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It was overgrown and impassible. I walked down about 800m from where the trail starts and gave up. The trail is really poorly maintained.

Gps took you to a golf course, there is a small pathway that leads you up the trail but you can park on the side of the road. Otherwise you can start from hilton falls, if you don't want to hike through hilton falls trails again in order to reach this trail, after parking, walk directly to the east, following the hydro lines. The footpath leads you directly to the start of the trail,rather than looping around the reservoir to find the trail starting point. There are no trespassing signs along the way but don't worry it doesn't apply to people simply hiking the trail.

really nice trail, lots of different views and landscapes n a small area. Easier to start off Duffy Lane and head south imo.

very nice, well maintained trail. had a great time with family.

19 days ago

A large portion of this loop is road walking. I wish this app included details like this. We would have double backed if we had known.

all trails gps took me to granite golf course not what I was expecting at all. found myself a side trail entrance which wasn't anything much just a 1/2 loop that took you back to the road. all trails really needs better coordinates for these trails

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, rolling hills, huge pond with frogs and at the end of the trail we did a beautiful waterfall. I would say it was a difficult hike about 2.5 hours to the falls and back. Well worth it!

beautiful and well maintained trails

Started from Hilton Falls Conservation area. Took the Bruce Side Trail and then the main Bruce Trail up to the bridge. Ok hike, views from the bridge weren’t as nice as I was hoping, but it was still nice to check out a new spot.

I would mark this trail as easy. Trail head is easily accessible with a big paid-parking lot. 1st half of the trail is fairly busy, rolling meadows, with lots of weekend-warriors. Once you get past the beginning half the crowds die down a bit and it's easy wooded trails with shady cover. Lots of opportunity to extend the hike with side trails. Keep an eye on where you're going as you may not notice and end up on a side-trail.

Small beach at the end, probably wouldn't swim in there..

nice trail but maintenance needed urgently . Some areas nature took trail out completely.

Beautiful trails! Also really easy to access the rattlesnake point trails from here.

Some beautiful trails and a nice waterfall to stop at for lunch, or spend the day by the lake.

The Dominion Trail leading to the falls was a nice hike. The falls are blocked off now, sadly. Trails need better markers for North, south, etc. I trekked almost the entire area as the north west side of the Bruce trail was also closed off. Enjoyed my day despite the rain!

start from Hilton falls for this trail. beautiful views

went to go see this trail it doesn't exist anymore it's a quarry with no trespassing signs all over

Beautiful scenery! I was there on a weekday afternoon and only saw 1 person. It is a very hilly trail so was a good workout. My dog loved the little creek and was totally intrigued by the cows on the other side of the fence. Highly recommend.

Beautiful Trail nice to Walk

Beautiful trail! It's rocky, but mostly level so over all a pretty easy hike. Also, lots of other great trails in the conservation area at the end of the trail where I parked.

Lots of mosquitos but that’s just part of the great outdoors!

Granted I arrived at about 3.45pm on a Tuesday, but I didn't see ANYONE until I was on my way out, after about 2 hours. Parts of the trail made me feel like I was in Narnia, it was just lovely.

Parts were a touch difficult, but the views everywhere were more than worth the effort.

Great trails that are well maintained. Easy to combine with Rattlesnake point trails and hit all the lookouts together. Moderate inclines going up the Nassagaweya Trail to the Rattlesnake section. Bruce trail section between Crawford Lake and Rattlesnake pleasantly quiet.

Very nice trail, multiple types of scenery, there were some fallen trees on the trail so there is some maintenance needed but all in all it was good and I appreciate the challenge as it went up and down a few hills

A very nice trail. The presence of snow made it even nicer. The trail is a little hidden, but the maps helped us find the trail.

Nice trail, it’s very easy to hike too. The view is nice when there’s snow. Only takes about 2hrs to finish the trail and you can walk back from the big streets instead of the same way to save you about an hour time.

it's a lovely trail. lots of intersecting trails so it's important to pay attention to where you are going. there's a lot of flat ground but the hike to the falls is steep and quite the workout. it gets slippery in wet weather. The falls are closed off and the trail doesn't loop around so it's a one way walk to the falls and back. it's beautiful and scenic with access to the river at various points. it's one of my favourite places to hike.

Well maintained walk and amazing views of the lake. Can’t wait to go in the summer! Did a 4km route of our own but hoping to tackle the 9.4km (one direction not a loop) route!!!!! Great parking and ablution facilities.

Great trail I recommend you keep dogs on leash 100% your walking the edge of escarpment so better safe then sorry. The start is a good climb to get to the top. Legs will be nice and warmed up for you when you do lol. It’s a rocky trail so feet be warned. Beautiful views at top

A great trail system, vert enjoyable.
Bruce Trail certainly an easy trail, Dominion has several steep inclines, water poles and steps. 20 seconds after reading the ‘no mountain biking’ sign, a guy went by on one. Very easy loop system to contend with, relatively quiet, with some out enjoying a hike, and then the odd walker going by in their Levi’s and fashion trainers. The coordinates when you click ‘Directions’ on this app takes you to the entrance on Dominion Street, which requires you to park on the main street and then walk across the bridge and onto Dominion, to the beginning of the trail.

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