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Want to Hike by EL and Clarkston Map

Well marked trail with some challenging hills, generally wide but with some narrow passages through raspberry thickets. I recommend long pants. it says it's a 5 7 mile hike but I clocked 8.25 miles. I did the 10-11-12 loop twice by accident and took one side trail that I thought led to a picnic area with an outhouse (it didn't). This is not the prettiest place I've hiked by far, but if you're just looking for calorie burn, this hike will do it for you.

Beautiful hike.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Offers trails for every skill level.

Loved our hike!

Nice well maintained trail that is good for all skill levels

Beautiful and really enjoyable to hike. Lots of wildlife, pretty lake.

12 days ago

This was a wonderful, well-groomed trail. Just for hikers. Take your big spray! We loved this quick hike!

we brought our bikes. a little hard for my 5 year old... but we did go 3.39 miles! not paved, i think that was what made it the hardest. but so pretty and quiet. gasp... bugs, there were bugs outside. we survived, did not donate to much blood to the suckers. will for sure be back!

trail running
15 days ago

Well marked trail with some gentle hills. Be careful at the beginning (I think around marker #16) not to veer right too early - you’ll be on an off shoot of the trail but it’s pretty overgrown.

17 days ago

This trail is great! The winding path, hills, and terrain keep it interesting, as well as the beautiful forest views. Much more enjoyable than most of the trails we've hiked in SE Michigan. Not many mosquitos, surprisingly.

Using this trail to prep for a thru-hike of Isle Royale.

Just make sure you listen for bikers. They come around the curves quickly and you can't always see them around corners.

Love this trail. Beautiful views.

the direction given is wrong, someone house at Dixie...trail is not bad,but have missing marker at wilderness trail,number 14-15

I love the scenery... Challenging trails for a novice hiker.

23 days ago

I’ve missed this trail on previous visits. It’s overshadowed by the paved hike/bike trail. But it’s a hidden gem! Perfect length for me but several shortcuts can make the trail longer or shorter. Quiet and well groomed. Very easy to navigate. There are informational signs and plenty of places to rest. There weren’t a lot of bugs. Wildflower meadows make butterflies abundant.

Pontiac lake mtb trail was great to run. I'll definitely be back.

A pretty easy out and back hike. Part of the trail is a shared equestrian trail so you have to watch where you step. There's a nice scenic overlook above Pontiac Lake. The park abuts Oakland County Intl Airport so you still hear a lot of air traffic here...just no getting away from it. other than that, a nice little hike that could be followed up by a swim of you're inclined.

Great park for an easy stroll or hike. Took my Golden Doodle and it was the first Trail she has ever really enjoyed. Nice and dry, despite recent rain.

Lots of biting flies

I went on a Friday and I only saw a handful of people. Very nice trails, although a couple of them were not marked/maintained well. I will be back!

Trail is flooded out and no longer passable.

1 month ago

This is one of my fav local spots for hiking. Small hills are a nice challenge for beginners. There are wooden bridges for creek crossings. Can be muddy in the spring.

My husband and I did both loops on a Saturday. Beautiful place and very low crowds. We had great weather and we presently surprised how quiet it was on the trails. It was a great experience! I love that many of the miles on the hiking trail are bike free which makes it safer to have our dog with us. We will be back. (Both loops totaled more than 9 miles though, not the 8.3 as stated here)

The dog loved the trails and the approved the bathrooms! Can't wait to do it again.

Very well marked trail. Decent for all skill types.

I thought it was a nice trail - no major points of interest along the way, but it wasn’t bad. I hiked along the A and part of the B loop (took the cutoff back to A part way through the B section). It took me about about 2 1/2 hours and I think it was somewhere around 6 miles. Definitely bring bug spray, I couldn’t really stop because the bugs would just start to swarm around me if I stopped moving. This is a good trail if you want some distance to get in some exercise. I’m not a mountain biker, but it seems like it would be a pretty smooth trail to ride on.

Connecting the Lake Loop, and Wilderness Loop make a great hike. So far one of my favorite trails in southern Mi. It would have received 5 stars,but the Park needs to repair a few trail markers.

Great trail! Here for a wedding great way to get some exercise in.

Beautiful park and some good hills on the path. Only 3 stars because of how narrow the path is with so many blind corners, many times we have to very quickly jump into the woods and brush to avoid collision with mountain bikers. We had our dog with us and a few times it was a little hard to get out of the way quickly. Tons of bugs too - lots of mosquitos this time of year we reapplied big spray often. Also, this is listed at 8 something miles, but the full loop is 11 miles.

A challenging hike for this part of Michigan.

Hilly, buggy, and serpentine. Sometimes it felt like the trail went down a quarter mile slope down only to 180 at the trough and go right back up again.

Not much aesthetic or biodiversity as the trail only slithered around a few square miles of forest.

After a 6 hour hike, we walked out with 6 or 7 lbs of summer chanterelles. Pretty cool. I’ll go back in the fall to avoid the bugs.

road biking
1 month ago

Super fun bike trail! I did this on a rather warm day in the end of June, but there was plenty of shade along the trail to keep it cool. The trail itself is dirt/packed stone and a very easy ride. It rained heavily the day prior, but the trail was perfectly fine with only a few little muddy bits.

Great trail if you want to get a quick and easy 20 miles in.

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