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No trax needed, couple of icy spots no mud frozen falls beautiful trail low traffic start at 9 am. First trail sign takes to cliff loop come back other way

7 days ago

Dynamic. Some icy spots that can be walked around/avoided. Great views!

8 days ago

Beautiful hike. Not very strenuous. At this time of year, it is still icy in some spots where it’s shaded so some spikes would probably be helpful. You can definitely get by without them though.

some icy spots

Yaktrax were needed. The falls are still frozen but was a great hike.

Beautiful not too hard, great views and easy to find. Parking lot at the bottom is paved. Yak tracks this time of year bc there are some shady spots

23 days ago

2.22.18 - snowy, beautiful trail with several icy areas, one in particular that was quite perilous! spikes worked well on the way up but on the way down I slipped and landed hard (you'll probably be able to see my wipe out for a day or two - it's in the pictures section too to help identify that section). no regrets, crazy gorgeous overlook that made it all worth it!!

Lovely and pleasant 2.5hour walk through the forest, so quiet and peaceful. Didn’t come across too many people. Path was mostly good although some areas rather icy - we managed with good walking shoes but would recommend stabilizers. Not that strenuous, but a good bit of exercise!

some slick ice areas but overall a good hike, amazing view

good hike, yaktrax helped a lot with ice

Gorgeous hike in the snow. It was pretty packed, so we didn't need spikes or snowshoes. The dogs did awesome as well. Went on a Monday around 2 and only saw one other person on the trail. It was a good challenge!

I enjoyed the elevation gain challenge, and was rewarded with gorgeous views at the top of Eagle's View Trail - aptly named! I eeped/squealed upon suddenly emerging from forest to the overlook. Earmarking this for return in the warmer months.
A LOT of Oxen Draw Trail is icy, and in one place there's a good 35-40ft of unforgiving sheet, steep, thick, and noplace to walk around. Even in microspikes (yes, micro, not nano), I still slid down the last half. Please be careful

Only needed our snowshoes for the last .5 miles of the trail - everything else was packed down enough that our boots were just fine! Otherwise, absolutely beautiful hike.

Ice town costs ice clown town crown!

Hiked today with cramp ons! It was a great day! Trail was icy but with the cramps it was perfect! Nice workout

1 month ago

It's a great trail, but there was so much ice on the trail we had to turn back. We will go back and finish once the ice melts off.

1 month ago

Fantastic hike! Certainly wet out there with a couple of patches of ice. I wore boots and was just fine. Took me about 2 hours with 20 min of stopping to soak in the sights.

Great little hike! Good place for us Midwest flat landers to get our feet wet, so to speak!

This trail was a lot of fun in the snow! It was beautiful. The trail changes elevation often during the loop and gives a good workout.

This trail was an awesome moderate hike! Awesome for the kind you want to do leisurely and chat with your pals. Not a lot of outstanding, spectacular views like some of those Colorado hikes, but beautiful nonetheless. Highly recommended if you want do have a nice hike in the woods.

Beautiful trail. Falls were frozen but you could hear a small stream of running water. Nice vistas on the cliff loop trail. Can’t wait to go back!

Nice close to the city quick hike. Frozen falls/creek was cool. Some icy spots but micro spikes were not needed.

Beautiful trail with a great view from the top. A few icy spots to cross, some tricky but doable.

2 months ago

Great trail! Very dog friendly. Lots of people. Not too much snow or ice. Falls are frozen. Totally gorgeous view.

We hiked this today (mid January) with our kids, ages 7 and 4 and it was fantastic. The first third of the hike is mostly uphill so we took frequent breaks and took our time, and it ended up taking about 3 hours (that’s including a 30 min picnic for lunch). Highly recommend this trail for families looking to push your hikes out of the “easy” category and into “moderate”.

2 months ago

Nice view at the top, some ice on the trail but generally dry.

Great trail. Gives you all types of scenery to enjoy.

Nice hard hill at the start to help you truly appreciate the views

Nice trail for a quick afternoon hike. Went in December, some snow and ice in shady areas. Not too crowded.

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