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I liked the trail a lot for it's distance. Clocked 4.5 miles plus 1,400' of ascent down & back. Bouldered at the caves some. Man are there some hard problems over there!

1 day ago

the trail markings and maps are extremely confusing because there are different parcels abutting each other and there is not a single map for the whole area. but there are some very nice sections of this home and a great view of Hartford from the easy to access summit

Not much elevation, but very pretty trail that is nice and diverse (deciduous fern forest, pine groves, ledge). Boulders and caves were fun to explore. Trail was in good shape, a little muddy in spots. Important to stay on trail as there were signs for hunting areas.

sweet lil trek

Great local hike — perfect for an early morning outing. Echoing what was already posted, it is a little rocky in parts, so prepare for that.

This is a fun short loop with waterfalls and two nice vista's looking down through the valley. More strenuous than your average Connecticut hike with the elevation gain and a couple small rock scrambles. The lookouts are a good place to have lunch/snack. You do hook up with the AT for almost a mile, so if your doing it in the warmer months bring some "trail magic" for the thru hikers.

4 days ago

Trail is a great workout but sections are very steep and not clearly marked at all. intersects with other trails with no good indication of which one to take. Also sections were not that well maintained. A little too much road towards the end of the hike.

Don’t bother following this route, just do some research and choose a colored trail to stick to (pink, blue, yellow). I tried following and it jumped around too much. The route ends in the middle of the blue trail, and has you head back. Next time I go I will pick a color and stick to it. Nice trails, easy terrain.

Awesome little place. So off the beaten path. Discovered this place is 2003. Best seasons to go are spring, summer and part of fall. First time i went, there was some snow on the ground. Wish some of the trails, were better marked. There is the old foundation of a building there, just the rocks. Huge rocks, waterfalls and pools.

7 days ago

it was different with both the woods n the marsh,if u go there this wknd 9/15 do not where your deer outfit because bow season starts, I didn't like the gun shots either(squirrel hunters)

This is the tallest peak in CT, so it should be noted that it is a fairly steep and steady climb the first 2 miles, up up up! it relaxes a bit after that until the last mile, we went left (instead of doing the paradise lane trail) to the summit and clocked it at 7 miles total. Not sure how this site is saying 6, because the paradise lane trail looks longer. The view is stunning and worth it.

12 days ago

I’m an avid hiker so this hike was a piece of cake. I followed this route exactly and it was all very clearly marked. Beautiful views from the top!

15 days ago

we went on the blue trail for a mile in. decent workout with rocky/gravely terrain. but next to a shooting range. no scenic overlooks.

Nice and easy hike. The sounds of the nearby shooting range are a constant companion which I could do without though.

16 days ago

Trail turned out to be more challenging than we expected but overall and so far our best hike of the year! On the way back we haven’t met almost no one so it was freaky to feel alone in the woods but we made out alive , well and before the dusk. I wouldn’t recommend bringing small kids, inexperienced pets and elderly, elevation more that 1600 ft and for the most part you just keep going up like on stepmaster. Bring lots of water and be wise with time, you ‘ll be fine

Beautiful area. The main trails are more like old country roads, and very easy to walk. They begin with incredible views of the marsh, and head into the woods. Once in the woods, there are lots of little side trails that all loop back to the main trail. These are not well marked if you’re looking for blazes, but the trails themselves are very obvious for the most part. Like the other reviews say, the mosquitoes are terrible. I had on bug spray, and still got eaten alive. I paused for a sip of water, and had a swarm on me. I couldn’t even count them. Will try again when it’s cooler.

I have spent hours on this trail, one of the nicest in Connecticut. It is complete in every way. Take the yellow blazed trail at the top of Great Hill for an outstanding view of the Connecticut River valley.

so pretty down by the river... but people, please clean up after yourself.. it's sad...

21 days ago

some good challenging uphills, and the view from the top of bear mountain is stunning.

highest point in connecticut! pretty steep near the summit (lots of fun scramble-y boulders to climb), but the views were totally worth it. really beautiful mountain vegetation along the summit area, and all downhill from there. :) we stopped for lunch about 3 miles in; took about 6 hours including a few stops and some lounging/snacking at the top.

Pretty good hike, ups and downs but nothing crazy. Brought my 2 yr old dog and it was perfect for him. A few sections seemed wet which seemed odd since we haven’t had any rain lately, not sure I’d recommend shortly after a storm. Views at this time of year were a little obstructed but I bet they are pretty nice in the fall when the leaves start falling.

Great trail, has small side trails to go check things out. Can cut through to make the trail your on not as long. Some great views of marshlands. Can be buggy if you go in the morning so bring bug spray! Definitely gonna go again soon, see you there!

made it with two kids -6 and 8 years old, amazing views

Beautiful, well-kempt trail. Slight inclines to keep things interesting. Great vistas. Awesome foliage.

Must be local to have access to this paid trail -

nature trips
23 days ago

Absolutely great hiking. Nice and easy trail in the beginning and middle then become challenging near the summit if you go from east side of mountain. Definitely great view on the top.

Great hike. Love the AT, it’s always busy with through hikers and section hikers like myself. I actually did 9.5 miles under 4 hours all the way down to Hoyt Rd. When you come back, i would recommend not taking that right turn along Highway 55, not only it’s dangerous cause of traffic but pointless. There’s two nice views on Herrick trail, Amy’s lookout and Housatonic overlook. I would just stay on the AT and make a sharp left down (going south to Hoyt rd) Herrick trail and catch both views without walking the highway 55. Also, I would just continue on the AT past Hoyt Rd and hike leather hill for 2.2 miles and come back on the AT all the way Bulls Bridge parking lot. You’ll get plenty mileage and steep climbing. Imo, ofc. Happy hiking :)

Worth the hype alone for the access to history let alone the views and the trail, itself.
Definitely park on the side of the highway. I originally parked in the state park and wandered but the best entrance is to drive and park.
Echoing the fun of climbing on the slanted stones on the ledge. Finding the cave was a moment. Wow! To see his fire pit. (I took two wrong turns off the trail and thought I found his home... maybe they were his air B&B spots) I love this climb.

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