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Hiked it 3/6/18. In total it took about 4 hours to complete. It was challenging, but not overwhelming.

Really would like to try it in the summer.

This. So wonderful. Some good work to get to the top, and you’ll be pleasantly rewarded. Took about 3 hours to summit and 1 hour to descend. I’d love to night hike this in the summer.

Such a great morning to be on Grandeur. This was my first time up the backside and it was nice and gradual compared to the steep climbs on the valley face. Lots of friendly people on the trail and the dog owners were very respectful (much appreciated). I used spikes for the last 1/4 mile, more just to use them as I lugged them up there, and are not necessary but helpful. Arrived at the summit 10 min before sunrise for some great pics of the sun peaking it's head out. Great views

Went up early afternoon, south facing slopes are slushy and got my socks wet but no big deal, spikes would be useful on the last 100 yards of the summit but not necessary. Otherwise fun hike w/ great views

Nice hike. I was surprised by a large group of Ultra Marathon runners running for the RUFA 2018 run. Very nice group of extreme runners. Trail was icy and snowy up top and spikes were definitely needed. Took me 1:40 to reach Peak

1 month ago

Good hike 2/10/18. Little bit of snow, cloudy, lots of trail runners. Microspikes handy. Saw numerous people slipping and falling on their ass.

Great hike yesterday. Spikes would be nice at the top, but not needed. Crazy hiking in Feb with it 60 degrees.

Did this hike 4 days ago and the ice was minimal, although there were a few sections where spikes were a godsend (esp on the way down). Gorgeous views, as always, but this was my first time doing any kind of winter summit so I was extra stoked. Beautiful views at the top!!

Beautiful hike. The lower parts are well packed down. After the split with Dog Lake the trail gets narrower and more spots where hiking boots fall through the trail. The hike was still doable in boots but it looked like it was more fun to cross country ski.

A couple inches of snow covered the ice and we only used microspikes on the way down for a little extra traction. Amazing hike.

Awesome hike. Definitely a workout. A lot of ice. Micro spikes work well. Some mud

Really icy this time of year. Have some spikes on hand. It ended up being about 7.5 miles round trip. Saw a moose off the trailhead. Beautiful views

A bit muddy, but more snowy and icy. Totally worth it. Wear MicroSpikes for an enjoyable climb and descent.

wear your spikes as its icy for most of the trail.

Nice long hike. Gradual incline is nice for this longer hike. Trail nice and packed down, brought snowshoes but got by with microspikes no problem.

Took the trail 11/24/2017. Quite a bit of ice, snow and mud for the first 2 miles. Snow up to a foot deep after that. Lake was frozen (don't recommend walking on it). It was about 40 degrees on top so be prepared for the temp chsnge this time of year. Lovely trail with some nice views.

Really loved this hike! Definitely wished I had cleats for the snow and ice but it was great

3 months ago

Very good route. Had modest snow and ice. Have read that this is EASY, and read that this is MODERATE. Based on current conditions, I would rate difficult. I base this on climbing Camelback mountain in Phoenix a week or so ago and that was rated double diamond "extremely difficult". You cannot snowshoe this. I was glad I didn't grab any and instead opted for my spikes. Saw many people wishing they had brought spikes.

I'm not a runner, was carrying medium pack (training for bigger climbs) and using sticks. Start was very cold and Packed snow. About half way it shifts to lots of ice and slush. Then on the westbound leg plenty of mud mixes in with ice. The final half miles gets a little steeper and there are a few 3-4' little scrambles that are a little precarious coming back down. The summit is great. Wonderful views and a couple places (rocks) to sit and cook a lunch. The estimate of 2.5hrs was spot on for me. Round trip from road (gate closed) was right at 5 miles with 2500' gained. Lots of people on the route today, but not overly crowded. Current weather is a little odd where higher elevations are warmer than the lower ones.

Always a great hike, even with 8”-12” of new snow. In winter months you’ll add 0.3 of a mile hiking up from the main road since the gate is locked until spring. Had the peak all to myself with amazing coral-like snow covered trees. Remember to hydrate in winter even though it’s cold and the sun goes down really early. Most of the hike will be shaded after 4:00 p.m.

Fun hike, a little slippery with snow/slush near the summit.

Beginning of the hike had coverage, but the last half of the hike didn't have any and it got really hot. I would go early enough that you are able to get to the top before it gets hot (took us two hours up). Beautiful waterfalls and scenery along the trail and amazing views at the top.

4 months ago

I love coming up here! 3rd Time in less than a year. Its a great get away from SLC and perfect for after work backpacking that is not too intense.

Was up here 11/3/2017 the lake was really low and there was a bit of snow (but the trail was mostly clear) we were prepared for the low temps and had an amazing time!

Great peak to be able to bag if you don’t have much time.

The views while hiking were beautiful! I didn’t get to see the view from the peak because it was snowing and covered in clouds. Which was fun in and of itself, but I would like to see the view one day. I will be doing this hike again next Spring/Summer!

I am an avid hiker and the hike up took me 1 hour 20 minutes. The trail was marked and easy to follow. You may want to pay attention to the trail at the very top, once you start climbing rocks, I think that’s the only place you may get confused on the way back down.

Great hike w/ 3 dogs.

This was constantly steep. We ran out of time and didn't make it to the top but got to the second overlook and we're satisfied with what we accomplished. Next time we'll plan better. Great workout!

Wow. This trail was like an emotional rollercoaster. We went from paved trail and waterfalls to hiking on dirt with beautiful fall leaves around us to super rocky terrain with epic views. We were about a quarter of a mile from the peak and saw a nice overlook to stop and rest with our 18-mo old (in carrier). It had 360 degree views and made us feel like we were at the peak and decided to go ahead and call it because we were beat. We will definitely do this hike again, but maybe without the kid.

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