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Beautiful swimming hole. Perfect for a hot summer day.

My 58yr old heavy set mother hiked to the overlook with no problem. I hiked to the base of the waterfall with my 2yr old niece and went swimming. The hike down was fairly easy, just watch your footing with tree roots and loose rocks. To cross the river we went up river to where it was only 2 feet to cross. You follow the river to get to the base. There are life jackets of all sizes for anyone to wear at the base. Amazing idea for people who can’t swim or have trouble. I put my niece in the children’s one and we swam for about 20min. I’d rate the hike down as a 1.5 and the hike up a 2.3 there’s some stairs and like 3 switch backs. The hike to the overlook is really easy that would be a 1. Overall an AMAZING hike! If you have bad ankles or knees it would be doable but would take you some time. If you are a moderate hiker this is a breeze.

6 days ago

Very easy to get to the overlook, but be prepared for climbing and water passes throughout to get to the base of the falls. Extremely crowded, but beautiful!

8 days ago

Great little hike. Fun time in the Blue hole.
Always a lot of people there.
Wear wet shoes. The Camp store sells them.
Great place on the weekdays when school is back in. Too busy for me otherwise. It is a great hike for the whole family.

9 days ago

Love this hike but not a,easy hike ticks steps and climbing was great ..

10 days ago

Yahoo is definitely one of my favorite places. The trail is definitely a hike, but its perfect for Fall!

A must do!!!!!

18 days ago

It was easy to get along the wrong trail but once the correct trail was found it was a great hike with great views! We went down the staircase because we missed the first turn. Going up would probably have been much easier. Wear shoes with good traction!

18 days ago

Great day out with just the wife. :) moderate hike. Hot day. Great overlook. A bit crowded at final fall today though. No complaints.

18 days ago

Please take their advice and wear appropriate shoes! Flip flops aren’t going to cut it. Very short trail to the falls then about 1/4-1/2 mile back upstream to the falls and swimming. You will be scrambling over rocks and some are slippery. We were a group of 5 with varying levels of comfort but everyone enjoyed the swimming and the scenery.

19 days ago

The falls are truly beautiful, and the trail is clear and well marked. But it is rocky, wet, and steep in some areas - so definitely bring appropriate footwear. Unfortunately, the park is too crowded, and the heavy foot traffic made some parts of the trail (mostly the descent/ascent to/from the stream) really unsafe. Moreover, the trail leading down to the stream as well as the banks of it were full of trash. I’m fairly disappointed with the management of this natural resource. If you’re looking for a pristine hike, this is not it.

Great time. Short walk to overlook. Hike down to falls was fine, some areas slippery but water felt cool. It is worth the trip to the falls!

19 days ago

The way down and back up was fairly difficult because the trail was very narrow and had excessively too much foot traffic. And as soon as you reach the bottom to the river bed, walking along the river is not easy because at certain points you have to cross the river on very slippery rock, so MAKE SURE TO WEAR SHOES WITH GOOD TRACTION! After walking about half a mile you reach the falls, which are gorgeous, there’s plenty of room to sit and relax along with a deep swimming hole. Climbing to the higher rocks in the falls and jumping off was a huge rush!! So if you don’t mind the heavy population of people, large rock climbing, the view and water is 100% worth it!

Fantastic hike. The roar of the large Cumberland waterfall in the front end of the hike is awesome. The second half - lots of stairs - is also very interesting. Lots of large rocks, boulders and outcroppings. Swimming hole and falls as the grand finale!

on Cummins Falls Trail

20 days ago

Great hike with the kids. Once we were arrived to the water fall it was Amazing. I love coming here!

Took the boys 9&11 they loved playing in the creek all the way to the falls. it can get busy crowded but didn't affect our fun. seen many people from all different cultures.

26 days ago

Perfect for a day away from town ..lol.

We loved it!

28 days ago

Nice trail, the fall was really cool.. you don’t have to take the staircase down, if you keep walking the trail loops around and you can get down on the other side... good information, if you have a dog.

1 month ago

The views on this backpacking trip are some of the best I've seen in The Red. You get to appreciate all its aspects from above, the climbing, the hiking, the forests, the arches, all can be found here on this well rounded trip.

Another beautiful gem of The Red with a very fitting name! Easy hike out and back to enjoy another of the Red River Gorge's many arches.

My group of lady friends loved this trail! Beautiful forest views, lovely rock bridge with pool of water. Feels almost like a fairy tale walking through this landscape. Careful towards the end to not go off trail. We did and it got kinda rough and had to turn around. Look for your markers. I would do it again and I highly recommend.

make sure you take the second trail head down the road. the first will result in a 10 mile hike. we accidentally made the mistake when we went for the first time and didn't bring enough supplies.

1 month ago

Kind of a pain, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it every time. Super crowded on the weekend, and there will be a lot of people during the week, so be prepared for that. Took two medium sized dogs, just be prepared to have to carry your mutt in certain places.

fun hike! last time I was there we saw a massive black bear on the road

1 month ago

beautiful short stroll to a lovely view up and down the river. Be aware, it can get incredibly muddy very quickly.

The falls are well worth the walk. It is to be noted however that the trailhead from Cumberland Falls is marked incorrectly because this is a 10.25 mile in/out instead of a 7 mile in/out.

Interesting rock structures. It is a really short easy hike. The rock structures at the end are well worth the short amount of time it takes to hike to them.

Wow! The waterfall was beautiful. There were a lot of people. The hike back out was pretty steep, but well work the trip.

very pretty. slippery rocks of course so make sure your shoes have tread on them before going. the trail winds from the land into the water to the rocks to get to the waterfall.

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