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4 hours ago

Overall nice trail. Some great spots to go swim. Although it is more than moderately trafficked, on a Monday it was a busy trail. I can’t imagine the weekends.

Loved this hike! Great way to acclimate to higher elevations for my vacation in Colorado. Beautiful sweeping views, pretty songbirds, clean and well maintained!

Hiked towards the tail end of August and caught a little rain, but it was nice. I parked at the lowest parking lot (I’m trying to get rid of this spare tire and wanted the extra mileage) so I can’t give any tips on the road up. Tip for 1st lot parkers.... DONT WALK UP THE ACCESS ROAD. Use the Spruce Trail to get to Mohawk Lakes. It was super lush and green. The trail is marked with blue diamonds nailed to trees to help stay you on the path. If you make it to Lower Mohawk, take the extra time to go all the way to Upper Mohawk. The views are better and the upper lake’s water is crazy blue. When you get to the upper lake hang a left and gain a little more elevation to really see how blue the water is. 4/5 stars because the trail is a bit spotty towards the end. I took a wrong turn once that lead me away from the planned destination but it’s no big deal. Exploring is what it’s all about

the trail is closed up just before you get to the falls. you can still get a great view, but wish they had posted this at the beginning

10 hours ago


is the fishing good?

How are the camping sites there?

11 hours ago

Got to trailhead at 7:30am. There were a few cars in the parking lot as well as 2 port-a-potties. The hike was 5mi RT out and back. I brought my 2 pups and they loved the hike!. There were a handful of moderate inclines, but we finished around 1:50pm. We did take a lunch break once we reached the water. We also had several photo shoots (had of out town guests) lol! The water was beautiful! Worth the pain and burning my legs were feeling from being out of shape haha! I would do this hike again!

Beautiful hike with some great falls inside the gorge. The kids loved walking in the river (where it was ankle deep and very safe).

13 hours ago

Beautiful, awesome, scary, hard and fun. Everything you would want in a summit hike. It took us 14 hours from parking lot trail head to summit and back to trail head. Keyhole Route is physically challenging, especially after hiking the six miles to the start of the route.

14 hours ago

beautiful but a little intimidating when you hate steep dropoffs. I would consider it a bit dangerous for little kids, was a bit challenging if you have a bum knee....the views were breathtaking.

The best time of my life. We underestimated this hike (September of 2017). We had just did Mt. Whitney and Nevada's high point, boundary peak the month prior. So we figured it will be a relatively easier, strenuous hike. We woke up, went and got some breakfast thinking a late start would be ok, it is only 11 miles in. Got to the trail head at 9 and got to kalalau beach at 430. We stopped a lot to enjoy, sit in the streams, take pictures, and enjoy the views. The heat is what made it tough going in. Mile 6 going in is the best place to get water before mile 10.5. Fill up all your water at the last stream before you cross it to get to the beach. There is plenty of campsites, so do not pick your first walk. I know you will be tired but just walk a few hundred more yards. There is a couple sites elevated right off of the sand, with the best ocean views. Make sure to bring a hammock. After a long hike in, set up Camp, brought some whiskey down to the beach for sunset and while the sun was setting I proposed to my best friend. Could not have planned a better proposal. be sure to stay for 3 nights. Hike in to kalalau valley too. There is guava every where. swimming holes too. We started the hike back to the parking lot leaving kalalau. each at 430 A.m. We wanted to beat the heat, and that we did. We made it back in 5.5 hours. The most perfect place on earth. We cannot wait to go back.

23 hours ago

Excellent hike but very difficult. Our group had 8 kids ages ranging from 1-16. We had the 1 year old on our backs the whole time and the 3 and 4 year olds were able to do most of it without being carried. It’s was still challenging but extremely worth it but it was slow especially at the steep parts. It took us at least twice as long as expected. The views of the alpine meadow are unparalleled. Make sure to bring lots of water. Kids had a blast, but did do their fair share of complaining because of the length and difficulty.

1 day ago

great views from multiple points in the hike. cave is closed most of the time, so if you were looking for caves and bats, check elsewhere.

I’d like to resonate Amanda’s comment about the trails difficulty. I would say this is moderate leaning on the harder scale, but I believe the reason why it’s rated hard is because of the elevation gain (which actually is fairly gradual). The hike was beautiful, and the views of golden are quite nice. This hike did get a little busy since we did this midday on a Sunday, however, when we arrived there was ample parking. Be vigilant when hiking this trail because it’s narrow throughout the majority of the hike and mountain bikers can be hard to see/hear.

Hiked this on 7/21. Was very beautiful. Hiked up in the dark to get above lower Blue Lake for sunrise. It was amazing. Eventually got up to highest lake. Wildflowers not as profuse as wetter years but they were still great.

Hiked this on Sat, 7/28. Very beautiful although wildflowers are significantly past peak.

Great hike today! The leaves are starting to change a little already! It’s
In the open, so pretty hot. Loose rocks so have good shoes, I used my sticks. I’m 65 so not as quick as I used to be, but a nice hike for my age group! Has everything-a creek, some daisies still out, Abert squirrels. Busy trails many off lease dogs but well behaved. Loved it!

1 day ago

Awesome hike, albeit quick and easy.

1 day ago

We didn't quite make it to the peak - did some other hiking first and ran out of time. Mount Herman Rd was a bit difficult to navigate due to the recent heavy rains. A low profile vehicle will have trouble until the road is re-graded. We drove an Outback and managed, but went very slow due to the washed out areas and exposed rocks. Several rocks were difficult to avoid and might damage the underside of a low profile car.

1 day ago

Amazing hike for our family. Spectacular scenery, well maintained trails, and lots of fun falls/river spots to stop for snacks. Our 5 year old had no problem with this hike, which pleasantly surprised us. We arrived around 10 am and were lucky enough to get a parking spot at the trailhead. Trails were way less crowded than popular hikes farther north in the park. Rangers were very helpful, friendly, and informative!

I went up yesterday, by far the most muddy and slippery I have seen it so far, be prepared to get wet as the water was flowing though the creeks you have to walk over in the first hour of the hike, it got pretty muddy and wet towards the top. Crampons(spikes) recommended.
I'm going up the "back legal way" this Saturday the 25th. if you'd like to join send me a message on instagram @angelo_q or email me at chicolo@hotmail.com Make sure to bring plenty of water and food and maybe some layers because it can get pretty windy and wet up top.

Great hike with some difficult parts. Great views at the top. Highly recommend good hiking shoes....not tennis shoes, chacos, or sandals.

1 day ago

fun hike with great views, had been raining the morning of, making the trail quite slippery.

Aloha! Hiked Friday and Sunday. Hiking again Tuesday and this upcoming weekend. Possibly other weekdays too. I have hiked most of the hikes on this island many many times! It is often windy and/or rainy but we never have issues as we always have the right gear supplied by me when we go. If you're looking to hike and want to link up or get some ideas of what this trail looks like feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram @mike.karas or mikekarasphotography@gmail.com. Bring plenty of water for this hike and other hikes out here in Hawaii.

We started the day with a pair of moose watching us gear up. This was the kids favorite hike because of all the water. Got busy around noon when we were almost done. Lots of good places to stop for snacks at the falls.

Other reviews capture this quintiessential Colorado hike. Majestic views, turquoise lake, rewarding hike.

One of my favorite hikes I've done. I'd say it's more of a moderate / little hard hike. The last part is the gnarliest, long stone steps to the top, and a little scramble up a waterfall before reaching the top. Bring a rain jacket or windbreaker. The wind is pretty crazy.

Gorgeous hike - highly recommend.

Start early and start at GG trailhead..

1 day ago

Lots of steps at the top of this climb, but I really enjoyed it. I’m not in great shape, but was able to complete the climb without too much trouble. I felt pretty proud when I completed the climb, as it was a nearly 1000 ft increase in elevation.There is a bathroom towards the top of the trail, which was a nice convenience.

Very hard when you do the loop clockwise. 1 mile of non stop steep climbing. Rest of loop is much easier. The view from the top is worth the effort.

good exercise

Awesome hike. Hit the trail around 2:15 on Sunday, unusually late but what the hell. Pretty easy to moderate until you get past the first two lakes. Forested most of the way. Really great hike but compared to others in the area, specifically some from the trailheads a bit to the north, you can find some a bit more epic. With that said, parking is easy and it’s gorgeous.

Colorado is the best.

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