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4 days ago

Easy hike, just slightly above what you might call a walk. Mostly residential and some parts along some major roads, but there was some natural elements to it which seemed like they'd be very good for birding. Went the day after a rain and it was fairly muddy with lots of puddles. Brought a small dog and it was an easy trek for him. Doggie bags and trashcans along the trails, but the trashcans were overflowing so I'm not sure how often they empty them. Parked at the restaurant and started the hike there, as others have suggested. Nice hike for a quick, middle of the day nature break. Took us a little under an hour to finish.

Great place to take a long walk.

A lot of incline in my opinion. Great hike.

Nice sunset view, I suggest parking up at the Summit House restaurant upper parking lot.. I parked at the bottom lot off the Blvd and my car along with another had smashed in passenger windows.

Sucks there is no parking beautiful scenery but you have to park really far to even get close don’t know why they don’t do parking spaces up there.

Great trail! d : )

17 days ago

Very good

Great hike with good incline/elevation gain as well as stretches of flat ground. Trails are dog friendly and must be kept on leash- unfortunately many people dont pick up after so that is one issue. Be sure to bring plenty of water and follow the signs as there are many different trails

Great little hike, especially for young kids. Can even take a stroller if you wanted.

Easy trail for getting back into it. My dog loved it.

No parking, permit only for at least a 4 block radius. Basically it's limited to those who live nearby or are willing to walk half mile to get there once they park legally. Disappointing to say the least.

Local hike to the water tower with a view of LA.

I wish these trails opened early than 9am. during the week Native Oak Trail is lightly trafficked.

I liked that there are plenty of places of shade. It is not hard. A few hills, but not steep at all. I took my dog and it was okay. There is a spot for free parking, which is nice.

A very easy, enjoyable walk.

Took our German Shepard on a December Saturday. Perfect for dogs and inexperienced hikers. Saw a few deer and the people we passed saw coyotes. Great views from the top. We parked on the street and started on black walnut trail and looped around to come out on powder canyon. Starts uphill and the rest is easy. Definitely will do again.

1 month ago

My favorite trail in the Whittier area by far! You start off at Sycamore trailhead & can either ramp it up & hang a right up the switchback or continue into magical Dark Canyon.

FYI, for those saying there’s dog poop everywhere, it’s actually coyote scat for the most part because this area is busy with wildlife activity. This year alone we’ve encountered 3 rattle snakes, 1 gofer snake, numerous deer/rabbits/squirrels.

Park opens at 7am on the weekends and 6am on the weekdays! Really pretty views from the top and it was very well maintained. Depending on where you’re starting, there’s a bit of an elevation increase. It was hard but, it’s pretty doable. Then after that it becomes a leisurely walk. Only a few shaded areas and the rest are mostly open, so I suggest going in the morning! Moderate amount of foot work.

The trail was extremely easy due to it being well maintained. A portion of it was a preserved habitat for California Gnatcatchers so there are no dangers to it. I ended up taking multiple different paths and ended up at the "Top of The World" just in time for a beautiful sunset. Total trip was about 7 miles and almost 2 hours.

Recommend for beginners or casual hikers.

off road driving
1 month ago

Had a great time exploring here. Especially after some good rainfall.

Beautiful scenery and one giant beautiful tree just as you enter the trail. Jogger stroller friendly with a few small hills. Great for beginners. Just watch out for the dog poop.

1 month ago

Please !!! Open it early!! People that work and wants to do some hiking is not able to do it due the horrible schedule ! PLEASE!! 6am at least !!

We give it 4 stars because it opens until 9am. We took Coyote trail instead at the trail head because it had more vegetation and incline. You can make these trails as long as you want them, there were trails all over .Great views of Whittier, small but free parking and the trails where trafficked but nice . The only sad part is that people on these trails don’t embrace or don’t know the concept of “leave no trace”. It was sad to see some trash (we picked it up) we saw graffiti on trees (what big of a loser had to do that? ) and seeing pictures of people who picked flowers (food for pollinators, hello) honestly, we don’t live in a fairy tail anymore and it’s not news we must take care of the planet. It was sad...

1 month ago

Not terrible, but there are nicer trails. not much to see, and really smelly in a couple of spots. I heard young coyote pups calling to each other and start going nuts when I was going up the switchbacks. I was already having anxiety due to heights, so hearing that made me turn back before I reached the tip top. Damn nerves. Good cardio, I would do it again with trekking poles or walking stick to help me feel secure getting to the top.

Great trail but closed indefinitely due to the “Holy Fire” in August 2018. USFS said it will be closed for 2-3 years.

2 months ago

I hiked this for the first time and it was a nice hike! I ended up doing 8 miles because I took a few wrong turns

Nice place to hike! Enjoyed the scenery although not clear due to the all the wildfires! Great workout!

plenty of shade, horse trail. good work out

2 months ago

Nice rolling walk at the bottom of canyon, quiet with not much use. If you climb the switchback trail you will get a real cardio vascular workout.

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