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22 days ago

Nice easy brisk walk in nature.

We did this yesterday and had a very nice time. I love how many different birds there were. we did see a couple of cranes and 2 deer. Not many people out yesterday so was very peaceful.

Awesome trail! Went there for the first time with family. Both my 5 yr old and 70yr old were well entertained. Of course we enjoyed too, nice views the rocks and caves were fun.. sad that we didn’t had too much time. And in hindsight we should have planned for a half or full day picnic. We will be coming back for sure.

1 month ago

We enjoyed this 1.5 hour level hike around the lake. The oaks, rolling foothills, shaded picnic areas, bird wildlife on the lake provided a beautiful setting. No heavy foot traffic today since it's off season for swimming.

Easy trail .. Kid friendly park

Nice level walk with beautiful scenery. Great for puppy too.

I never used to hike before after coming here I'm addicted! If you like nature up close and personal this is it.

This was a nice short hike with just enough incline to work up a good sweat on a warm morning. Nice views of a pond and the rolling hills. Also ran into some wildlife such as cows (of course), rabbits, squirrels, and even a coyote! The coyote didn’t bother us though as it was munching on a squirrel as we passed by.

Beautiful place. I had to tell my girls don’t give up to get to the top of the hill. Once there it opened up and was beautiful. We saw a coyote, two eagles, tons of rabbits and squirrels. Great place to take the kids

Typical hot unshaded Livermore trail. Fine for a short trek with the kids or pets. However, the part shown in red is closed to bikes and equestrians contrary to what the map indicates. There is a wide paved trail (dotted black line) which goes to and from the water storage area at the start/end point.

Decent walk with no water in the marshes. It can't be done as it is mapped. I came across 2 different closures with simple go arounds but made it a little longer. I made it even longer by not turning my GPS off... Very little life there this time of year. Seems like there are some bobcats and coyotes in the area. I saw a few birds shredded on the trails. With the closures probably 4.2 miles.

I love this easy little trail. It may be one of the best spots to go bird watching near Sacramento.

Went a few weeks ago and the water was all dried up and birds were gone... :( boring. Migration season of waterbirds, spring and fall, is awesome here.

3 months ago

Did quite a bit more than what was on the trail map. Nice short trail especially the part along the pond. Not too crowded. Mostly people out with their dogs.

Enjoyable trail with a little shade especially down off the levee. Met some nice people along the trail. Had one join me for a mile or so and had a good conversation. This was the 1st of the day. I managed to cover most of the possible trails here.

Did this one before the other two trails and didn't hit the go button on the GPS at the beginning. I started left and it's at least a 1/2 mile hill and then just down the rest of the time. The big surprise for this area was a nice little pond with quite a few trees. This was the best of the 3 trails here for me but all would have been better in the spring or winter.

Ok little trail but created another here that was much better... Been doing way too many bike trails lately. GPS fouled up and drug part of another attempted trail into the track of this one.

3 months ago

Nice little sunny trail with a little up and down. Some decent views as well. Beautiful oaks and some nice houses on the edges.

4 months ago

A leisurely stroll with decent views.

Great kid friendly LOOP walking trail through the contra loma reservoir, passes the boat launch as well as the swim lagoon and the community park. Great views.

Nice walk, except for the mosquitoes. Plenty of bug spray and sunblock is needed.

So much fun!!!! We found bathrooms pretty nearby too.

nature trips
4 months ago

Nice views and many different bird species to admire. Also nice creek you can walk along

nice trail easy to do. beautiful preserve.

While the trail itself is a great trail, the attraction of the rocks and boulders is a blast for the kids. We went there the first time when the kids were 3 and 7, and the last time was recently when they are 10 and 13, and they were still just as excited to climb and explore the rocks.

Nice trail. Easy for kids. Bring mosquito repellent.

Volunteer here blocked my path to get to parking, and was an absolute jerk. Told me to walk my dogs along the road. Very very unfriendly.

nature trips
6 months ago

I love this place so much and now is the perfect time to go!! There's so much water and wildflowers are everywhere. Plenty to see at any time of day and it's an easy walk for any skill level!

Nice, calm walk on mostly even surface. some areas slightly muddy today while other areas were bone dry hard pack. Mosquitos abound in the river walk area so bring bug off. we did the entire thing today and it was 4.5 miles. That's per FitBit Alta 2, so make of that what you will. definitely a good beginer's walk.

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