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1 day ago

Nice easy trail that's well maintained (support the Land Trust!). We suspected the waterfall wouldn't be running since we haven't had much rain lately and that turned out to be the case, but we'll go back at some point to see that. It's still a nice relaxing hike worth checking out, even sans waterfall.

Moderate hike to the cave but rather narrow at times. I wouldn’t want to take small children. Inside the cave was very slick. Be sure to have good shoes, flashlight or headlamp. Beautiful site!

13 days ago

This was a great hike, hut we added some side trails on making it a little harder. Plan to go back and explore some more!
Kids and dogs could do this easily.

Great little hike. Beautiful views before you go into the trail. Directions are perfect and trail is easy to find. Make sure you go after a rain if you want to see the waterfall.

21 days ago

Very easy trail till the end the last bit to the falls is pretty steep but well worth it. The cascade falls were dry when we went since there hadn’t been much rain, but the larger falls were still running and very beautiful. Mostly pines till your close to the falls, gives way to beautiful hardwoods and an old Hemlock grove. Would be a great place to camp.

Being from Birmingham makes this hike even better. I can still enjoy nature while also being close to home! The trail is filled with flowers and unique creatures! The quarry view is gorgeous but my favorite view is the one of downtown. Super cool.

Bugs were bad but well worth the fight to get to cave. VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Make sure and get your permit and gate passcode ahead of time. Could not get signal at gate had to drive east to Limrock to get a signal. Well worth the trouble though

Took my husband and myself the 11-year-old and five-year-old and a two-year-old and we all had fun. Had to take two-year-old part of the way on our back but was doable..

Contrary to some posts this is a kid friendly hike, IF you’ve prepared and purchased actual hiking boots. Kids in sneakers just won’t make it. My husband and i took our 6 year old and he loved it (this was his third hike and the most intense). There were a few muddy/slippery spots but that’s to be expected. We were also able to hike down into the cave (wet rocks and mud) and our son had no issues, we loved it!

Make sure you bring your bug spray though! We forgot and the mosquitoes were in full effect.

You need to get a permit for everyone on the hike, they’re free and have the access code to the gate you need for entry.

We hiked this trail in April 2018, the weather was decent, there’s alot of tree cover. This trail is NOT kid-friendly. When ascending the zig-zag ledges to reach the cave, our small
children (2yo and 4yo) had a very difficult time climbing and finding footholds.

There are endless opportunities for children to lose there balance, tumble off the side of the ledge, and fall to their death to the dry creek bed full of boulders and rocks. This trail would be great for older kids (10yo+) who are experienced and mindful of their trail placement. With our young children, it was a constant, fidgety nightmare of saving their lives from eminent peril.

Why continue you may ask? We were told that this trail was “easy” and “kid-friendly” by a family member. So we forged forward thinking the trail would ease up, and it did once you reached the same plateau as the cave. We also could not scale down into the serenity of the cave because it was far too steep and slippery for the children to manage.’

I can’t believe anyone would give this less than a five.I have hiked in many places.Great Hike and ends in awesome waterfall.Trails are not marked at all,but if you follow the Creek you can not get lost.If you live in Alabama it is a must do.Not hard other a few downed trees.

1 month ago

I love this spot. its not a hard walk and not hard to fine. The path follows the small river. Just watch for the path to the left 1.6 miles You can pass it Easy hike

Hiked the sugar tree to smoke rise route for the first time this season yesterday. It's always been one of my favorites for a quick get your heart going walk through beautiful woods. So upset to come upon new construction at the intersection of sugar tree and smoke rise yesterday! Happy for the homeowners but so disappointed for those of us who have enjoyed (until now) the escape from suburbia. Still have to give the trail 5 stars. It's really a beautiful hike.

1 month ago

Awesome views. Found it very easy to stay on trail. Dogs loved being able to jot down to the water. There were plenty of places to wade with flat, sand water entry. Was not expecting leeches in the waterfall pool...watch out when wading

There is many different trails here. One of my favorites that's close to home.

on Cutchenmine Trail

mountain biking
2 months ago

This trail is not maintained at all.. There were 3 large trees that were across the trail before we even got to the second wooden bridge. This would be a great trail if there weren't so many trees blocking the trail. Also not much parking at all. There's only room for 3 or 4 vehicles at the trail head. We parked about an 1/8 mile down the road and rode to trail head.

Well marked trail with great overlooks of the city. Went to this trail on 4th of July to watch fireworks all over Huntsville. Amazing experience.

2 months ago

Went after a good rain and the waterfall was gorgeous.

2 months ago

Any hike is a good hike. The trail received a 3 because it was growing soda cans and trash, which I don't think is suppose to happen or even possible. There were some nice rock formations and small water crossings. Again, any hike is a good hike.

This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to! It’s a short hike out and back but I would rate this on a moderate level of difficulty due to the inclines and slick trails. Trail heads are clearly marked and it’s immaculately clean/well kept. Permit is easy to obtain and the guys who issue them are super quick to respond and very friendly. I went once in early April ‘18 and back again the following month. The trail holds water pretty well, be sure to bring some good hiking boots and prepare yourself to get a little wet/dirty. When I first went in April, it was still fairly cool so the vegetation was light. I went back about 2 or 3 weeks later after the first real warm up of the spring season and boy did it change! Super lush! Vegetation brings the critters, so pack some deep woods insect repellent. Definitely have a headlamp just in case, it can get dark in some spaces. After a rain, the cave is very wet, but manageable if you stay smart and watch your step. I spent probably 1.5 hrs inside the cave each time, there is such much to see and soak in! There are two waterfalls on either side of the cave, both beautiful and very unique in their own way. Heed warning on the left side....me and a friend did some “off trail” hiking above that waterfall and there were a couple of scary moments. There is a spot for camping on the right side above the cave entrance. It's extremely primitive though, just a heads up. If you’ve never been, I would advise bringing a buddy with you the first time. It’s an incredible spot to share anyway. The most ideal time to go would be fall or early spring. I can’t wait to go back! Really enjoyed both trips and it will forever hold a special place in my heart!

2 months ago

Great trail! The trails are clear and very well marked; easy to follow. I went the day after a good thunderstorm, so the waterfall was flowing pretty good! There are benches along the way to rest if you need to and the trail is mostly flat with great options to go off trail as well.
I did this hike with a 6 month old pup and 9 month old pup. We crossed the stream three times, so they got to cool off the whole way. The trail is shaded the whole way and was very nice in the high 80's.
This trail was actually one of my top favorite trails. It's beautiful, easy (with moderate or hard options) and just breathtaking! I recommend for anyone!

Been going to Hurricane Creek for years. Beautiful rock and cliff formations, picnic area beside the creek and lots of neat little areas such as Twilight Tunnel & Heavens Staircase. A beautiful place just off the main road.

Lots of rocky hills to walk up. Challenging and gets the heart pumping!

It was kindof over grown and hard to navigate but it was still fun.

Moderate hike. The trails are not labeled that well. Once I got down to the creek, it was hard to determine where to go from there.
I left just in time. It seems to be the local hangout for kids and although there are signs clearly stating no alcohol, they all had alcohol. Not. place I would go on a weekend (I went in a Tuesday). I would recommend another trail; I wasn't pleased with this one as compared to others I have hiked. Maybe if I wasn't alone with my dogs it would have been better?

I love this trail!! It's so beautiful! It isn't easy though more like moderate.

I hate to give three stars but the trails are not clearly market. Several trails branch off the main one and it’s easy to get lost. Even using this app we got lost because it shown that we were on track at one moment then it updated and had us way off the trail the next. The scenery was amazing, that’s a five star view!!!! The walk wasn’t hard at all, my 5 yo twins did just fine. We found a rock facing to have a picnic and just enjoyed the view.

4 months ago

It was a good hike. The scenery is beautiful. Downside is that the trail markers are not the greatest. It’s easy in a few spots to get lost. Our group ended up going an extra mile out of the way before we got back on the trail. Overall though was worth it.

Great Hike, lots of trail options to go as long and as far as you want. Hiking with group of Boy Scouts and Siblings, the trail was good for all ages.

AH-MAZ-ING hike! I would rate it between easy and moderate. A lot of rocks and a good leg workout. Mostly uphill on the way in and downhill on the way out.
Path clear, easy to read and folks on trail are SO nice.
When you get to the end, you can go to the top of the waterfall or explore the waterfall inside the cave (off to the left).
*UPDATE: Hiked this for the second time today. If you plan in hiking this trail, you will need the pass code to get in! You can find the website and phone number on the sign posted. If you do not have the code, you WILL NOT get in. This is posted as private property and there are cameras. SO worth it! You MUST explore the cave while you are there!!!

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