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The trail now has nature cards placed randomly on the white trail. These should be great for kids to discover and learn. Nothing beats a hike in the fall.

I love this trail. Nice expansive woods with varying terrain. Light foot traffic so it a good one to avoid crowds in Southern Maine.

Very pretty. Easy for kiddos. I had my 22 month old walk it :) very nice bridges as well!

I rate it as easy. A few hills but nothing is very steep. Those with a bit of an incline have stone steps. Well maintained and a few side trails off of the main trail. Wooden bridges over wet areas.

I would classify as easy rather than moderate. Did it with my 3 year old starting at the end of Rowe st and going to jewel falls and back. Nice little bridges at wet spots. Good birding. There are some homeless along the railroad tracks. Trails are well marked with blazes and maps periodically.

I've been following the mill brook all my life.now their is a nice path..very nice.and good job.

Enjoyed all the interconnecting trails

The cemetery is gorgeous. My kids and I loved the trails.

2 months ago

There are all kinds of trails in this area that neither AllTrails nor the paper map you can get at the trailhead show. As is typical for a suburban trial system, several different groups appear to have created their own trails for their own purposes in hiking, biking, or snowmobiling. A decent hiking trail, mostly flat, some water crossings and a watering hole and low-level waterfall to take in over lunch. A much better mountain-biking, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing series of trails. Watch for bikers; we had to step off the trail and let some by. Incredibly well-maintained bridges. We got "lost" in the network of trails several times, but then again I was looking to explore the trails not shown on the maps. I did not start marking waypoints until we were well into the hike, so I omitted marking a yellow trail we took and a green one we did not.

Great trail leading to fun waterfalls. Very kid and dog friendly.

3 months ago

Dog loves it, we love it, and it was right in our own backyard the whole time! Will certainly go again.

Nothing to see here folks, good place to walk the dogs

Really nice trail that has a couple of easy inclines here and there! Couple of places where I’m sure you could manage to take a dip on a super hot day or just stare at the tiny fishes in the water! Beautiful trail!

trail running
4 months ago

Technical hills bookended by fast single track, Millbrook is a great “out and back” sprint workout. Footing and pace vary quite a bit depending on the weather and season, so you won’t get bored even with limited trail options. I’ve never felt “crowded” in fact I rarely see another person on the trail. The downside? Bring bug spray, and the parking situation/trail entrance is a bit strange.

loved this walk- some folks were saying it should be easy, here's the thing- if you're looking for a place to take anyone with mobility issues, it's would be a hard go, there are a few stairs, some narrow ways, etc. it's beautiful, quiet, and a great place to be on a Saturday morning.

This was a very easy trail to follow once I found it. GPS kept taking me to different places. The entrance I used was on Congress and Frost St and I parked in an Orthopedist Office lot. The scenery was beautiful and there are several benches along the way to observe.

5 months ago

Watch out for ticks! I had barely walked half a mile before I noticed them all over my ankles from the tall grass in the middle of the trail. I got out and took my sneakers off to find about 10 ticks crawling all over them. I’ve done a lot of hiking all around this area and have never had that happen so I would recommend a different trail nearby.

6 months ago

We entered from the Blackstrap Hill Community Forest entrance this time and really enjoyed ourselves exploring. Lots of trails to choose from and very minimal bug activity. The look out has some great views from atop a big boulder. Plan on visiting again

Wonderful little set of trails right in Portland; impressively diverse landscapes and tons of wildlife. Feels very secluded and private, if it weren't for the distant traffic noise you wouldn't know you were in a heavily populated area. Trails are well maintained and adequately marked. The laminated trail maps found at some of the intersections are usable but the relative distances shown aren't very accurate so keep that in mind.

6 months ago

I have hiked through Millbrook a few times now and I really enjoy the peacefulness of it. I prefer the northern trailhead because it follows the water and is more scenic but for a good work out I usually do the Allen Knight trailhead which has more elevation but isn’t as scenic

6 months ago

Very easy to follow. Trail is well marked. Very scenic

6 months ago

My favorite trail close to Portland. Watch out for ticks and mosquitoes during late spring and summer.

7 months ago

Very easy and quick. Most muddy spots have wooden bridges over them. Some interesting wildlife in and around the ponds.

7 months ago

Trail is poorly marked in places, and the trail markers are blue which isn’t the most noticeable color in the middle of a forest. Some confusion with ATV trails at the fish pool end. Lots of narrow up-and-down switchbacks on the sides of steep hills. If you have bad knees or ankles, I wouldn’t recommend this trail, though the trek to the fish pool isn’t too bad. The brook is nice and serene, and the fish pool is beautiful. Watch for ticks, especially along the pole line.

It was very beautiful. I wish the trails were marked better, but I will definitely go again.

Great easy hike. Did with a 3 and a 7 year old. Open areas along the water get hot and sunny while the wooded sections offer shade. Many mountain bikes and dogs. Saw a great blue heron and an egret (I think). Easy footing. Not easy/wide enough for a stroller, but easy enough for the toddler’s little feet! A few benches along the way to sit and watch the birds.

Lots of trails connect to the entrance White Trail. You could walk for miles and miles if you wanted. I wish people would clean up after their dogs more but maybe the piles are from the neighborhood dogs? I’d hate to have dogs not allowed because my Great Dane had a grand time today!

Great little hike, made a bit more difficult by some areas of deeper snow. Spikes were good, snowshoes would have been better. I can't wait to do this hike again and explore more of the trails once it's thawed a bit. The brook is beautiful and it is amazingly quiet. It was well marked aside from a couple of key places like at power lines and the trail junction, not too difficult to guess correctly though and probably more than easy to figure out if there were not snow and no previous tracks.

This is a great, easy trail. One of our favorite places to hike.

9 months ago

Not challenging at all. Very disappointing. Pics made it look like you went to a top of a quarry. You don't. It's a loop around an old landfill and a tiny bit of woods to walk in. Basically an extension of the dog park.

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