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Did not get to complete this hike but what we did was nice!

13 days ago

Jan 1, 2019: Beautiful winter hike to the falls and back, with intimate views of Big Four Mountain.
-MLH was still open as of Tues Jan 1.
-Snow started about 1 mile in and got progressively deeper. There was a skinny path carved in but snowshoes would've been useful; we managed in microspikes. We did not proceed past the falls we will save that hike for summer.

20 days ago

What a beautiful walk along the beach. We went looking for beach glass and found some but you really had to stop and look along the way. We found quite a few small pieces but no real big ones. plan on at least a half of a day if you plan on searching. We where out for around 5 hours and walked about 7 miles round-trip

First time doing this one in the snow, real pretty but the rocks are slick. There was about a foot of snow most of the way up to the falls, almost snowshoe worthy. This is a very nice hike when the sun is out, nice views of the valley and several waterfalls along the way. If you go on past Perry Creek Falls you wind up at Mount Forgotten, the hike up there is hard.

Would love to do this trail, but spent two hours unable to find. Followed the road up to FS27 to FS260 as directed, road does not end. Only found trailheads to mt Townsend

Nice hike with a little variety. No major views except the river and the forest- which was very pleasant. Lots of different mushrooms were in bloom on the mid October Friday hike I did. Only saw 3 people and 3 dogs the entire trip. Stopped at Camp Jolley for a rest and a lunch. Nice hike and a good workout.

This being the first leg of our 4 day journey, starting October 12th and ending on October 15th.
The trail was smooth travel on a well maintained path. There was a fork a few miles in, but someone was kind enough to place branches across the wrong path. we could not find a sign for 5 mile camp, but saw many possible campsites.

Beautiful hike and views!

3 months ago

We took a group of kids ages 3 to 16 years and all had a wonderful time. I read mixed reviews on whether we would find beach glass or not. We did find a good amount of smaller pieces which the kids LOVED collecting as well as several dime and quarter sized pieces. They also found numerous cool rocks. We found crabs and sea anemones as well as saw several bald eagles.

We did not do the entire length because the tide started coming in. Be very careful on timing it with the tide as it comes in fast and there are steep cliffs which would be impossible to climb with small ones. There are alot of loose rocks which your forced to walk once the tide comes in which slows the return a bit.

One of the most beautiful, peaceful hikes I've been on in awhile . Fall colors were amazing. Trailhead can be a little tricky to find, small sign. Trailhead does split off in a few areas but easy to figure out. The lake was beautiful, but extremely cold for September! Past two people the whole hike.

trail running
4 months ago

Had a great morning hike/jog on this trail today.. maybe saw six other people total and one happy puppy. Extremely easy to follow and directions made it simple. Nice hike and not overly challenging

generally: low elevation trail; lush, through forest along the river the whole way, next time consider hiking up to ridge
parking: free at trail head, road, paved most of the way, doable in any vehicle
trail: easy, packed ground, not overgrown, some bridges
scenery: lush greenery, along river, nice on a sunny day, wound also be good if raining
people; saw a few others on a weekend

Rain cleared out most of the smoke, but made the trail pretty slick, so watch your footing, especially on steeper parts of the trail. Parts of the trail (mostly during the first half mile) are overgrown and you'll have to fight your way through some brambles, but it was doable!

There was plenty of parking at the trailhead and the trail itself is relatively well-maintained, but I'd definitely recommend downloading the offline map. There were a couple of unmarked forks on the trail that we had to double check.

All in all, a great hike to a beautiful lake with plenty of spots for camping. There weren't a ton of bugs and we only met a handful of people on the trail. It did get a bit chilly when we stopped for lunch at the lake though, so definitely bring a warm rain jacket!

Because of the smoke or fog we didn see a lake, but star minus is for long way to get to the parking lot and the trail wasnt so well maintened, plenty of greens. But I believe that hike is good for hikers with dogs.

Half way up the trail was a mama bear and her cubs. Bear stood her ground and did not run off. As soon as the dog made us aware we headed back down trail. Use caution.

Great hike for me and my level of experience. Longest day hike yet on a very well maintained and serene trail. Elevation change is moderate but enough to keep things interesting

trail running
5 months ago

good fair challenge for a run and the views make every step worth the way. yes steep start that gets ya going then levels out. sign in and be back by dark.

5 months ago

Oyster Dome Loop Trail

Distance: 8.5 ~ 9.0 mi
Start: 7:15a
End: 11:10a

Parking: I arrived early to get a spot along Chuckanut Dr. I think it can accommodate about 15 cars along the shoulder. When I finished, I saw plenty to spots still open near the trailhead...so, your call.

The start is at the school bus stop sign...really. The trail starts the accent immediately at a 15-20% grade (sometimes 40%). Granted you'll go through 4 switchback for about roughly 1.7 miles at about 1120 ft gain as you reach the first junction to go right to the Samish overlook or go left/straight up to the Oyster Dome (1.2 mi further to another junction). Keep in mind Oyster Dome peaks at 2080 ft after a total 3.1 mi...so another 900 ft gain to go from there.

Note: there are doing some sales activity so M-F the direct Oyster dome trail is closed (until 8/10/2018) and you'll need to go the Samish lookout way to get to the dome. Luckily, Sat-Sun it is open. I posted a pic here with the sign.

Continuing on, as I did the loop, I went towards the Oyster Dome, then up to Lily Lake (ehh - not really exciting), then back down Max's shortcut trail then Larry Reed trail to the Samish overlook. After a little break at the overlook, head back down to the earlier junction, and back to the Chuckanut trailhead.

Overall a good hike. Not many grand views from the trails, but ok from the Oyster dome and Samish overlook. Today the cloud deck was bad, so I didn't see any water....just peaks sticking out from nearby mountains. Neat in itself. I'd say this is a moderate plus rating.

ps. There were plenty of trail runners (students) and mountain bikers along Maxs shortcut and Larry reed trail. So expect company.

Great trail for the family. Including the four legged members

Absolutely beautiful.

5 months ago

I decided to hike the Oyster Dome since it had been a few years since I hiked this trail. This time I decided to hike the loop for a change in scenery and I was not disappointed. There were quite a few mosquitos around mile 4 or so. My GPS clocked this hike at 8.6 miles all the way around.

The trail is in very good shape overall. It hasn't rained in a while so the trail was dry the entire way around. I hiked counter-clockwise around the loop.

Parking is always the big challenge with the Oyster Dome but you won't be disappointed if you go. Bring lots of water to drink if it is sunny because you will sweat a lot and you don't want to get dehydrated if at all possible.

6 months ago

This was an awesome trail. Trail was easily walkable for the most parts. There were several little creeks and maybe a couple medium sized creeks to get across. Shade covered the trail most of the way, which was really nice. Mosquitos were barely an issue. Only very few existed for about the first half of the trail near the water then a few more popped in the second half of the trail. But it was far from the nuisance level even when at the water. They even did not bother my dog, which was the opposite from other places with water and mosquitos. Farther down the second half of the trail was quite lush-y with tall ground plants where you will need to lift your arms as they bow along the trail quite a bit. We stopped at Bank Shanty for our lunch and camped at Camp Jolley. Both sites were pleasant and near the river.

We hiked from the ferry landing to Baker Reserve and the Lummi Peak Trail!! It was a glorious day with stellar views! The day was quite warm, but in the woods everything was just right with the filtering of the sun through the trees!! Everyone we encountered wanted to know where we had been, what did we see, and how was our experience! This was a spectacular day with about 12 miles clocked in!

6 months ago

Great hike. The trail can be a bit difficult to see in 2 or 3 spots where rocks cover it but take a look around and you’ll find where it continues. Having a dog with a knack for finding trails helps :)

Great hike with beautiful views! Great for dogs!

6 months ago

Beautiful hike and a few great little camping areas. I would say that it's one you can bring young kids and they would have a good time. Most of the hike was in the woods. Fairly flat compared to other hikes nearby. Plan on 4-5 hours to go all the way to the campground with some time to rest and take breaks.

First hike in the Seattle area and it did not disappoint! Trail was easy to access and clearly sign posted which was great as we’re from out of town. Distance was closer to 11-12 miles according to my phone tracking and as has been described previously, the switchbacks to the top are tough, but the trail is easy to follow and the view from the top does not disappoint! It was a hard first hike but well worth it.

7 months ago

Nice beach. Easy walk.

7 months ago

A pleasant, easy walk on the beach leading to the lighthouse. A good place to kayak and sail. Discover Pass needed to park.

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