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two great falls... one clearly marked, the other is a more rustic trail. you can simply walk the stream to get to the other. wear waterproof boots!

on Ledges Trail

10 days ago

Love this trail! Visited after Christmas, during the government shutdown. Very popular trail, the parking lot was crowded on a cold day and I encountered probably 15 other hikers on the trail itself. The ledges are stunning and the trail runs both above and below them. The scenic overlook is beautiful. The trail is hilly and rocky in a few places. Even with recent rain and melted snow, the trail was not muddy. I did see people exploring off trail and climbing on and in the ledges, even though signs advise against it. Connects to other area trails as well.

Great winter hike, a little slippery but still great! Hiked all the way to the Buttermilk Falls.

Hiked this trail in November and it was awesome. It was raining at the time so the puddles near the caves made it somewhat difficult to get through without soaking our shoes. Otherwise it was beautiful and had a great view.

17 days ago

A great trail, fun for the whole family, including dogs! We took the time to explore off of the trail and do some scrambling in between cracks in the ledges.

19 days ago

Our family really enjoyed this walk. Absolutely beautiful scenery and the seven and nine year olds loved climbing and adventuring!

Hiked September 2018. Easy hike - rock formations are unusual and the huge boulders at the entrance to the caves are impressive. Bring a flashlight.

21 days ago

Went with a group ranging in ages 7-70. Great hike for everyone with so many rocks to clamber over and through or stay on the main trail. Also a beautiful view.

Great trail. Ran this November 10th at sunrise

1 month ago

Cute little lighthouse, really pretty hike with great lake views.

Pretty easy trail. Cool scenery. The waterfall is better than a lot of others I’ve seen in this area. Pretty muddy in November but still cool.

1 month ago

It's pretty easy to do. The views are pretty crazy and you can do some exploring on some of the features. be careful though, not all of the rocks are perfectly set.

Fun for the kids. They really liked the trail and climbing around the water. Not too difficult for our 2 and 5 year old but fun for us all.

One of the most beautiful trails in Tahoe area.. Easy with beautiful scenery along the lake— the lighthouse trail side good for short/time constraint hikes

love this hike so much! the views are amazing and the balconies are a nice touch to the hike. something different and exciting!

We had planned to do the entire loop but after Watch Tower the track got rocky, narrow and very steep sided. We had checked before hand but no comments said “if you are afraid of heights, give this a miss”. We walked half a km past the Tower but then turned back. It’s beautiful but if heights worry you, take another trail. We didn’t make it to the lake, just back tracked down. This trail was closed today but we were among 30 other hikers doing it. Amazing views. Definitely a must for the ones who like heights. And take water, so many people take these trails with a tiny bottle or nothing and wearing sneakers- ????

Great trail. Short and an easy loop, but the inclines are nice and the few rock ledges are great for taking a rest and looking over the gorge. I take pups there AFTER we’ve gone for relatively long hike to cool off.

Clean, beautiful trail. Perfect in the fall.

Nice little hike to do in the afternoon when the heat of the day starts fading (we visited mid-June). There isn't much to the first 2/3 of the hike, the Balconies Caves and Balconies themselves are fun though. Nevertheless, if you only can do one hike in Pinnacles, do one in the High Peaks/Condor Gulch instead.

Very fun trail. There is currently a sign at the hump trail and watchtower trail fork that says watchtower trail is icy. While it definitely is through winter and maybe into summer, it’s all melted. No worries there, so don’t miss out on the amazing views it has to offer. Very nice one or two nighter.

2 months ago

Nice forrest surrounding. Very flat, lots of trail runners. Large parking area and restrooms. Caves currently closed for nesting bats. Great fall foliage views from overlook.

Recommend going after some rain! Falls were impressive after 3 days of rain. Large parking area and bathrooms at trail head.

Well marked trail to two great waterfalls. We went after a heavy rain and they were flowing! Expect to get your shoes a bit wet if its been raining crossing the stream. Dog friendly and they loved it! Partially paved to Blue Hen falls which is only about .25 miles from parking.

Of all of Cuyahoga Valley, this is one of my favorites ... the blue hen falls is a 5 minute walk from the parking lot and is not difficult ; to get to buttermilk is a more strenuous hike as its more of a natural path.

Quick and easy hike with great scenery.

Though it was upwards of 90 degrees, there is ample tree cover on the lower part of the trail. Towards the peak, amazing views across the valley and on the off-chance, able to catch a glance of the 40~ California Condors flying around! Overall, a very good hike for beginner to intermediate hikers!

2 months ago

Great views and fun to check out the old lighthouse - tho it looks more like an outhouse :D

So the reviews made here were very useful in completing my hike yesterday. It was a little hot, but also you need to drink a lot on the way back to stay hydrated, the creeks are dry do no real water source. Insects were not a problem like they can be. This is a flat trail through woods, watch for wildlife. Saw one falcon. This is a truly awesome not to be missed hike, should have led with this. Go for the views especially rock formations around the caves mountain backdrop. Crowds were not a problem on a Wednesday.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


Great hike! Easily one of our top favorites in CVNP. A must see!!

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