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Daughter, myself and 4 mth old puppy walked the 2 mile loop and then my daughter ran it while puppy and I went to doggie park. FYI no shade.
appears that the ranch may be adding another nature walk on the other side of the road. We enjoyed the day and took a drive through the ranc

no shade
off trail
3 days ago

If you are looking for a walk to walk your pet ok but if you are looking for a Natural hike like a nature trail this is not it not much wildlife.

no shade
3 days ago

If you need some place to hike it might not be bad but not my favorite place to go. I prefer another place.

no shade, great training trail for running.

Trail is a rather dull 6 mile loop. Old Florida, scrub, ferns & pines. Inside of Loop was former control burn. Saw a soaring bald eagle, several red bellied woodpeckers (hint, they’re red headed but not visibly red bellied!), and lots of yellow bellied flycatchers scurrying around in the brush. Lots of tracks in the mud, but no critters.

Very enjoyable walk on a winter day.

No alligators. Very little wildlife. The area is heavily populated with bicyclists who are friendly but overrepresented. I imagine they scare away any wildlife present.
I recommend this for cyclists not hikers.

Have done all 12 miles 2x. Each time saw a lot of gators, 3-12ft. Bigger ones in far back. A lot of vultures, and a couple cottonmouths. Depends on time of year you go. A lot of flowers and birds in rainy season. More gators in dry cooler season. Out in sun on edge of water. Bring plastic bags for windshield wipers and rubber trim on windows. The vultures eat rubber. Not a lot of cell service, and sometimes only a couple of feet to walk by a large gator. It’s a very nervous and exhilarating feeling.

23 days ago

We hiked the whole 12 mile loop. The trail starts off as a gravel road and then turns into a board walk for about half a mile. The rest of the trail is dirt so it will be muddy if it rained recently. The first mile was leisurely with several people walking slowly and quietly taking in the surroundings while keeping a careful eye out to spot any wildlife. We encountered only a couple of other people after this first mile so it became very deserted. There were alligators everywhere! There were many baby alligators as well as many huge alligators! Beware that many of them were laying right on the trail and we had to cautiously get past them. I have never had such close encounters with huge adult alligators in the wild before. This is not a trail for young children or dogs if you intend to hike further than two miles in . Altogether we we saw many egrets and herons, a hawk, many turtles, a raccoon, and of course many alligators!

A wonderful walk, but trail markers only show 2.0 miles around the lake.

Excellent trail surface and a nice dog park on the tail end of the trail with doggie water stop.

Enjoy, but no canopy so wear a hat.

1 month ago

Not really a trail. More like a 7.5 mile dirt road complete with tire tracks. If you want to hike alone and see what rural Florida looks like, this is the place to hike. I saw plenty of armadillos and native birds.

Fantastic for a short, quiet walk. There is a tower here that goes up a few stories so you can look down at the mangrove forest below. Ends at a gorgeous waterway off of the Caloosahatchee River. Great little gem in the Cape.

Nice when cloudy! Too hot for summer, but nice when cooler out. Not much to see, just a big loop around a lake, but good for fishing/wild life. No trees for shade!!!! Very nice dog park and very pet friendly!

Lots of gators and a few snakes. The grass was very tall making it hard to spot the snakes but saw lots of wildlife.

Sandy, but very beautiful and close to town!

2 months ago

No dogs? No wonder I don’t live in FL.

3 months ago

This trail is pretty amazing and absolutely brimming with alligators. I mean, they are ALL over the place. Many of them will be sunning right by the banks, or sometimes right smack in the middle of your path. The only way to keep going is to inch your way slowly by them. We brought our two dogs along for this adventure, which I regretted less than half way through when we encountered a large female gator blocking most of the path. We later learned from a park ranger that she is blind in one eye and shes been around the park for years. We didn't feel very safe crossing in front of her with the dogs, so at this point we turned and came back from where we came. That said, I'd love to come back and complete this hike without having to worry about my doggos becoming gator lunch!

Nice Trail. A little too loud from the proximity to the interstate.

5 months ago

Swamp is the operative word. Frequently, swamp on both sides of the trail. Alligators everywhere--some huge. We counted 33 in the 12 mile loop--11 were on the trail! The only way to get around them is to walk right next to them---I'm really not sure how safe that is

on Bird Rookery Swamp

nature trips
6 months ago

Love the distance and ability to walk or ride bike. Beautiful and relaxing with wildlife and flowering plants. Gorgeous cypresses and yes saw lots of baby alligators.

Great for seeing wildlife.... especially in the months of January thru May.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Nice trail for biking, lots of alligators. Beginning of trail is a bit traveled.

did the whole loop today, saw a big beautiful mama bear with two tiny weenie cubs watched and followed them with caution for about ten minutes, also saw a mama deer with fawn and of course lots of gator, on would not let us pass, and yet another was exstreemly large, this guy could easily have eaton a cow, purtty scary fellow

went out an back with friends that were recovering from sergury, saw deer gators snake and lots of hawks, good time

8 months ago

Didn’t hike
Closed until June 2, 2018 for construction sign said.

9 months ago

The trail is open again

Nice easy lake trail. Saw seven gators enjoying a nice sunny morning.

man made crushed shell trail so it is a easy walk. All open walk so no shade. dog run area and dog watering areas so good for them. saw birds and gators

nice simple man made path around a lake good birding little alligators

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