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I enjoy Moulton Falls area Every time. this time I actually went off the big, flat trail for Moulton Falls and checked out about a mile of Bells Mtn. Hoping to do the whole thing in the spring or summer.

This was a challenging trail for someone with two new knees. The downhill portion was a bit wet and slippery and made me wish for walking sticks. The end of the trail was worth any amount of work. What a beautiful beach. Be sure to walk the entire beach and find the two waterfalls and an awesome “alcove”. Bring a garbage bag and take a few minutes to pick up some of the plastic that has washed ashore.

Quick one mile hike if you just walk the loop. We walked a bit further to the top of the dunes and there was a great view of the ocean.

1 day ago

This hiking trail has the most amazing views! It is fairly easy although it has a steep incline. Took us about 40 min to get up. Really enjoyed this scenic hike.

Did this hike today in a light rain and it was muddy but lovely! One of us was wearing a baby in a backpack though and there were a few spots that the mud was sloshy and slippery enough on hills that we had some trouble-mama and baby ended up on their backside in the mud once even. We had to cut the last part of the loop off and come back to the original leg of the trail sooner than the loop plans because of this and the fact that the trail crosses a small but rocky, rushing creek. It was fun though and far prettier than I expected it to be, just be prepared to get muddy if it’s wet out! It is very poorly marked like others have said, but we found it pretty easy to just follow the map.

Decent little jaunt, it’s fun to explore a place practically in our backyard. Good place to walk a dog.

It’s a little forest treasure close to the city.

Beautiful trail. Micro spikes are necessary and enough snow most the way for snow shoes. lots of people and dogs off leash.

Gorgeous views. I started from the south trailhead and made it back in ~4 hours, including a quick side trip to Devil’s Cauldron past the North side trailhead. Definitely a workout going back up from the North side. I also found it to be a little longer than the 6.4 miles listed.

2 days ago

Great hike!

This trail is magic. It starts off on a wide road, and eventually loops into some fairly legit forest hiking. It’s a very wet trail, and you straight up walk through what would ordinarily be considered a creek, but it’s just the rainwater flowing down the path. The river was raging today because of the rain we’ve had, and the water is just gloriously clear and pure looking. Jawbone Flats is the type of place I’d love to visit again, and all the old rust bucket trucks and equipment make my old fashioned heart go pitter patter. My recording said I did 928 feet of elevation, but I truly didn’t feel it, and would say this was very a very gradual incline. I also ended up clocking 7.5 miles instead of 6.5, but I’ve grown use to these hikes always being a little longer than AllTrails says. So here’s the deal- this hike is worth all the tea in China, but for the love of humanity, get some waterproof shoes so you don’t hate your life if you’re doing this hike in the winter. 10/10 will hike again.

As an avid hiker, this was by no means a hike, but a leisurely stroll. We took time to stop and take a lot of pictures, gorgeous rainy day, the falls were full and raging.

great for newbs and experts alike. a little muddy but hey its oregon and its January. couldn't ask for anything more.

3 days ago

Wonderful hike with multiple south facing vistas allowing you to get a real feel for the scale of Neahkahnie. After reaching the end of the cape, views to the north can be seen as well.

Trail was very muddy after several days of rain but we had shoes and gear for it (I’d rather walk through mud than trip over tree roots anyway).

on Beacon Rock Trail

3 days ago

Awesome scenic views. For Oregon residents, be prepared to pay for Bridge of the Gods toll and get Discovery Pass.

3 days ago

Do not recommend this trail. Conditions are not great for having a safe hike.

3 days ago

This area is not open to dogs year round-so check before you go. It was beautiful on a crisp fall day. Our golden loved it!

Wonderful place to go excercise and clear your head of life.

trail running
4 days ago

I made it to the top today and it took all the will power I had. Didn’t get the sunny view but will try sometime in the summer again when I’m in much better shape! The views came out intermittently, and I was able snag a couple fun scenes.

Great hike that is challenging but short. It has some nice views and good climb.

If you have a dog, there are a fair amount of sharp rocks on the trail and there is also steel mesh. If your dog doesn't have tough enough paws its likely they will get cut, and there are sections where the steel has rusted.

4 days ago

My favorite trail so far in this area. It’s rated as moderate but depending on what shape you’re in it might be easier or more difficult. Lots of up and down and it was nice being on an actual trail as opposed to black top. One downer is the trail was hard to find in a few places and was muddy in a few spots although easy enough to walk around the mud. Highly recommend it.

Fun fairly easy trail to get out in and just have a peaceful hike. Not to many people in January that’s for sure.

This was a great hike. it was rainy and windy but there was no one else around.
The trail itself was muddy (as of Jan 18 2019) but it wasnt anything anyone who wanted to experience this place would regret.
I do see a lot of people who complain about roots growing up in the trail. I don't mind ot one bit, but those who do probably won't like this trail.

5 days ago

Love the falls! Saw WAY more people than expected on this trail. If your car can't make it up to the gate, just find a place to park on the highway. That is what we did as we were in a Jetta. About 3-4" of snow in the deep parts but trail wasn't really covered much. Overall hike was almost 10 miles with the extra 4 because of the closed NF Road.

Good trail with spectacular views!

Nice urban hike opportunity! Gorgeous flora and fauna. Majestic redwoods. Well traveled trails that are very well marked and have good signage.

This was the first time that I did this hike in the winter. It was amazing! We just hiked in our boots. Crampons could have been nice here and there, but it was totally doable without. We passed lots of people with snowshoes, which wasn’t necessary at all. We were definitely a lot faster and more agile. The hike overall is moderate. It took us a little under 3 hours to complete the hike (out and back). The view on the summit is stunning. Very windy though. We were able to see all five mountains. Such a treat. This hike is definitely one of my favorite ones. Great in any season!

7 days ago

It is beautiful trail covered with snow. Some areas are very slippery. Unfortunately, I didn’t see Mt Hood. I am not sure it is due to weather or just missing it. Lake is frozen and has lots of foot print. I have no guts to step on it.

Hiked the trail yesterday on a clear, sunny day...beautiful! Saw a Red breasted Sapsucker and busy little Ruby Crowned and Golden Crowned Kinglets. Excellent view south from the summit. Hike is Moderate difficulty. The brief scramble at the top is obvious and easy, no worries. There’s also an easy little alternate trail at the top that approaches the “summit” from the south. No worries! Do the hike and get some great exercise and views.

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