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5 days ago

-good exercise with the incline on the way out and the way back.
-beautiful views
-waterfalls are always a treat
-we went on a nice spring day with a high temp of ~70, it was very warm with direct sun and only a small portion of the trail in the shade
-traffic through Fairfax was a nightmare. Took us an hour from Novato to get to the trailhead
-no bathrooms, few places to step off the trail with privacy

Nice trails, very level...good walking and jogging...lots of birds including beautiful swans...

10 days ago

Arrived at 9 am and completed around noon. Pretty hike with lots of variation of height, steams, and views. Very dog friendly which was nice. Was a bit wet when I went due to recent rainfall which made parts muddy. Was very packed when we left at noon

16 days ago

The majority of the hike is open air with no shade. Once you get to the tree line cover it’s a pretty hike. The Falls still had water. I would recommend once you see the first waterfall continue hiking down and around. The really pretty view is further down with multiple pools and falls. The dogs on leash rule is real. Park rangers peruse the area and will issue citations if caught off leash with your fur friends. The trail is also rocky in the beginning.

Loved walking through the forest and how it was a solid 3 miles.

1 month ago

Easy enough hike, uphill then downhill, waterfall at the end is a nice treat! Beautiful views at the top!

Nice varied views and not too heavily trafficked, apart from near the parking lot. We extended the hike by adding a loop around Lake Anza, which we definitely recommend.

You can extend this hike by walking around Lake Anza.

1 month ago

Solid hike! Surprisingly solid views of Oakland, an unidentified lake, and sweeping hills along the way. Waterfall was weak while we were there but keep going down afterwards for a walk among some big trees

Great hike with varied terrain, just enough to push you but not too much to break you. The early peaks (just after the initial elevation) can be VERY windy. Hold on to your hats!

Fantastic views almost constantly from start to finish. A hidden gem. We hiked it at a leisurely/breaking for photographs pace in 3 hours.

1 month ago

Watch your feet. Almost stepped on rattler in middle of fire road. Very comfortable rocks at falls for lunching....

Gorgeous forested hike in Tilden Park. This hike was characterized as “moderate.” I agree. Some steep spots and some rough terrain, but totally doable. #TrailsChallenge2018

I’ve done this hike the last 2 weekends. Today was a bit windy but the views are beautiful.

Loved this place, very peaceful and kids enjoy it as well

Several spots with storm damage, lots of dogs and more heavily trafficked than we prefer. Still a decent outing but not something I’d put on my repeat list.

We saw 4 river otters in the lake today! Thought they were ducks at first, but googled it and found out that river otters in Lake Anza are really a thing! Super awesome surprise!

It's a nice trail for beginners, lots of redwood. Glad I got to see ladybugs gathered in several locations in the park.

Beautiful and varied views of creek and hillside to Mt Tam

Great trail, easy to moderate hiking. If you go after a rain the trail can be slippery/muddy so be prepared. Good mix of covered and sun hiking.

Loved this trail, lots of greens and blues

Was a favorite hike when my son was younger. If short on time and want a quickie hike can start at the bottom, do the 3 mile loop and skip the lake part.

Trail was awesome! Majority of it is totally shaded so if you go on a hot day you will be fine! I didn't hike the complete loop because when I got to the end of the Stream trail (2.6 miles) I didn't realize to loop back around you had to take the West Ridge trail on the way back but I'll know for next time. Brought the pup and he loved it as well!

Nice mix of open and wooded, narrow and wider trails. The trail when near Lake Anza can be noisy due to all the swimmers so they section won't give you an 'escape to nature' feeling.

Comfortable hike, easy to navigate, few steep areas. Recommend stepping off main trail for best views.

9 months ago

This trail is closed due to fire danger :(

mountain biking
9 months ago

Excellent and easy trail for a relaxing (Or fast paced) bike ride.

It's amazing that this area used to be a landfill when I was a kid. It's absolutely beautiful now. Recommend it. 4/5.
Be sure to stop at "Glass Beach."

Felt closer to easy than moderate.

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