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Awesome hike! Pretty steep at some points, but stunning views. Tons of bugs at the very top, but there are places near the top to enjoy the views that are much less buggy. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, very little shade the second half of the hike.

This was an easy hike... but SUPER gnarly at the end! The views the entire time were absolutely stunning with lots of great spots to take breaks and get some good photos and views, and even though the parking lot was full (arrived around 1pm) the trail wasn’t as crowded as you’d assume. Mostly direct sun exposure and very difficult and tiring at times, so 100% bring a LOT of water, sunscreen, and good hiking shoes and poles or walking sticks if you have them. The rocks toward the peak are VERY slippery and it’s easy to fall or lose your footing, but it’s doable (two of my friends were in converse and made it out alright!). Last mile is the hardest, but just take your time and push through it and the views are absolutely worth it! Took my group about 2.5 hours to get up (LOTS of breaks and photo ops), and just under an hour to get back down. 7/12/18

Not a very difficult hike, but the grade gets pretty steep toward the top. This wouldn’t be possible to hike for the average person without special gear if it weren’t for the fencing and wires they have near the top to help keep your footing. There are plenty of awesome views all throughout the hike.

My favorite hike near the Oregon coast. Lots of elevation gain and absolutely breathtaking views of 3 snow capped peaks (Hood, St. Helens, Adams) Astoria, and the mighty Columbia River dumping into the great Pacific Ocean.

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5 days ago

Have been on this trail several times now and it’s one of the toughest within 1.5 hours of Portland. It’s a bit tougher than Dog Mountain but it offers great views. Connects with Elk Mountain to make a great loop, always a plus. It can have snow through March or later and is quite slick due to steepness in those conditions. Rocks are loose during the last 0.5 miles or so and it’s a little sketchy to run in spots. About 2:30-2:45 hike if you’re in good shape and about a 1:10-1:15 run.

5 days ago

excellent veiws from the top! only people on the trail. It did rain before we got there, so there were a few mosquitoes!

8 days ago

This trail was great. Lots of variety in things to see. Coastal forest with large snails/slugs, mushrooms , huge ferns and gigantic trees on the way up. Be sure to trek past the hikers camp to the Tillamook Rock Light viewpoint and see a couple of WWII bunkers on the way. On the way down there are several great viewpoints of Indian Beach , Cannon Beach seastacks, and an alternate view of the old lighthouse. Hiked it today and it had some slick spots and my chacos were probably not the best choice. Very overgrown in spots on the way down but overall a great hike.

8 days ago

Like most people reviews take the path to the right (east and trek uphill and get that workout part over with. It is a steep uphill climb for the first 20 minutes and you level out to a hikers camp area. Before looping back enjoy the lighthouse views and the black sand beaches below that I will find a way to get to sooner or later. The decend is pretty good and we finished this hike in less than 2 hours because we did stop and explore a bit. Since we paid the $5 Ecola day pass we started with this hike then drove to the other parking lot and did Cresent beach trail as well.

Hard as it is steep but a good day hike-and good views. Take plenty of water.

Pretty fun hike. It’s short and steep at the summit. The reward for reaching the top is pretty cool ... if the clouds lift.

7/5/18 My favorite hikes are the ones with views for the majority of the hike, not just the top. This is that hike! Views all around! Steady climb and then big climb for the last .5 mile or so. The steep parts have metal fencing on the rocks so if you are wearing proper hiking shoes it grips perfectly making the decent easy peasy. I noticed some people with poles kept getting them stuck in the fencing. Bring lots of water, light jacket for the top and an open heart to take in all the magnificent beauty!

11 days ago

Fantastic trail that I hiked back in March when it was still covered in melting snow. A few people in my group struggled but what’s a hike without a little bit of pain? I would absolutely hike this again when the trail is a little less slippery.

Did the hike backwards which I would recommend for the workout. Super steep and gets you to the summit quickly. Amazing view!

12 days ago

So I think this might have been the perfect storm to not enjoy this hike. It was raining the entire time, so the steep grade was downright scary at certain points. The fog was thick so when we did make it to the picnic tables and viewpoints there was nothing to see. The trail is in decent condition and is QUITE the workout. Really intense incline after about 1/2 mile in. It's almost worse coming down than going up. We had our small child with us and she was a trooper, but I would not recommend kids on this one. Trekking poles I am sure would have made a big difference too. Will try again one day, but if the weather isn't dry and clear....it's not really worth it

This is a fun hike. Yes, it does get steep in certain areas. But you're climbing a mountain. The trail can be narrow but not overgrown. This was the summer so it was pretty dry. If it was spring I could see it being wet and muddy. All that being said, there's great viewpoints, it is dog friendly and the views at the summit are great. You can see the coast and inland. The trail is 65% shaded. Lastly, the wire. Yes bits are poking out and it could be a problem for your dog. But it helps tremendously with footing and our dog, and multiple other dogs made it just fine.

13 days ago

Great trail for a quick hike. The waterfall was great we almost missed it it was really high and close to the trail. The dog loved the river. There were some great places to swim and to jump off the footbridge. Love this hike!

My son (8.5yr) and I climbed it (6/30/2018). Great views until the final summit. It was clouded in, but a great hike. He enjoyed it and was his first Mt. to summit. We made it to the top in 2.25hr and 1.5hr back to the bottom. The trail was a bit slick due to recent mist. Parking lot was almost full by 10am but that is due to weather. Get their earlier if you don't want to walk up the road to the trailhead. Bring a wind jacket as it can get windy near the top. Plenty of flowers this time of year.

Beautiful trail with wildflowers, gorgeous rock formations, and breathtaking views. Lush, green trails were icing on the cake.

Great hike! The trail is closed in places due to maintenance so we had to detour quite a bit and ended up with almost 16 miles. Loved the varied elevation and views. It’s easy to get off track; I was glad to have the map downloaded but even so we went down an abandoned trail and got stuck in blackberry brambles and had to backtrack. There are water fountains at the main recreation areas to refill your bottle, which was great (and bathrooms!). It does cost $7 to get into the park, as well - card or cash.

Well worth the effort! My 16 year old daughter and I made it up in 2 hours, down in one hour, with plenty of stops on way up. Amazing view! Rocks are bit slippery on way down, be careful.

great hike, no water source, exposed to sun about 1/2, parking lot full by 9am

21 days ago

This is my favorite hike in Oregon. Gorgeous scenery the whole way and quite a work out once you get towards the top. I highly recommend checking the weather forecast and going during a clear day so you can experience the stunning view fully.

Fantastic hike! Trail was very scenic. On the way up it was very cloudy but cleared up on the way down. Would absolutely recommend this hike to others! Need hiking shoes.

Absolutely incredible. Need to hike again when it’s clear but still amazing views. Definitely a hard hike, once you see the 2000 ft sign it’s 1900 ft climb in 1.5 miles. A few spots where is levels out but mostly climbing the whole way. Loose rock at the top, and once you get to the main view keep going to find the actual summit and the trail to go to elk mountain. Highly recommended, be prepared to work! Poles would have been nice to come down with, really steep and rocky.

22 days ago

Very crowded trail and not really a difficult trail. Not sure why people say it is hard, guess it is relative. We chose a good time to go, just after the morning wave of people and at the middle of the second wave of afternoon hikers. This put us at the top with few people and a very nice uncrowded hike back down. Only 4 cars in parking lot when we got back. The wildflowers were spectacular!

This is a very challenging hike with great views. We went up Kings Mointain first (clockwise) and it took us a full five hours with only brief rests. There are many challenging vertical climbs with a few requiring scrambling and/or grabbing trees/ropes for assistance. Either way you begin there are also many steep descents that require good grip and careful placement. Bring lots of water and food. Most of the hike is shaded with a few bright sun spots including the peaks.

Just did the loop today. HOT. Did it in 6 hour with a 1.6 mile detour down elk mountain trail bc I read the sign wrong. Brought lots of layers didn’t need a single one. Started at Kings trailhead and went counter clockwise hitting elk mountain first. Elk mountain ascent is way more steep and technical than Kings, but the descent down Kings is pretty punishing at the end on weary legs. Not too much exposure but bring sun screen. A few tricky areas that require scrambling throughout and one area between elk and kings summit where you need a rope. I wore bug spray. Tons of flies and bees. I can still hear them buzzing in my ears. Bring more water than you think you need, especially if it’s hot. Great work out. Beautiful views.

23 days ago

Insanely beautiful. Do not be fooled, this truly is a difficult hike. Bring extra water. Make sure your shoes have lots of grip especially in front, and preferably bring some trekking poles, otherwise the trip down the mountain will be one non-stop slide. There is a picnic table near the top if you feel like hauling up food/drinks- or just a beer. While it definitely won’t seem it when you are only half-way up the mountain, the view from the top is worth it!

23 days ago

Wonderful beach at the bottom with sandy beach and tide pools. Great views. Lots of roots and switchbacks.

Very steadily steep right off the bat. I have hiked this in the winter as well as summer- definitely slippery and muddy during the rainy season. If you want instant gratification, this hike is not for you. If you enjoy the journey, you will be rewarded at the peak with spectacular views. A journey well worth it. Nearing the peak, be warned that there is loose rock. I don’t have trekking poles, so I usually find a stride stick to help me through these areas.

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