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We loved this trail, biked it, it was a nice challenge going up, and fun going down. The lake is beautiful.

the trail was great! the hike is more like 5 miles one way not 6 in and out. my pedometer listed it as 10.09 miles in and out. the lake was absolutely beautiful and well worth the hike in. there are 3 water crossings on the way up, but they are easy to get across!

Nice little multi-purpose trail headed up to Fairy Lake if you are looking to nix the last two miles up to the lake due to road conditions. This trail certainly gets the job done in that case and is nice for adding a few more miles on to your day at Fairy Lake and up to Sacajawea Peak.

The trail is very steep and very eroded due to 4 wheeler use. Beautiful views. I would rate this as difficult due to large amount of boulders and the very steep incline.

The drive to the lake is very rough—probably not advisable unless your car/truck has high clearance and/or 4WD. The lake is very pretty, but can be crowded on the weekend. The flies were especially bad when we went.

This trail is incorrectly marked on ‘AllTrails’. This is actually Fairy Creek Trail which does eventually take you to fairy lake. I would mark it as moderate due to it’s steady incline on the trek in. It was a great alternative for us as we did not want to continue up that horrible road to Sacagawea Peak trail head. It is an obvious atv trail based on the tracks however we saw only one other person on this trail and they were on foot which made for a very peaceful trek in to fairy lake. Once getting to the lake we then walked around the lake and made our way up to Sacagawea pass. All together our day was a 7 mile trip.

Beautiful hike with about 80 or so switchbacks that is moderately shaded and has plenty of nice views. A few easy water crossings and a gorgeous view of the lake and cirque once you make it to the top. Take binoculars if you want to check out any wildlife across the lake up on the mountainside. We saw a beautiful bald eagle and a large mountain goat from a distance. Only saw one other person up at the lake, but otherwise had the entire place to ourselves (Thursday 7/19/18 mid morning-early afternoon) The last couple of miles to the trailhead are a pretty rough and rocky so a 4WD vehicle with good ground clearance is recommended but it may be doable with a 2WD when conditions are really good. Also be sure to pack the bug spray, those dang horse flies bite hard! Overall, one of our all-time favorite hikes!

Drove to about 200 yards from the rocks, then walked. Pretty interesting. Would be a great place to take young kids.

What an absolutely spectacular hike. Good trail. Love that you can hear water the entire hike. It’s good deal cooler at the lake so be sure to pack layers. Also, we think this would be tough to get to and tough to hike due to numerous creek crossing in rain of heavy runoff. The roads to the trail are no joke. We wouldn’t recommend ever trying to get there without a large 4WD or an ATV. Snow at the top of the hike and around the lake on July 1 which we thought was super cool! Enjoy! We can’t wait to go back!!

Hiked to Louise Lake on a Monday and had the place to ourselves. Left my phone in the car so didn't record the hike or take any pics. This is a great hike with lots and lots of switchbacks, many with great vistas looking west toward Sailor Lake (another great hike). Louise has Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. Caught two. There was a little snow on the upper trail but nothing tough to get over or around. Good bit of snow around the east end of the lake.

decent hike but not great. the views are obstructed all the way up. the trail is littered with fallen trees and atv tracks. the snow was also pretty deep when I went last week. the lake at the top is pretty

Rough rode to travel up too the trail head, definitely want something that sits up higher than a car. We had just taken the road right after a rain shower and it was slick.

The trail was good, still quite a bit of snow towards the top but not bad to hike through! Gorgeous views once you get to the lake!


6/7/18 still had some snow along parts of the trail, but well packed down and fairly easy to trek across. Great views at the top.

This is such an amazing place, and my kids loved it! All of us enjoyed playing music with the hammers we brought as well as the iron tools that are available for use at the rocks. We were able to drive the entire road, except for .5 miles in our minivan. We drove slow, and thankfully the roads were dry. Since the roads are dirt, it would be quite muddy and impassable in our vehicle if they were wet. It was a must to keep our all trails directions up. about .5 miles out, there is a dirt parking area. From there, the road has huge pot holes and large rocks throughout. We just hiked on up the mountain. Gorgeous views from the trail!

Took off hiking at the Four Corners area on a road & had a great time. Got a little turned around & eventually found the rocks by “bushwhacking” up the mtn. Very interesting!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

So much fun!!! The view was well worth it!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Easy n fun

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Really nice little walk. You can actually drive the first 5 miles if you have a good car with 4 wheel drive (we did see little cars too though with no 4 wheel drive but I probably wouldn't recommend doing that). The walk around the lake is very nice and easy and the lake is beautiful!

Monday, September 11, 2017

If you drive all the way to the lake/campground, you're only left with the short walk around the lake.

The five mile hike starts at the lower trailhead. This isn't explained well here in the app, unfortunately.

very cool for beginners!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beautiful hike to Lake Louise. Moderately trafficked, well maintained trail. Total hike is 7.4 miles. Lots of nice campsites by the lake, we saw about 8 tents 7/29/17. Good fishing for Cut Throat trout.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hike was extraordinary. Getting to the trailhead requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle with the clearance of a pickup or higher. Trail is easy to follow and terrain is easy enough even for young children to do. Lake offers spectacular shades of blue and is a must see

Thursday, July 20, 2017

STOP! NO LONGER GOOD FOR HIKERS! This path has been bulldozed to create a wider, straighter trail for 4Wheelers. The result is lots of loose rocks and dust on the trail, shade trees adjacent to the trail cut down, low spots deeply burrowed and the side hill cut to expose more rocks and dirt. We hiked the same route as on the main map shown for this hike. If you insist on hiking this trail, bring a bandana to cover your mouth and nose to protect you from all the dust. It crosses the creek once then is in the trees with only a few good viewpoints. Also known as Trail 500. Bring water for your dog. A better option is to drive another 10-15 minutes up to Fairy Lake, then hike to Sacajawea Peak. Fairy Lake is very pretty at the base of the peak and has a rope swing in the far side. About a 50-60 minute drive from Bozeman's Main St and Rouse. Motorized access might be limited during hunting season. The road passes through a lot of private land before reaching the parking area.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Great Hike and absolutely amazing lake! The road was extremely rough well worth it though! Check out my post all about it!

The trail information for this hike is out of date. The trail shown in the app is no longer being used and requires a wide creek crossing at the beginning. The new trailhead is 1/2 mile further up South Boulder Road #107 at Bismark Reservoir. The hike is closer to 8 miles out and back. The road is rutted and is peppered with rocks and boulders. High clearance vehicle is a must.

Absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite places. It's a little more difficult at the beginning of the trail, but overall it was pretty mellow.

The road getting there was rougher than expected (at least in a VW golf) but the area is beautiful.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So we had to park in the lower parking lot due to the snow, which made this a lot longer of a hike! It was about 12-13 miles round trip. We could not believe it when we saw you could drive right up to the lake in the summer.. haha. The trailhead sign was buried in snow. It was HARD in the snow, not to mention it started blizzarding when we got to the frozen lake. Made for a fun adventure though & those mountain views at the top were amazing, plus the absolute silence. I can't imagine how it would look when it was a clear day!! If your feeling adventurous, go for it in the Winter :)

off road driving
Monday, March 06, 2017

A little too easy for my Wrangler, but challenging in a Subaru. Love going to the Ringing Rocks though, spend almost every weekend there!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Beautiful Hike!!! We took the longer way to get there but we made it!!! So pretty breathtaking

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