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It’s tougher than I thought! But also great! The cave was very interesting!

This hike has it all, several waterfalls and amazing views! Explore the whole area and be sure to continue all the way to the top! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it is right by the interstate and you can hear cars, otherwise it would be 5 stars!

When you get directions from this app for the trail, the location spot leads you right to where you should park. It's a very small gravel pullover. There is no designated parking or signs. You will see a couple large rocks. Once you approach the trail and are facing the river, go left. It's a very short trail, and the first half is fairly easy. Took me 40 minutes to get to the top. It is very rocky on the first half of the trail so be careful. There is some graffiti on the rocks in the beginning and some burned out fires, but it's still a gorgeous hike along the way to the top. There are multiple very pretty waterfalls. Once you use the bridge to cross the river you are almost half way. The second half gets harder and consists of some switchbacks. Once you get to the top you get a 360 degree view. About 180 of it is looking at a ridge, but the other 180 stretches as far as you can see. I have done this a couple times and even for a sunrise and it's absolutely amazing. I recommend this for even beginner hikers. Just take your time on the second half of the trail.

Took my little girl on this trail. She is 6 and loved it. Don’t let the graffiti at the start turn you off. It IS worth it. The bridge could use some work. It’s getting Jankie.

Sand cave was really neat. White rocks were OK but had a nice view from the top. A decent hike.

This is one of my top 5 hikes of all time. It's dog-friendly and has cool, unique features. We went up to White Rocks first and spent some time relaxing and enjoying the view. Then we hiked down to Sand Cave and back to the car. It's not an easy hike, but the payoff makes it more than worth it.

not much elevation chnge, which us good for a 70 year old. trails are very well maintained.

1 month ago

Nice hike, amazing views!

this is a tough trail. the final destinations were beautiful though. the waterfall was flowing nicely at the sand cave, the view from the overlook was beautiful. the distances were way off though according to our fitbit. We done the entire loop, with no shortcuts, & it was close to 12 miles & took us about 7 hours. definitely a workout on the legs.

I would call this trail moderate intensity IF you stop at the bridge after the falls. Otherwise, continuing up and over to the lookout would have been grueling but worth it from what I understand. Gorgeous trail with lots of running water sounds... LOVED it

Not a easy hike, i hike a lot and would consider it closer to hard than moderate.
Trail is steep most of the way and rocky.
I do suggest using the short cut on way back. We went to Sand Cave first then went to White rock and back via short cut. Shaves about hour or more off hike.
We did a lot of walking around at overlook, which was amazing.
Took us 5 hours and we clocked 11.2 miles. I’d do it again for sure

Talk about an incline! I loved it. It was beautiful seeing all the waterfalls BUT if you’re not ready for a straight up incline, be careful! It was definitely worth the climb once we made it to the top, but definitely rigorous for newbys

2 months ago

Moderately Hard Trail Rocky Areas and steep some areas. Fun climbing up to white rock and waterfall flowing nicely at the cave Fun Trail!!!

First off, would love to say thanks to the guys who found my phone and placed it on my car!!! Kudos to you!!! Great pic too ;) Loved hiking this trail today. Weather was perfect, partly cloudy and mid 70's. The trail was pretty muddy after several days of rain, but not too bad. There are a couple of very rocky spots. We turned right at the hitching posts and the trail from there to the top is pretty narrow and steep. Turn right at the top to get to the white rocks. Be prepared for a pretty steep climb to them, but the view is so worth it. The cave is awesome! We didn't do the loop, just returned the way we came up. According to the signs, we thought this was about a 7 1/2 mile trip but my Fitbit said we walked 10 miles. Took us about 5 hours.

2 months ago

We linked into this trail from the devil's racetrack. Like others have said, the interstate being right next to the trail kinda took away some of the great things about this trail. Definitely had some awesome fun parts and some great rock sections. Overall a fun trail and worth the trip. Views at the waterfalls made it worth while.

2 months ago

Well worn trail but distances are incorrect. All trails says 3.7 out and back. The sign at the parking lot says 2.5 miles to the summit. GPS reading was 3 miles one way and the sign at the top going down said 2.8. First mile was easy but the last 2 miles gained over 2000 ft of elevation making it a strenuous hike. Its another 1.1 miles to Hensley Settlement and about another mile wandering around in the settlement. All in all it’s almost 10 miles round trip.

Took us 5 hours to go up to white rocks and and cave. We didn't do the loop, just doubled back to the white Rock trail. Saved about 0.8 miles. The view was great and the cave was really neat. Hike up is steep but not terrible, rocky in parts. I plan on doing this again with my 7 and 10 year old boys, they'd love it.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Excellent single track for MTB!

I started the hike up along the water stream and stopped at all three waterfalls taking photos- the swimmers holes were not deep enough for a swim on this day 9.7.2018

once we cross the bridge we ascended up to the top at 1800 feet and I have to say that was gruelling but so rewarding the overview over the valley

mountain biking
3 months ago

This is a wma hunting management area with MTB trails most of the trails are in a wooded setting running along the river .It stays wet for a while after a rain but a nice place to ride. beginner to intermediate trails with a couple of advanced short trails.

The Sand Cave and White Rocks Overlook are both awesome! I had seen pictures, but Sand Cave felt so much bigger in person. And the view from White Rocks was great. The actual trail was honestly just okay, in my opinion, but it was worth it to get to Sand Cave and White Rocks. It really is nearly all uphill for the first few miles, so that was definitely a challenge.

A true hidden gem! The waterfalls were beautiful!! Definitely hiking here again!

I agree with others that the litter and graffiti was disheartening. However my teenage daughter who doesn't always love hiking, especially if it's strenuous, loved this trail. The view at the top was awesome and the falls we viewed on the way were very inviting. May have to take a quick dip next time.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Dries out fast the good to if’s rained nothing technical nice flow some small jumps

Lots of trash during the hike and the trailhead was kind of hard to find. Also, the interstate goes right along the trail so you get those noises the whole time. But, overall it was a great hike, and the views are rewarding!! We hiked during the rain and it was nice as trees provided coverage.

Great little hike lots of swimming holes and a little bit of a incline , great view the only sad thing is there is sooooo much trash every where and it doesn’t seem like the park is well cared for. Always super upsetting . But would def do this hike again- just next time bring some trash bags.

This trail has so much to offer! I rate it as moderate if you stay on the main trail. There are worn down trails between the switchbacks that will shorten your travel time, but I do not suggest using them. I slid on one of them which prompted a rattlesnake to go crazy right beside me and I had to scramble back up the path.

The views from on top of White Rocks is amazing, and the sand cave is a unique sight to see!

Great hike. Took the kids (5 and 9) and parents. (mid-60s) Overall, a great challenge for the group with a rewarding view. I'd advise being aware of the conditions, as the rocks were very slick after the previous day's rain. Perhaps a dry afternoon would have been best for my crew!

Don’t know why this is rated as hard. Wide, not very rocky trail. Not very steep. The cave is so cool and the overlook is beautiful! Walked up on a rattlesnake while completing this trail yesterday though so be very careful!!!

4 months ago

Amazing hike! It was our first hike this year so it was a little difficult but oh so worth it. From the beauty of the sand cave to views from on top of white rocks.

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