared to share the trail. More dogs than I have seen anywhere else so make sure your dog is friendly!
If you go hiking within the next few weeks make sure to wear waterproof shoes with crampons. It will make the hike that much better. The snow is melting, but most hikers noted the increased snowpack this year.
Have fun!

2 days ago

It was a little bit snowy at the top but that is totally to be expected at this time of year! Gorgeous hike and beautiful mountainside when you reach your destination. There is quite a bit of water so make sure to wear water resistant or water proof shoes if you don’t want to get wet! Super easy for dogs to navigate, not too hard on their paws although there is a section that’s mostly shale. Only downfall is it is popular so a lot of stopping and waiting for people. Highly recommend getting there early in the morning if you want to avoid the crowds.

Great Trail, Great View

3 days ago

So much snow and only made it just over half the way. Unfortunately we were not prepared for how much snow and how deep it was! Or we would have continued on if we had some snow shoes. Definitely going to hike again at some point.

Quick drive from Seattle. The view is fantastic. Expect to see at least another twenty hikers at the lookout.

8 days ago

Great hike lots snow last 10min hike.4/15/2018

8 days ago

Did this hike on 4-14-18. It rained the whole time, some of the trail was washed out but manageable. Tons of snow at the top which had me wishing I had brought my snowshoes. Overall a super beautiful hike, was surprised how many others braved the weather for it!

This is my go to trail when I don't have a lot of time. It is quiet and only requires a little effort to get to from the High School side.

Went in the rain. Super wet trail. Lots of creeks and rock hopping to cross. Still a lot of snow towards the top which could be a tad slippery with some sink holes. Beautiful hike nonetheless

Amazing! This is a must do. The experience is great. It can be a little rough once you reach the rocks, but the top is so totally worth it. Moderate is a great description of this trail, depending on conditioning, and can be challenging at spots for some. The top is worth it!!

14 days ago

The best overnight backpacking trip so far, we can’t wait to go back!

14 days ago

Great waterfall, just disappointed that the end of the trail was a gravel road, no grand view at the end.

15 days ago

Trail was very muddy at the bottom. The first half mile is great for kids of all ages. Lots of new things for them to explore. Once you get to the stairs it becomes more for older kids and adults. The waterfalls were amazing as it has been raining the last 2 days or so. There were lots of birds to see as well! Fun half day hike!

Excellent hike / workout that is sort but sweet - beautiful views at the top!

16 days ago

Great trail that will give you a workout. It was great for the dog. The lookout at the top was a bit socked in so the view can be a bit lackluster if conditions are right.

didn't make it to the lake due to snow pack but very pretty

Very crowded. Nice hike.

Nice easy hike. Great for beginners and kids.

Great sunrise hike or afternoon hike. Crowded.

19 days ago

Nice quick spot. Crowded.

21 days ago

I chose this trail due to its Moderate rating in difficulty, but damn, it was definitely a reminder of how out of shape I am. Bring hella water. This trail does not let up, it’s literally straight steep for 2 miles. So just a little warning if you get a little huffy and puffy like me. If I would have known, I would have chose a longer hike with less of an incline ! Haha the view is totally worth it though!

Beautiful views on the way up and at the top. It was a little snowy towards the top and I fell a few times when hiking down but no serious injuries sustained! Lol. I’ll wear hiking boots next time. Easy, fun, beautiful hike.

Amazing view. Truly amazing. Hike was steep, but pretty. The destination is definitely worth going for.

It was sunny today, but there were a lot of people on this trail for a Monday. This is about as difficult as my family can handle for now. Great view at the top.

trail was packed. quite the hike up on a hot day. nice views at the top.

great trail close to home. would go back.

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