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Watch out for porcupine my dog got jacked up at the Vet

This is going in one of my top 3 hikes so far this summer. I loved the trail, the trees, the quartz and the rock formations. The view is SO worth it. It was awesome to see Mansfield from a totally different angle.

1 day ago

A lot of this trail is made from runoff streams, which made it particularly soggy and buggy today after all the rain that we've gotten lately! There are some areas that are strictly rock ledges, so be sure to have appropriate footwear. The overlook is beautiful yet small - and the mix of terrain made for an enjoyable hike, although not one of my favorites.

2 days ago

good hike. ruins were cool and easy to get to. hike was a bit challenging for those of us that are not in the best shape. I would go back to explore more.

I've hiked just about every major mountain in Vermont and this is by far the toughest. It might not be the highest elevation gain or the longest hike, but from the parking lot to the summit this trail goes unrelenting up at a steep incline. The second half of the trail goes up nearly 3/4 of the elevation gain over just one mile. The views are incredible and 360 degrees, just get ready to sweat to earn this one!

Nice little hike stupidly done in the rain.

Some rate this as a moderately difficult hike, some as a difficult hike. Let’s say it’s moderately difficult. As with any hike when you gain roughly 1000 ft. per mile, you have to work. The upper part will require some hand over foot climbing over over some dramatic outcroppings. Efforts are rewarded by probably the best views of any mountain in Vermont, as you have views, just to the west, of Vermont’s loftiest range, Mt Mansfield, Camel’s Hump, etc. In fact you have the most expansive view of virtually all of the major mountains in the Green Mountain range. Not to mention, just to the east, views of many of the western White mountains.

Finally got to hiking the mountain in my hometown-we went on a hot day so it was difficult with my asthma but if we’d done this hike on a fall day I’d rate it moderate. Trail starts out steep right away! But levels out as you go. We found a BUNCH of blueberries on the trail, bushes everywhere. Overall a fun hike and pretty views.

Wonderful trail with beautiful views. It’s moderate but definitely. strenuous if you aren’t in good shape. Took my dog along. Saw a few people along the way. From Denmark road parking area it’s about 3 miles to the top. There is access from the other side of mountain that is about a mile shorter. Took about 2 1/2 hrs to reach the summit and about 1 hr 40 mins to get down. Stopped a number of times for my dog who was really struggling with the heat, and for ourselves on the way up to catch our breath. We had plenty of water. On hot humid days you will need about 3 liters of water for a person plus a dog. Trail is steep from the start until reaching about 2/3 of the way up, then there is relief as you hike the ridge. Definitely worth repeating.

This is a nice trail right on the Maine/New Hampshire border, it gains a fair amount of elevation over a short distance, so it is a decent workout. The view from the tower is great, and there are several spots along the way up with very nice views. I enjoyed being able to see the White Mountains at the same time as Maine's western peaks.

Cool trail, not so hard , great view!!

The hike gets steep right from the start but that just means that you get to the great views faster. I found the views along the ridge on the way up to be just as enjoyable as the view from the top, if not even more so. This was my first time hiking alone so I was nervous about getting lost but the trail is very well marked by either yellow diamonds or cairns.

Great hike! Took about an hour and a half to get to the summit. I would say this is a moderate hike, like others have mentioned it starts right off steep right away and then levels off for a little before the last steep trek to the summit. Had great look out points throughout the whole trip. Would recommend for a quick day hike in a beautiful area!

The views!! Standing at the top you can see New York, Canada, and New Hampshire. Once at the top you have 360* views. Trails starts off a little easy but the closer you get to the top the more rocky it is.

This is a challenging hike through varied terrain and environments with a tremendous payoff at the summit with beautiful views across the Green Mountains. You climb through a lovely deciduous forest up a meandering trail before a nice walk through the alpine along the ridge with stunning 360 degree views over the Green Mountains of northern Vermont. Truly a must do for any serious hiker looking for a taste of Vermont’s natural beauty.

The rating on this trail is not overblown though and I would recommend it only to very experienced hikers and would caution that even experienced hikers could run into difficulties on the more technical pitches in wet conditions. The vast majority of the trail follows a path of naked granite. With this in mind I would strongly recommend starting the loop on the Maple Ridge side as that half of the loop has the most challenging granite faces to negotiate going up and those are even more challenging when tired and going down. Be aware also of the fairly significant time commitment required. It is only a 15km loop including the out and back to the summit, but it does some time to navigate everything the trail throws at you. This last time it took me 4 hours hiking alone and moving fast. They recommend 6-9 hours at the ranger station.


great mountain. feels longer than it is. the summit is badly marked but the top of the mountain is so beautiful that it doesn't matter. at least 3 or 4 false summits that were all gorgeous. some rock scrambles toward the top. I wouldn't suggest folks who aren't active do this trail.

Moderate for the youngins maybe but if you are mid 50s and in decent shape it is a challenge, especially closer to the summit. Especially if it's raining on the way down as it was today, the rocks and tree roots can be very slippery on the uppermost section. As some have already noted the trail markings are inadequate, particularly on the way down, and can easily be missed late in the day. We lost the trail twice and had to hike back up to re- find it. It's a good 90 minutes ascending (114 floors height equivalent on our tracker) and 10 kms round-trip. You cross not less than 5 streams in the lower section and there are spectacular rock formations in the upper section. We couldn't appreciate the view because it was obscured by rain clouds and fog. We only crossed paths with one other group on the way up and on the way down a hiker two weeks into his Long Trail sojourn. Finding the entrance was tricky. Take Beals Hill rd. off Rte 109 (bear right at the old white school house) until it becomes Codding Hill rd. about 6 kms. keep going to the end even when you think you are on private property. some guides say to take Codding Hill rd. from Rte 109 but the day we went the covered bridge was closed and we had to ask at the post office nearby for an alternate route.

One of the best hikes in the southern Maine area! It’s steep from the very start but levels out a little bit as you get closer to the peak. I’d call the trail moderate but it was definitely a workout! Beautiful, beautiful views at the top. The abundance of blueberries as we approached the peak was a plus.

Challenging rock terrain over the forehead, a long day. Exhausted and happy.

27 days ago

First time - lots of broken glass by ruins made me worried for my dogs feet. From there we turned back to parking lot to follow marked trail. Without knowing the trail it was like we kept going and going thinking maybe the vista was overgrown - but then it came! Nice view was a needed reward.
Went with 11 yo daughter who did well. We aren’t avid hikers - very recreational and occasional. I sweated a lot and it got my breath moving. Workout but not too much. Horse flies buzzing in ears while time so glad we had bug spray. It was 85 degree day but in woods cooler. Glad we had a snack cause we needed it. Would do it again but prob in fall. Like Pisgah more.

Beautiful hike! I suggest going up Winslow and then down Barlow.

Cassa Fras had good directions to get to the picnic table but then we spent at least 30 minutes trying to find the trail from there. Wear pants as the trail is a little overgrown with raspberry plants. To find the trail from the picnic table go past the table to the right and around the bend. The trail is then to the right off of the mowed path just around that bend. Note the trail is not mowed at this point but is a single file hiking trail. View was great and hike was nice. Only other thing is there is a large pine down over the trail near the top but it was pretty easy to navigate around

A nice hike today with friends. Trail was wet especially near the top. Lots of interesting rock formations and streams. View was really beautiful and we took the time to go up to the summit. Enjoy!

Great morning hike. We started hiking at 7am and reached the top just after 8. Great views and a really nice maintained trail. Highly recommend and well worth the time.

Great little hike! I was surprised by the viewpoint at the top and the trails are well kept. Perfect for a Sunday hike

Such a beautiful spot! But the trail is in poor condition with tree roots, downed trees and rocks requiring full attention. Went up the Barlow side and also returned that way after hearing from hikers who said Winslow side very steep and rocky. My dog loved it. My husband not so much.

Great short hike. Steep trek up Winslow gets you working. 360 degree views for miles on a clear day are great!

Favorite trail of all time. Definitely moderate and has tough stretches, but is a great hike with beautiful views. Get lucky and go at the right time of the year and there is also wild Maine blueberries at the top (walk into the bushes all the way to the right)!

1 month ago

I would say it’s hard. Mostly because you need to bring a lot of water and marple trail part is not good for children and unexperienced pets.

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