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Go super early and during a weekday otherwise it's a tourist hangout unless you like being around a bunch of other people that lack trail etiquette.

Otherwise great butt workout via Burbank trail!

One of my favorite local hikes. Doing it again this weekend. Will probably go further this time as I saw there were other trails there leading toward the ocean

Short but intense uphill climb, beautiful view of the city and the valley all at once. Gets pretty crowded, and beware parking cops.

9 days ago

Amazing view

Gotta find the sweet spot to take a photo worthy picture but it’s was a good hike!

Moderate trail with good steep challenging inclines. Nice views.

Excellent views and great workout!

14 days ago

Hike was great, trail was really easy.
Luckily there was a lot of areas with snow, areas to rest, areas to take good photos.
Good view of the south side of the lake, could see the mountain, which looked amazing with snow.

The trail is closed :(. Due to fire damage!

Very nice hike but it gets packed with people.

This trail is closed due to the Woolsey Fire. Theres a pretty beach across the street that I went to instead.

Overpopulated thanks to IG but only to the flag. I would recommend starting on the left side of the gate it will grant you a more solace steady climb to the top.

I do this hike up to the wisdom tree several times a week before work. It’s a fast intense hike. You can be up and down in 45 minutes, including a short stop at the top to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Pacific on one side and Burbank on the other. Many people leave notes of hope at the top in a big trunk under the famous (fire surviving) wisdom tree. The flag is planted by an amazing guy who’s been raising it there in honor of 9/11 for years.

When I have time, I continue on to the Hollywood sign, which will take you as long if not longer as it took to get to wisdom tree. And, yes, you can only see the back of the sign. This is NOT where to get your shot of yourself in front of the sign for Instagram. Year after year, I see tourist attempting this hike in everything from flip flops to designer heels. They don’t make it very far.

Lately, I’ve been going down the Burbank side of the trail that meets up with the fire road below. It adds a good 45 minutes to an hour to your hike. Accessing it from the main trail is a challenge because it’s difficult to find. This is very steep and sheer rock at points. I like it because it’s usually empty so my dog can be off leash.

NOTE: You can not park at trailhead. Park down below and walk up through neighborhood.

18 days ago

I have been wanting to do this hike for quite some time now, we got the chance to do it over the thanksgiving holiday, and when we got to the top my boyfriend proposed! This is a fun little hike with AMAZING views of Big Bear and the lake. Only compliant is it was very heavily trafficked, but it was a holiday weekend.

The view was amazing. The hike was okay.

There ARE a lot of options for hiking here. Based on someone's comment below I took the far left trail going up rather than walking up through Caballero Canyon. The far left trail which doesn't seem to have a name (it's the trail left of Little Hectic) was steep and challenging to be honest. A bit more than I wanted to do. Not impossible but it took some work. I was hoping to hike 6 miles so the plan was to hike up the un-named trail, do the figure 8 at the top, and come down Lower Hectic. I ran out of light for an unknown trail and came down through Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway. The trail to the far right, the one west of Caballero Canyon, is beautiful, not too hard, and fun. And I highly recommend taking the time to hike out to Farmer's Ridge Trail overlook. The view of Santa Monica and Catalina was fantastic.

Fun for the family.

It’s was a good workout, we took the left side trail to the peak, there were many people at the peak and we saw 2 coyotes when parking our car, overall a good hike.

Nice and easy with the kids and dog. Really nice with the snow on the ground

27 days ago

This hike was awesome!! This week, there was still some ice on the ground so it made the trail muddy and slippery. But plenty of great views and huge rocks to take pictures on! I highly recommend this to anyone in big bear!

Note : This trail is temporarily closed due to the fire. I didn't know and came here on Dec 9th, 2018. Signs outside the gate tell you that it's hazardous.

Great view point but overall an average hike. The elevation is all gained in the first mile or so so be prepared for a steep climb out of the gate. It’s not actually a loop even though it says it is. Also be prepared for lots of tourists/unprepared hikers slipping all over the place or struggling to make it up.

You gotta make it to the Wisdom Tree! Bit of a tough incline but it’s worth it. And if you press on to the Hollywood sign the you can get right behind it and take some great photos. Love the American flag at the top too. God bless Hollywood and the US of A!

1 month ago

Wow! What a workout this was. This was my first legit hike after coming into town I thought I was going to die on the way up (I’m being extra dramatic) but it was amazing and well worth the cardio!!! The view was phenomenal!! Definitely a must do!!

1 month ago

Hiked this trail with my dog. Easy, short. Perfect way to start the day

1 month ago

Burned our.

did this one a few weeks back it was lovely. not too crowded.

1 month ago

I needed my hiking sticks for this hike. Be sure to climb the big rocks at the top. There’s a rope to help get up...the view from the top of the rocks

1 month ago

This was perfect to take our 3 year old on a short and simple hike.

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