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2 days ago

Sooooo cool and surprising!

So the reviews made here were very useful in completing my hike yesterday. The filter idea was great, a must especially if it is hot, but also you need to drink a lot on the way back to stay hydrated. Insects were not a problem like they are down in the Canyon. I took the Hump trail on the way back thinking it would be easier than just repeating my way around watchtower, biggest mistake of my hike. I missed the views on the way back and the grade up and then down was not what my legs wanted on the way back. Saw trout, many Chipmunks and Pikas gathering cones and seeds, not too many birds. It was supposed to snow the next day which is why I made the effort on this day. This is a truly awesome not to be missed hike, should have led with this. Go for the views especially of the lake with the mountain backdrop. I saw only 6 people the whole time I was on the trail which was both welcoming and a little worrisome, as I was hiking and doing photography on my own. I know know what the "Sounds of Silence" are as this hike will take you there.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


on Lighthouse Trail

12 days ago

Beautiful trail, well maintained!!!! The views are breathtaking! Would definitely do this one again....

14 days ago

Nice trail with great views! Marked wonderfully.

Fun trail! Very confusing to get to the falls but hike back was super easy! You do cross the creek and can be slippery, highly recommend waterproof hiking boots with great traction.

15 days ago

I enjoyed this route. we ended up hiking down the stream most of the way and made this a loop by finding a rdige trail that met up with the buckeye trail to get back to blue hen. was a lovely hike.

Easy hike! Great for an afternoon away!

Love this trail, made it to the buttermilk falls off the trail.

if u go off trail there is another waterfall

16 days ago

Beautiful views, quiet, can get really hot... overall great experience.

Go beyond the end of trail sign and check out buttermilk falls... The trail isn't hard but it's full of roots and several stream crossing but easy to find your way. So much fun and the dogs love it because they have to think as well. Worth the adventure

Almost had the place to myself. Went counter clockwise. Outstanding views from the peaks. Caves were awesome. I was the contractor who built the West visitor Center, and had never hiked anything in the park until today. Special day!

22 days ago

the views are spectacular! a nice gradual up and down trail along the lake up on the hillside. we never tire of this view. we did it in the morning Sept 8 to 9ish in the morning with the sun warming our hike to take the chill off.

Wonderful hike!

29 days ago

best to drop 1 car at viking Holm, and drive another car to bliss state park, lester beach and start from there. then you only go one way. or have some one pick you up by boat.

Nice day hike. The trail is mild to moderately uphill going out and downhill coming back and the trail is very well marked and traveled. You are taking the twin lakes trail out of Lodgepole camp ground.Today met a number of hikes going in both directions. Fun to stop and chat with other hikers finding out where they are going and where they have come from. At approximated 1.75 miles you must overland East approximately a quarter mile to get to the meadow. You can not see meadow from the trail because of the forest density. I followed a dried stream bed down to the meadow, and it was difficult to maneuver over and around the many fallen trees. It was fun trying to find the easiest way. The meadow is wild and natural because it is off the trail and hence not traveled over by humans. Today it was tall grasses blowing in the wind, but in the spring I believe it will be filled with wild flowers. It is well worth the off trail experience.

This has to be one of my favorite hikes. We took the lollipop route on the Lakes trail and made the trip up to the Watchtower before heading onto Heather Lake. We then took the Hump trail back to the parking lot. It was a total of 9.2 miles and 2,326 total elevation. The views from the Watchtower are stunning and the drop off from the edge down to Tokopah Valley is scary yet exhilarating. Heather Lake is a small alpine lake and a nice place to have lunch. I’m really glad we took the Hump trail down and didn’t attempt climbing up. It was pretty steep downhill with lots of loose gravel. Best part of the hike were the views from the Watchtower. Pictures don’t do justice to the immense grandeur.

Very nice decently flat trail. A LOT of poison oak off of the trail. Of you stay in the middle, you’re safe. The caves are nice and cool literally and figuratively. Thankfully no bugs. Mosquitoes drive me crazy. I would definitely like to return in cooler weather and after a good rain. Bring a flashlight!

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery, very flat and easy trail to get to the caves. Balconies cave was a fun, short climb around and over rocks. My 4 year old was able to navigate it with no problem so I think that this would be a great family trail. Parking lot is small so I recommend arriving early. Trail is also pretty exposed in the afternoon so bring a lot of water on hot days.

I like this trail and always extend it by taking the trail to Stanford House. The hike offers water views, the opportunity to get in the river, and when you head to Stanford House you go through a nice meadow as well. From Stanford House you can easily access the Tow Path and head down to Boston to hit the visitors center and park shop. I like to grab a snack and sit on the porch of the visitors center as a break before heading back.

Great hike even in the rain.

1 month ago

Amazing hike!! So much to see and explore along this trail... you really get a bit of everything. Bring a camera with a nice lens and capture some great nature photos with the family!!! Can't wait to go back!

1 month ago

Incredible hike. One of my favorite. Ice Box Cave was closed due to an initiative aiming to preserve the bats that inhabit the area. Saw many families and couples. Easy hike with incredible views.

Some tough places but the views are worth it and the lake is amazing. The path along the way passes many meadows and streams. Water was perfect temp in September for swimming.

During the summer, take it this trail via the watch tower!

1 month ago

Reminded me of Hocking Hills. Love walking amongst the giant rocks.

1 month ago

Beautiful and short hike.

Great day... yeah, baby, yeah...!!

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