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Great loop if you’re in the mood to hike but not kill yourself with ridiculous incline. Beautiful views throughout but the summit by one of the falls is

very difficult but a good workout

Completed this hike 3 days ago with my mom! So proud of us.

amazing winter hike. snow was loosely packed, not icy. I hiked in just boots with good grip. get out here when the snow is fresh, it's stunning!

Did this hike today. Was amazing! Definitely need snow shoes. hard to stay on trail since we were blazing the post snow trail but was beautiful.

Excellent hike!

no shade
8 days ago

Love this hike.

I first reached the summit with my wife on our wedding anniversary.

I did it on New Year's day with my friend and my son. We only went halfway.

This past Saturday i did it with my friends and we tried to be there at Sunrise! Well worth it

trail running
9 days ago

Steep climb on an old train track. Great workout with very rewarding views

Awesome views! Some slippery spots, wear your climbing shoes/boots!

Amazing view at the top! It’s a steep climb! Enjoy!

Went right after Christmas cause my friend said there was a Christmas tree up there. Finally made it up the damn stairs and sure enough, there was a Christmas tree. The trail up is hard but manageable, some of the steps where there are no rails are almost half my height (im short so yes its possible) and where very hard climbing over. There are alot of people closer to the afternoon so it will get crowded and not everyone is nice for those that go slower. But the view.... wow the views are so worth it. The way down, made it beyond HARD though. I hope in the future they do what Colorado did for their incline and add a separate trail for those going down so they don't have to crowd the narrow rails anymore. All in all, loved the view but not enough to do this again unless tricked into it lol

The hike is really hard and sometimes dangerous, but it’s so worth it! It gets very crowded byt the afternoon so it’s better to go in the morning.

Just finished it! Amazing!!

Hiked this trail 4 days ago. It was icy with light snow coverage. I used micros which helped a great deal. The frozen waterfall was beautiful!! A great winter hike. I look forward to doing this hike in the spring.

Only two types of vehicles can make it up the road, 4WD or rentals. We had a rental and if you took it slow, it wasn't much of a problem. This may be the prettiest start to a trail that I have ever hiked. A beautiful lake framed by the mountains, it was awesome. The only disappointment was that you could hear the falls from miles away but when you arrive, you can't get a good view of them.

A wonderful hike with amazing views. Hardly anyone was on the trail! Nice, balanced trail!

13 days ago

Quite a few people out today - 55° and sunny! Trail had some snow covered sections but did not require spikes. Great views at the top. We went counter-clockwise on the loop and took the Oxen trail back to the parking lot.

Agree with comment below.

Pretty difficult considering it’s constant incline/stair style hike. Amazing views, very rewarding.. No matter how intimidating it may look you will be very happy you accomplished this one!

Excellent views of the city and Bay Area. The trek down is hard on the knees but otherwise completely worth it. Time yourself going up to beat your record later! Best times to see the crater would be in the morning. During the afternoon (we got up around 3:30 today) the sun is directly overtop the crater and it doesn’t bode well for pictures. Deff recommend tho!

LOVED THIS CLIMB! We went before sunrise and climbed about half in the dark- so worth it although a head lamp and camel bak would have come in super handy to stay hands free. Definitely not for the faint of heart tho! I am in pretty good shape and stopped a number of times on the way up to catch my breath. There is also a ‘bridge’ that tested my fear of heights... wide spaces with nothing below.
However the sunrise view at the top was SPECTACULAR! And after a small rain/ wind storm we were lucky enough to see a full double rainbow on the way down.
If you have the drive to make it DO IT!

16 days ago

Tough trail. Amazing views from the top. Did this trail with 4 & 5 year old boys and twins in packs. The kids did well, just be sure you have an adult per child, some difficult spots they will need help. Bring lots of water!

18 days ago

Awesome view from the top. There is steep and scared place but can be slowly down to the bottom. Anyways really beautiful.

Easy hike near Denver. Falls aren't awesome. Worth a trip to get some Vitamin N.

Excellent views and hike. Go at your own pace to reach the top. Very strenuous, but well worth it. Steps are so steep at the top I used them like a ladder, grabbing onto the rails and used rail ties as the steps!

Incredible views! So worth it!

Saw lots of people, all shapes and sizes doing this. Yes it's hard, you will probably stop multiple times if not in shape but the top is beautiful and we had a nice breeze up there to cool us down. Yield to the people coming down on your way up, you will realize that they lack steady legs when you come back down. We had a light rain on our way to the trail head but the trail itself was better than most.

My wife and I did this December 30th on my 65th birthday. Read Keeley Dowell review it was spot on. No need for spikes, several packed snow places EASILY traversed.. We also took Oxen Draw clockwise and it was quite beautiful. Conditions couldn't be any better very enjoyable BEAUTIFUL hike. We will definitely do this one again.

One hell of a workout

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