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starting from salado trailhead a pretty walk along fresnal canyon with views of the different strata. 1 1/4 mi to the waterfall... slippery when wet. fun run to the base of the falls barefoot if u have tough feet! awesome

A hidden gem of Santa Fe. A beautiful forest hike, back and forth over the stream. The falls are hidden back in a canyon and involves some creative rock climbing/jumping. Possibility of getting wet is high. Also there is only parking for 5-7 cars at the trailhead.

Fantastic hike along the creek up to a small meadow. Numerous shallow stream crossings and shady spots to take breaks. Wild flowers everywhere.

As of 8/12 the road leading up to the camp ground was closed, due to unfinished road repair. It is a 3 mile hike to the camp ground and then another 1/2 mile to the group site and the trail head, where the hike begins.

Does anyone know where to park to access the trail? And what is the nfs trail number?

15 days ago

My husband and I loved this trail! Beautiful hike, the waterfall was great! We did more trail running on the way back down. The parking was a little challenging but worth it in the end. We will definitely go back!

1 month ago

I liked this hike; it's not particularly difficult, though there are a couple steep sections. The trail is easy to follow and it's peaceful. Not much in the ways of views and vistas though. The trail terminates in a little meadow with a couple of backpacking campsites. Not exactly scenic, but it's pleasant.

Be mindful of monsoon season when doing this in the summer--it's best to do the hike in the morning.

Note also that the "Holy Ghost Trailhead" is located about 3/4 mile from the actual start of the trailhead. That is, if you park at the lot just outside of the trailhead, this is closer to 8.5 miles round trip.

Beautiful hike... parking was a pain. first few mins is spent walking down a dirt road along peoples property. Weather was perfect we were able to go right before the forest closure. The trail was very busy with both people and fur babies. Its easy to lose the trail as you get to the falls stay left. (right takes you above the falls) We questioned if it was the trail but it sure was. Within a few mins it becomes clear again. The waterfall was freezing but beautiful. Wasn't to hard of a hike although the last part takes some maneuvering to get back to the falls or you could just walk through the stream.

Very long and demanding, but the waterfall is very rewarding.

We had an amazing time hiking this trail and were pleasantly surprised that there was indeed a waterfall at the end. Started at the Salado Canyon Trailhead for a shorter 2.5 mile round trip out and back hike. Go right and follow signs to Bridal Veil Falls. The trail is lightly trafficked we only ran into a few other groups and I would rate as easy not moderate. Most of the trail is spent hiking up above the creek bed which lies below in the valley. There isn’t too much elevation change. Brought the dogs with us they loved being able to play in the water under the falls. One of the best hikes we’ve had in the Alamogordo area.

beautiful and short trail to experience, I would definitely return in the fall months

Went on a sunday, easy hike, pretty views. Saw a lot of families.

Take sun screen if going in the summer and water.

Nice and easy out and back to enjoy the beautiful falls.

2 months ago

Hiked only the falls portion (2.5mi roundtrip) around 7pm on May 19th. Nice scenery and the falls area is pretty with alot of trees. Our hike was mostly shaded also since the sun was behind the hills and mountains. You are looking for the Salado Canyon trailhead if you want a short hike to the falls. It is this trailhead that the map above shows.

If you hike the full Grandview trail or the longer route to the falls, you definitely want sunblock and water. We tried hiking from the Bridal Veil Falls trailhead sign last year and didn't make it. Our dogs were not conditioned for trail hiking on the gravel and it was high 80's that day.

Fun fun family time

2 months ago

Completely different hike for Santa Fe. Lush and green with Douglas Fir instead of Ponderosa.
A beautiful creek and impressive caves.

This was a very nice hike. Other hikers were friendly and considerate. Dog were leashed for the most part and kept under control.

Fun day hike.... it's like a huge "dog park"... our dog had fun :)

I expected it to be more difficult.

3 months ago

The hike in and back out took us about three hours. We stop to enjoy the scenery and take pictures so it’s a much shorter trip if you’re looking for a trail run! There is basically no signage so I suggest sticking to the right hand trail if you want to find the falls - they are hidden and require walking on stones through a small river canyon to access the falls at the end. (Hike to end along right side - once you get to steep incline of pink rock and get to top you’ll see falls from above - then head back down, cross the river on the carefully places rocks that are there and continue on to the falls). Very worthwhile! We didn’t need any bugspray but as recommended by others, go early. We were there at 8:30 on a weekday and got a spot but all were taken when we got back to the lot later in the morning. Enjoy!

Easy trail, marked well enough. Gorgeous views. This trail would be moderate if you were out of shape as it starts at 5600ft and goes up from there.

3 months ago

Easy, relaxing hike

So beautiful way worth it and it was a very easy hike with gorgeous view!

4 months ago

Easy out and back. The foliage is beautiful during the summer months and hiking next to the creek keeps things cool. The cave is pretty fun and not too deep for the kiddos to explore. Parking can get crazy during the weekends. Awesome!

4 months ago

An amazing, quiet, beautiful hike! Butterflies and birds everywhere. The last part of the trail is pretty rough and steep. Watch out for the caves, they'll sneak up on you. Keep an eye out for a clearing to the west after you cross the creek, the caves are right around there.

The falls weren't so great, but this is a wonderful & relaxing hike. Great views! Nice to see all the old train history throughout hike. Enjoyed!

The base of this trail was very crowded, with adults acting like children not taking any consideration for other hikers; however once you get further away from the base the beautiful scenery comes into view. We were unable to finish the hike. My kiddos found it difficult to hike through the snow, ice, and mud. However I would recommend this trail to anyone.

This was a fun trail to hike and it is very easy to navigate since the trail is well traveled by other hikers. I hiked it all the way to the trail juncture which is listed as 2 miles in, but according to the app it is 1.6 miles one way. Just an FYI for anyone wanting to hike this short trail. The trail had a combination of mud and snow on it which made it made it a little more interesting.

this is a very nice Forest hike along the creek that leads to the falls. Not very strenuous and a good path to follow. there are a couple of creek crossings that were ice covered and most of them have either stones or small Limbs and logs that you can use to cross over during the summer time. the falls were ice covered and the water was rushing beneath the ice giving it a nice surreal look. when driving to the trailhead follow the directions. towards the end, it is a one-lane road but it does end at the trailhead. there is limited parking spaces at the trailhead.

Great area to hike! Views are great and plenty of wildlife to see.

Loved this trail! I don't think that I would rate it as moderate. We found it to be pretty easy. The 7.2 miles is if you combine all three trails together. We did two of them and it came out to be about 6 miles.

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