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took the family (Wife daughter 5 son 3) for their first hike. we had a great time. the waterfall is dried up at the moment but the lake was beautiful.

Great little hike. I would also agree that it's on the top end of easy. It is clearly bear country. Thick shubbery abound. Great forest areas. I saw a bear with her cub along the Connector. First time I saw wild black bears. Amazing experience.

Great hike. Some steep parts, but overall pretty easy!

Beautiful easy hike

No waterfall action, but the reservoir was beautiful!

Really good beginners trail little dry but nice

One of my favorite trails for trail running. Not super difficult but a nice workout. Pretty views!

Very short trail to a cool waterfall. If you are passing by you should take a few minutes to check it out.

So beautiful and has a variety of inclines and declines which could be challenging. Definitely a work out and a beautiful sight. My favorite so far.

Wonderful hike. A little steeper then we anticipated but my 5 year old rocked it.

18 days ago

This trail is very approachable for beginners or those with children. There is very little elevation gain, and the majority of the path is either flat gravel or slightly rocky in spots with the occasional root to step over.

We loved all of the placards along the way that tell the history of each site (including a mining camp, a homestead farmhouse, and some Switzerland Trail railroad history). It felt very much like we were in an outdoor museum with a variety of "exhibits" amidst the natural beauty of the surrounding woods and meadows.

Highly recommended!

Great trail for younger kids. Really fun to make it the reservoir at the end, but the waterfall and stream all dried up.

Great hike. Beautiful mountain views and vista's everywhere. Close to Boulder which is a big advantage. Has porta potty at trailhead. Not crowded which is very good.

19 days ago

Great trail, good for trail running, no mountain bikers to have to jump off the trail for!! The DeLong Homestead and Bluebird Mine sites are an added bonus!

21 days ago

Very beautiful but no bathroom nearby so make sure you use the bathroom before you get there.

22 days ago

The start of the trail is pretty, but the 2nd half is pretty much just a wide open service road.

narrow trail in most areas, stream along trail was all dried up. super quiet mid week hike, early am and you'll have the trail to yourself.. two areas where it's a little scarmble, but i had my baby in tow and we made it. my Garmin showed it was over 2.5 miles in and back
also, the bathroom was nasty.. I get it's an outhouse facility, but someone shit everywhere and there were bugs swarming you when you open the door.

Really nice hike in a canyon with great views. Went with my parents who are novice hikers so this trail was perfect. Shaded most of the way and very little uphill. However there is one climb up around a hill if you want to make it through past the waterfall and to Gross Reservoir. Nothing too serious or challenging but definitely worth it to see the resvorior. My girlfriend and I did a little rock climbing around the reservoir which would be fun to follow all around. The river and waterfall were completely dry in first week of August.

Really enjoyed this hike. Hardly any elevation, makes it great for all hiking experiences and ages. We saw a few snakes cross the trail (non poisonous) and a lot at the water reservoir.

Once made it to the water, ate a snack and relaxed for a while. There are a lot of chipmunks that will walk up to you, but please remember now to feed them !

Brunch trail to take kids too !

trail running
26 days ago

Very flat, not much shade but pretty views of the lake. Nice A/C visitor center and restrooms.

26 days ago

Okay.... I don't know who you guys are below, but this hike was NOT easy. Yes, we did end up looping to the Mesa Trail, which was harder, but still. There is an incline for sure. The hike was very pretty and did have many wildflowers.

BIG NOTICE FOR HIKERS!!!! Xcel Energy is working on Bear Peak Canyon and has the path closed near Mesa Trail. We weren't going there, but had to go down just a bit to get on the right path back to Shanahan Trail. This is from Aug-November 2018 and there were helicopters passing ALL THE TIME with wood poles and equipment. Just FYI if you want to go a longer route. A man we met had walked 10 miles and couldn't loop back to his car because of this, so we suggested he take an uber back at Leihigh Road!!

Other than this, the hike was great. And it is a hike! We weren't prepared. This said easy, so I assumed it was more of a neighborhood walk. IT IS NOT. This is a bonafide hike. I am from Longmont, and we have a nice (flat) hike near my house that is rated easy at same mileage, and that one near me is truly a flat WALK.

Great exercise...but beware that it is more than easy. I exercise every day at least one hour. I don't hike every day, but go usually once a week.

on Boulder Falls Trail

26 days ago

A small walk to the falls. Something that shouldn't be missed. Glad the trail is back open

26 days ago

Pretty views, but part was much steaper than we realized. If you are not acclimated to the altitude this trail is not easy for parts.

Nice and short walk to the falls. Absolutely beautiful

28 days ago

An incredibly fun and easy trail for the whole family!!

on Fowler Trail

29 days ago

Very easy hike. Slight incline the whole way through. Wonderful views. Great view. Good hike for beginner or hikers with kidos.

1 month ago

Went to the rocks for the first time today and it was a great hike. I just moved to the area so I’m still not quite use to the elevation. I got winded a few times but it wasn’t hard. It’s a great view from either side of the rocks. Highly recommended!

Awesome little out and back close to downtown Boulder. My pup loved it! Bummed the creek was dry and reservoir is very low, might be better to do in the late spring time. Definitely worth getting there early & avoiding the rush of people!

Good, easy hike with kids. Plenty of shade, nice views toward the end of the trail. Waterfall and creek are dried up, I am sure it is more beautiful with higher water.

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