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Stunning m. Feels like you are deep in the woods.

August 9, 2017

Amazing hike with breathtaking views. I would not recommend doing this hike without poles. I also wouldn’t recommend bringing larger dogs as it would be difficult to cross the chains.
It was a challenging hike but completed with 5 hours at a moderate pace with lunch on the summit. Definitely don’t do this as your first hike of the year.

Its in good shape this year despite the hot summer. Great little quick hike.

beautiful stream. easy walk with kids.

We spent 5 hours there for that 13km trail. It was a great hiking with views, shades and creek. Highly recommend! Will come back again.

We went clockwise and had an amazing time. Total time was 3.5 hours. There were some funny moooing cows in 1 of the meadows that my daughter loved. Our 3 kids 9, 11, 12 got a little tired a the end but they also enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended, so many spectacular views throughout the hike.

Hiked this trail with my dad and our friend from Ireland! He'd never done a hike like this before so it was a great first experience. When we reached the chain it was sleeting, made for a sketchy crossing. The scree ski on the way down was a highlight!

Wife had to be rescued on top as I pulled her shoulder when trying to help her climb up the scramble. My first hike and definitely a challenging one especially for beginners. Going down was the hardest as we were sliding down. Very memorable.

Very basic hike, but I enjoy escaping to here once or twice a year. Great if you don’t want anything strenuous, or are physically limited or have small children! Fun to walk around with your thoughts if it’s not too busy and there are some nice small waterfalls!

Love this trail for getting in some km’s. Like others have said the signage is bad. If you go clockwise always make sure you take a right when you get to the sign post where the sign is on the ground.
Lots of places to get some trail running in as well if you are into that. The top is scenic and somehow I always have a beer and some snacks in my pack to enjoy when you get there.

Easy hike with kids!

Decent trail but signage was very poor. Turned right at the fork where there was a blank/fallen sign. Thankfully it was the right way to go!

Great little hike but there is a lot of people there

10 days ago

This is a nice, short walk that's not too far out of Calgary. An easy place to bring folks who aren't used to hiking; very family friendly. There was a big group having a BBQ at the base of the trail the day we went - lots of kids splashing in the water and parents chatting around the picnic tables.

the views are so worth it! make sure to go right so that you can run down the scree at the end!

Another quick, easy hike for the family new to hiking. I love coming here in the fall when the leaves are changing. Makes for beautiful pics. Lovely falls near the beginning of the trails. Fun for kids.

Arrived around 10:15 am on a Sunday and parking lot was almost full. Trails were not too busy though. This is a nice easy short walk. I brought my puppy and she loved the trail. It was muddy in some spots but not too bad. I have done this trail in almost every season and it’s beautiful every time!

An incredibly challenging walk but never ending breathtaking views to keep you motivated throughout! You need to be in good physical condition to be able to conquer this one both uphill and down. Going up is one long ordeal but the views from the top absolutely breathtaking. Just when you think you have it easy coming down, think again! Get ready to scramble and potentially incur a few cuts and bruises as you go down on your backside at points and be prepared to empty your boots of rocks at least twice on the way down! So much fun though, a real adventure but most definitely not for the faint hearted!

What a thrill!

Perfect day great trails!

I do these trails several times a year with my dog, recommend early start as can get hot in summer months (limited shade on path and no water supply unless down near the river - so bring enough). always lots of entertaining prairie dogs and saw a young moose at the cochrane end a couple of months ago...

Trail is very well marked going up. When coming down the front side not many markers. Very thrilling from beginning to the end. Scree is a blast to ski down! I recommend this one to everyone. Fair warning, do not attempt if you are severely afraid of heights. Some sections are quite intense. Rating this a 6.5/10 for difficulty, however overall rating of a 8.5/10 would be more likely due to dangerous portions.

My boyfriend and I went for the first time in a long time. I always like a challenge. This was an amazing hike with amazing views. We did the full loop and it took us 7 hours. Coming down was an absolute nightmare as there is lots of scree. I would recommend hiking poles for sure. Hiking boots with ankle support was a must. It honestly felt like the hike would never end. It was extremely difficult, I probably won’t do it again but I am so glad I did the entire thing. The only thing I would change is the markings on the trails... or lack there of. I used the app to help me stay on track. If I didn’t, I probably would be lost somewhere on that beast of a mountain. However, definitely recommended. Not for beginners.

Ana amazing adventure hike. Not for beginners and prepare to be scared at times when u climb the chains. Fun hike tho did it once don’t know if I’d do it again. Highly recommended!

I did this hike last April, so if I do it again I will update this review. I just felt like I had to mention some stuff about this hike.

I did this hike when I was relatively new to hiking and out of shape, BIG MISTAKE. This hike is not for the faint hearted. It may not be a long distance but it is incredibly steep at some parts and requires physical and technical skill to well, not die. I found myself pretty worried at some parts especially when scrambling. When I went in April, the last quarter of the hike was pure mud and melting snow, and as you got closer to the final ascent, it became ice. Very precarious to navigate the chimney (a narrow rock passage, with a drop straight down the mountain you have to climb over). It should be noted when I did this hike last year, a person had died just recently by falling off the mountain.

That being said, if you are up for it, this hike is an amazing adventure!!! Once we got to the very top, it was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen, and the burning muscles and mortal fear subsided from the accomplishment. It really is as great as it can get, and is a physically demanding course but at the end you really have climbed a mountain and it is well worth it. Just be prepared!

What an incredible yet terrifying hike. Word from the wise, this hike is tough. There are many narrow ledges, steep scrambles, and an abundance of challenging terrain. If you have a fear of heights be prepared and google “the crux.” So why do it?

This is our favourite hike we have ever done, the challenge is worth the investment. Unbelievable panoramic views, and a great variety of scenery. The hype is real, if you are a hiker this is a must, however be prepared!

Bring: Poles, Rain Gear, good hiking shoes, food, lots of water, and be mindful of your pack size. Day packs are more than enough. Large packs can make navigating the terrain challenging. Give yourself a lot of time, we started around 1:30 and finished at 7:30. You don’t want to rush this one, plan for at least 6-7 hours. Start earlier in the day. BRING A CAMERA AND OR PHONE but be safe, it’s one where “doing it for the gram” can be hazardous. Most of all enjoy this beautiful beast.

Really easy path, walking slow and steady took 1.5-2hrs. Really kid friendly. Dog friendly. Easy parking, washrooms in parking area.

Nothing special!!

I just did this hike. My first time doing any kind of hike. You can do the loop to take you to the summit and make sure not to veer off the trail or you might die lol. Follow the blue squares on the scramble area.

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