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Lost Lake to Manastash Lake: The road up is well maintained but washboard the majority of the time. The fork in the road in which you want to veer left to get to the trailhead is well marked. You can continue right a quarter of a mile if you need to pick up a day pass. Bathrooms available at trailhead. You share this trail with dirt bikes, but you can hear them well before they reach you so you have time to give them room. Maybe 4 other cars at the trailhead on a Saturday afternoon. The grade is mild with lots of flat parts. It had been raining a little in the morning so the trail was not dusty, but later when the sun came out the trail was very dusty. Some parts of the trail are slippery with loose rocks and dirt so watch your step. A few hints of fall colors but mostly greenery. A few fair views of the valley below. When you come to the fork in which right is trail 1350.2 and left is 1350, 1350 is the way you want for the Lakes. The lakes are nice with places to sit on the shore. Saw a few backpackers and places where people had made a campsite. No overly great views or scenery. All around an average hike that is a pretty quick in and out if you want a short hike to a decent lake. 8 miles round trip, just under 2 to lost lake and an additional 2 to manastash.

You should do Colchuck Lake first because its much steeper (and much prettier) than Stuart Lake. Also, the actual distance of covering both lakes is at least 12 miles.

A nice easy stroll through near the river. Nothing spectacular, but well maintained and convenient for walking into town from the WorldMark resort.

Beautiful water! Easy strolling trail but loved it.

It does not have a stunning scenery but it was very peaceful easy walking along the pathway and sitting on the big rocks and looking down the lake from it and it was the most peaceful moment ever and also so good for meditation :) It’s the best part of this hiking! It’s probably good for fall and easy hiking!

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7 days ago

Nice clean and well kept trail. Great views

Easy trail....brought back memories of my recent trip of walking the Camino de Santiago.
We walked from Cle Elum to Roslyn.

10 days ago

This has to be one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done! We did Stuart and colchuck in the same day. It was 12.5 miles total. Took about 8 hours with an hour stop to enjoy the views

14 days ago

Beautiful hike. Stayed one night at marmot and went up to jade as a day hike. Heading up to jade is definitely worth it!

Challenging but did not think the view was worth it. A lot of the locals around Leavenworth use this trail as a quick workout.

Great hike, would definitely go again!

19 days ago

Nice trail! Not too busy! Easy elevation gain- nice payoff. BEWARE THE HORNETS!

19 days ago

great trail. easy and steady gain. rocky trails, bring good ankle support shoes

20 days ago

Easy to access, an easy, flat trail, scenery will drop your jaw... There's a short video about how the Coulee was formed that I watched before going out there. It made the excursion that much more interesting

Highly recommend making it up to Jade in one day if you can manage it. The views are much more dramatic from the top and although there are only 6 “defined” campsites, there is plenty of primitive flat-ish ground for a tent. Thankfully didn’t have to deal with any mosquitoes! Wonderfully beautiful hike!

Did the hike from Marmot to Jade Lake as a day hike and I'm glad we did! The boulder field was a beast to navigate without a pack, I can't imagine if we'd had ours with us. We saw plenty of people camping at Jade and No Name though, so it's definitely doable!

22 days ago

Great scenic hike with waterfall. Flat terrain.

great easy hike, was able to explore the cave at the end but you can easily miss it. if the trail starts to get too narrow then you can gone too far.

Did this hike as a three day backpacking trip and loved every minute of it. Hike in and camped at Marmot Lake for two nights and then did Jade Lake as a day hike.

The trail was somewhat busy and crowded for Labor Day weekend (we met a ranger on our way up to Marmot and she told us that she counted at least 90 people camping there) but the lake is large enough and the campsites are spread out enough that when we set up camp, we saw maybe half a dozen people nearby.

All in all, weather was great (it did drop to the 30s at night, so come prepared for cold!), we saw maybe a handful of mosquitoes (but they weren't bad), and there were enough people on the trail to follow that the boulder fields weren't too difficult to navigate! Also, we saw dozens of pikas! The only downside to a busy trail is that not everyone followed the Leave No Trace policy. We saw a bag of excrement next to the trail near Jade Lake as well as some other trash along the trail. Just a reminder that there are backcountry toilets at both Jade AND Marmot Lake and, if you're bringing something into the backcountry, please pack it out.

Our car was broken into while we were on the trail. We had nothing valuable in the car and they got nothing out of it but bad karma on themselves. There were also swarms of bees in the parking area that stung someone in our group. No mosquitoes on our hike on a warm dry summer afternoon. Pleasant hike, steep for the most part and moderated towards the end. The lake was small by the standards in the region but still beautiful and serene.

This is by far my favorite local hike for families. The road up to the trail head is well maintained, and the trail head is easy to find with plenty of parking. There are no restrooms, however. The trail starts out reasonably steep, but manageable for most age groups. The trail is wide, and there are no steep drop offs along the way that worry me with a 3 year old. The trail is lovely, and peaceful. Lakes Clara and Marion are beautiful. The trail is shaded for a lot of the hike, but it can still get quite warm in the middle of the day, so we prefer to go early. The mosquitos are thick, and you will absolutely need a good bug spray- no exceptions.

28 days ago

Did this hike with 1 night stay at Marmot Lake and day hiked to Jade. Rocky trail, but so worth it. Bugs were not bad. Encountered foggy weather and slight showers. No snow on trails. Fallen trees are only after Marmot lake.

Gorgeous day for a hike. The smoke seems to have cleared out. Didn’t have issues with mosquitos. Nice switchback hike.

Beautiful the whole way through, with ideal length and difficulty for families with young children.

fun, quick and easy hike.

Easy walk around the Wenatchee River. Many swimming holes and channels if you're interested in "cooling off." Too many people around to see a bear.

Found out about this hike on Instagram and decided to drive 4 hours to hike it. Well worth the time and money because the view of the lake, and the color of the water, is breathtakingly beautiful! Planning on going back!

Gorgeous hike. careful when you get ti the trail head with the other trail... can be confusing but the trail almost doubles back. Worth the trip.

1 month ago

Below 8 mile lake the fire damage is about 6 years old. Beyond the base of the lake the fire damage is from 2017. Not worth exploring much past the lake. Ground is mostly ash and trees are nearly all burned up. If you can, find another trail without fire damage and save this one for 15 years from now.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful hike the whole time! Stunning views that just get better. Parts of the trail are a bit narrow due to overgrowth, which made it a bit difficult/dangerous when motorcycles passed through. Didn’t quite make it to the top because I ran out of time, so I’ll be back for sure!

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