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The trail up is pretty bland and boring— not too much to see. It was just gravel all the way up. The top of the fire tower was locked when we went up which was a bummer. If there were no hotel ruins to explore I would say it’s not too worth it. The overlook was nice but I’ve seen better views on top of other mountains.

poorly marked trails ..gunshots off in distance .. couldnt even find the loop.. was a nice day ..heard some birds and an owl ..which was nice to hear . otherwise ..ok

Beautiful View. Easy Hike! Make sure to park at Laurel House Road. Be very careful and stay on trails.

Hiked this trail with my husband and two dogs this weekend. This was the first trail we’ve ever taken them on and the path is really even gravel. I think what makes this trail other than the views is the extremely friendly volunteers at the top.

quite boring, same from top to bottom your walking in a washed out dirt road with gravel & stones I rate it eases but bad on your knees won't be back

the hike was excellent but I'm not sure I'd call it easy. it was mildly difficult. I found it to be harder than sleeping beauty mountain, but it could be due to the heat of the day. The fire tower is really where the views are at. We couldn't get into the top tower since it was locked but we climbed the stairs all the way up. you can see to VT easily. it's gorgeous

great hike. not too hard at all. nothing exciting on the trail, just a gravel trail that goes up. once you get to the top the views are beautiful from both the tower and the rock ledge. nothing too crazy but the views are definitely amazing

Trail was completely unkept, with knee high grass and no work arounds to avoid it. Was really looking forward to this hike, only made it part was through before turning back.

nice, quick walk. not to steep. pet friendly

awesome light hike with a very rewarding view at the fire tower and the overlook just past the fire tower. not to mention the hotel ruins which are very very cool! Bathrooms are at the top as well

Great hike went with a few friends and my pup everyone loved it! Took a dip at the waterfall! Easy trail

9 days ago

Amazing waterfall and great views! Nice place to cool of in the summertime.

This hike is easy to moderate depending on your fitness level. According to my pedometer app, it was 1.5 miles from the trail head to the fire tower. The path is well worn and quite easy to follow, and is marked with trail markers as well. It took as 45 min to go up with very little stopping. If you need to go at a slower pace, it may take a little over an hour ( going up). As for gear, we wore hiking shoes but you could safely use good sneakers..There aren’t many views of mountains until you climb the fire tower at the top- and WOW! Just beautiful!

12 days ago

Very well marked and maintained trail with plenty of off shoots to extend the route. Great views of the lake throughout the hike and the waterfall was neat too. I would imagine the trail would be very muddy after rain, as there were stretches of the trail that were still rather wet despite not having rained in a few days.

This is a great easy hike for people of all abilities. I did it in a little over an hour with my 4 year old. There is not a ton to see but it is nice to be in the woods.

My favorite hike. Uphill 99% of the way. Great ruins to explore, the view from the scenic overlook is amazing. The fire tower is not to be missed .
a lot of the trail is washed out from all of the rain this year, but still ok to hike.
Dog friendly. Lots of dogs on the trail.

15 days ago

Love this hike. Be prepared for a few steep climbs, which are tricky when muddy. Access to the creek at the end of the trail was rewarding and refreshing. Good chance for the dog to splash around and cool off!

Awesome walk around with a few different angles to view the falls. Tons of amphibians everywhere, including salamanders. Highly recommended.

17 days ago

Uphill hike, across from amazing Buddhist temple, cool ruins to explore near the top, and AMAZING view at the top and from the fire tower.

17 days ago

Nice views and a cool swimming hole between two waterfalls!

I would consider this more of an easy trail compared to a moderate trail. the loops are labeled but we still got kind of mixed up with the trail map on the app vs the signage on the trails. This trail is a mycophile's paradise.

Great trail. Lots of mushrooms! A few of the trail and road intersections were a bit confusing, but for the most part, everything was well marked. Not strenuous, would be good for mountain biking, also. Signs posted saying bikes welcome.

Hiked to Firetower yesterday. It was very cloudy so couldn’t see anything. I want to come here again during the fall season.

Simple hike. Lots of mushrooms - white, brown and orange and plenty of shade en route.

Bear sighting at the trailhead entrance. 09/1/2018 3 pm. It was unexpected and the bear was 30-40 m away from us. Spotted us and ran away. Very fit and lean bear. I wish I had my phone out to take a picture before he disappeared.

Was very crowded but its also Labor Day weekend. I'm happy the first two lots were full because frankly you don't want to walk on the road when you can just drive further up to one of the numerous other parking options that get you in without walking on a road with no shoulder. I brought my 5 and 8 year old and we did this and then added on inspiration point after. There is a decent amount of climbing up and down(for the falls from Scudder Road Parking), but the views were nice (minus the crowds). Boys thoroughly enjoyed it. We were a bit more adventurous and climbed right near the falls on the top and bottom (very carefully, watch for wet rocks)

was a rough hike for my non hiking family who tagged along bc it was very muddy, with out the mud it would have been perfect

Saw a lot of deer on the trail this morning. Absolutely beautiful weather. Came across a few large downed trees, but not many. You can tell someone is maintaining the trail. Everything is in very good condition. Being a beginner, this has become my go to trail for running.

This was a moderately easy trail. While it is all up hill you walk the access road all the way. Bonus is the hotel ruins. The view from the tower and the overlook are amazing. A great hike!

21 days ago

2 mile hike at a constant incline. The payoffs are the awesome remains of an Old Hotel and Fire House as well great views and Fire Tower at the Summit.

Don't take the constant incline lightly... brings lots of water and take a number of breaks.

Very easy trail with a lot of steps to get down the waterfall area and back up. The rest of the trail is through the woods and very nice, but somewhat crowded.

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