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2 days ago

Beautiful trail! It gets steep at points, but the view is absolutely worth it! The trail shown on the app is actually part of the blue trail that intersects with the red trail to finish off the loop. I went in April, so parts of the trail were really muddy on the way down, but it was still a great trail that was labeled decently!

I love to run the trails at Case! Great exercise and fun hike for beginners!

I hiked this one a couple weeks ago. I would rate its difficulty as moderate.Nice forest setting but no peaks or outcrops to view the landscape.The caves were pretty cool but a little treacherous to climb down to. I was disappointed not to see the Indians in the cave.We must of arrived while they were out hunting game

Great hiking here! Gives you a great work out and our dog loves it too!

great place for kids

I tried to follow the trail outlined on this app, and ended up missing a few turns, as I got too comfortable following the trail markers. The app course engages multiple trails, so be aware of that. Pink, white, blue, yellow.

I will have to come back and explore the yellow and pink trails a bit more. Those seemed to be the most interesting.

11 days ago

Great loop. Nice trails and view at the top. Went south-north in early April and the north side from the summit down to Sage's Ravine/Paradise Lane is basically just a sheet of ice-- definitely wouldn't go without crampons and maybe some trekking poles for balance. Looks like it'll get worse with melting/refreezing until it finally warms up. Also keep an eye out on Paradise Lane-- the blazes are pretty far apart and there's a section of the trail where fallen tree limbs/overgrowth have pretty much completely obscured the trail. Took about 3 hours total.

Some views at the beginning, but there is a large portion of the hike where there is no trail and you end up on private property. If you do this trail bring your phone/ gps to navigate that section. The ravine was amazing once your got to it about 4 or so miles in.

Hiked from Bull's Bridge to Amy's Lookout and back, so I didn't do the full loop. Really nice easy walk along the Housatonic with some areas where you can get photos of the rapids, then once you get to the Anderson Bridge, where the Ten Mile River empties into the Housatonic things start getting a bit more challenging - sustained climb from there up to the Herrick Trail, with lots of stone steps. The two overviews from the Herrick Trail are definitely worth it. Really nice hike. On the way back I took the Homestead Trail (marked with blue blazes) from the Anderson Bridge.

13 days ago

My first trail of this nature in years and years. The southern part of the trail is pretty much undefined. You need to stop frequently and look for the blue-marked trees. More than a few downed trees blocking the ‘path.’ As other hikers, had to use my phone to get back on the path. Would do it again.

Moderate hike with good views of the Housatonic River Valley. It was overcast when we went, but not hazy, and when we reached the last overlook, there was a rainbow over the valley, which was a nice touch.

I grew up in Watertown and heard about this trail growing up, but never took the time to hike it. It’s a little rocky in about 15% of the trail, but the great view at the top and the amazing rock formations that create the natural cave make it all worth while. I just got out of the hospital after having a 3rd stent put in my heart. Spending time at the top reflecting how grateful I am and we all should be living in this country, with places like this in our backyard, is something everyone should do more often.
Here is a link that tells the story of the leather man that lived in this cave in the mid 1800’s.

3/31/2018 Great little day trip,dog friendly trail. Lots of great pics. Definitely have to check out the railroad tunnel and suspension bridge.

Fun, easy, quick (1.5hr) hike through the woods; the stream and bridge were a nice place to relax and absorb the nature; great hike for families or people visiting New Haven

Waterfalls get nicer higher you climb. Go when there's snow or after rain

Really nice trail, bit of elevation gain/loss but not too bad. Lots of geocaches along the way. Not a ton of views.

Come here all the time and probably always will. Awesome spot

Great place even with all the snow!

27 days ago

Beautiful view of the NYC skyline

we hiked this trail often while living in CT Very pleasant, running water... just enough challenge for older hikers

Very cool trail with some nice views along the way. Parking is limited if you park on Route 6. Definitely want to go again

A friend and I did this hike yesterday. It was a sunny day and there was a lot of snow still on the ground. The hike was lovely and definitely a workout going up and a little hairy going down. Best to hold onto some branches and trees or avoid slippery rock faces and take the deep snow way around. All in all a great 2 to 2 1/2 hour hike. if anyone happens to go on the trail and finds a gray hat with a pompon, please contact me st 203 592 8403. I believe I lost it on the trail and would love to get it back!

1 month ago

Lots of History fun to Explore. My wife and I were there on a Sunny Day a few days after a March Snow Storm. Every thing looked picturesque.

Really easy hike. Perfect for kids and pets. Definitely recommend.

1 month ago

Nice hike, didn’t take long to complete. Will definitely go back with the dog.

Nice winter hike! The trail can be a little muddy and slippery when snow covered. Beautiful waterfalls and some steep section and rewarded with amazing views.

Short and steep, lots of nice waterfalls and cascades, there are facilities and picnic tables around the bottom, as well as a place to swim/wade.

Easy to follow trail. Mostly walking with some slight hills.

Beautiful walk, some gentle hills. Easy and quick with some pretty water scenery.

Great medium effort hike. Nice views. I would not recommend going down the north side without crampons until end of winter. It is an ice fall now.

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