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good one for a picnic with the kids

1 month ago

This Trail is a 3 mile loop if you follow the pavement around the perimeter. There is a large sign at the beginning of the route that indicates the route is a 5.5k loop. Using a satellite hiking tracker, it comes to 3 miles when I do the loop There are in let and outlets to the trail to make it shorter or longer. It is mostly flat and scenic with 3 small lakes. There are clean restrooms and picnic tables, lots of shade trees, squirrels, ducks, and geese. I see dog walkers, runners, and hikers on the route. The riverbed is nearby and an easy 3 mile loop can turn into several miles if you challenge yourself by adding the river bed route which bikers often do. I've added the length of the river bed in each direction for a 7.65 mile hike and got a good workout. Clean restrooms and clean grounds always nearby make it a favorite of mine. Usually populated on the weekends but I use it during the week and it's very quiet with a few people.

Working on going longer distances and this was a great trail for that. Mostly flat and shaded with trees or bridges. Mostly joggers, walkers and bikes on trail. Not overly crowded.

2 months ago

nice hike, lots of up hills and down hills. able to finish the hike in 3 hours. beware that there are a lot of ants and ant holes. bring a hat as there isn't a lot of trees and shades.

Love it!!

Nice trail but gotta pay for parking

Its what i needed to go! Fantastic workout

2 months ago


Ran the track in about an hour. If you haven't trained for uphills like me, the beginning will have your calves burning. Second half is mostly flat with a slight incline. Scenery is decent considering it's local.

$5 cash to park (you need exact amount)

I saw a rattlesnake, lizards, squirrels, and birds!

Very clean trails.

Not much shade on the trails so bring hat and sunscreen.

Telegraph is mostly flat ground or a very slight incline.

There is a portable bathroom at the end of telegraph trail! Also there are bathrooms next to parking lot.

This 9.4 mile hike kicked my butt!

not bad. had lots of fun

Easy walk on a paved path. Kid and dog friendly. Some steeper hills

3 months ago

This would have been a great hike if I had a not hiked alone, I did 9 miles, and went up to San Juan, that part was great. However, i went 2 hours and 15 minutes without seeing another human, very unsettling, and I hiked 3+ miles down in the valley and had something following me in the trees. I blue my air horn a few times and it stopped. There are active mountain lions here, don't hike alone, be smarter than me

Decent hike, not too strenuous, and the foot traffic was fairly moderate

Everything is kind of burnt up from the fires, and compound that with the dry conditions, the scenery was all that.

I’d probably only do this again after a lot of heavy rain and when the lake reopens

Hiked today. Missed the left turn when we went off path to top of San Juan. Added 2 extra miles (oops) If you go counter clockwise, add an extra 2 miles, and carry a 50lb pack, that last hill is a butt kicker!

Has a really challenging hills and beautiful nature walk ,, careful on weekends a lot of kids and dogs ,,, clean bathrooms .. parking lot gets very full ,,, bring your pass

Pretty cool trail. A lot of different options to make your hike easier/harder and shorter/longer. Go early tho because it gets super busy. We went at 0700 and it was already pretty busy.

4 months ago

Went today, lower canyon portion was really green. Good views from the ridge, looking forward to coming back.

4 months ago

Many drinking fountains along the walkway.

I really enjoyed this route yesterday morning. First time I tried it clockwise. It’s easier going clockwise because the bulk of elevation gain is stretched out over 4 miles on Telegraph Canyon and Bovinian Delight and you almost don’t notice it.

Great scenery. Has lake. Easy hike and casual.

Definitely a workout! Always fun bringing my boys. A lot as changes since the fire but it still a gorgeous place to hike.

I have been here 4 times. It's not bad, but definitely not high on my list of favorite hikes or hikes that I can't wait to return to. The first time I came here was a solo hike. I brought some family member the 2nd time and thought this would be good since my niece has a young family and figured the trail around the lake would be short and easy enough for them to handle. The third time I came with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time and we hiked the whole thing and that gave us time to "catch up". The last time I came here was for an Earth Day 10K.

Pros- easy to find and doesn't require a long drive to get there; there is ample parking in the lot ($3 I believe)...you can also park at the southwestern end at a school(during non-school hours) or on the street near the school for free; different connecting trails to make your hike suitable to the level of difficulty or time that you have (I have done as little as 2.5 miles here to as much as 6 miles); some steep hills that seemed much steeper when I was running the 10k that gives you a good workout if you choose that trail on the southern side; you can bring your dog

Cons- on the busy side and surrounded by neighborhoods so you don't get the feeling of really getting away from the hustle/bustle; no cool destination or view that you must see esp. since the lake is dry.


Great hike, even after the fire.


7 months ago

I use Easy Street Trail as my return leg on all of my Chino Hills State Park hikes, because it ends (or starts, depending on what you choose to hike first) at the Rimcrest Drive free parking area. It’s my “almost done” final minutes. The South Ridge Trail is also at the parking area and you can take it east or west, which I usually do to start my hikes.

Another commenter mentioned snakes. Last year starting in February I saw nonvenomous snakes here about every 5th or 6th visit. They were usually at the south end near the parking area where the trail is flat and cuts through fields, but I saw more snakes on the longer and wider Telegraph Road which is the trail Easy Street runs into at the north end. I see more on weekdays than weekends, maybe because on weekends there are more people making noise that keep snakes hunkered down. But beware! The entire Chino Hills State Park area is also rattlesnake area, so be careful and use common sense, and remember baby rattlers do not rattle. I chatted with a park ranger in late winter last year about already seeing nonvenomous snakes out early, and he said the rattlers were already out and about too.

The north trail is closed due to part of the trail being washed out.

Enjoyed the hike at this park.

9 months ago

I found this great little trail during downtime at a water polo tournament at Yorba Linda High School. The trailhead is just 5 minutes from the high school and located in a residential neighborhood. This portion of the trail is a quick little “there and back” trail that is part of various lengthier hiking options. There is a nice bit of elevation change that was great on the legs.

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