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Well worth the extra hike to the bottom of the falls

We decided on this hike when we found out that Angels Landing was closed. Started early, (August 12 2018 with a predicted high of 95F) and glad we did. This has to be one of the most beautiful hikes we have done and for someone of my advanced age it was definitely a challenge. Coming down was not so easy either. Beauty at every turn though

This is an excellent trail. Moderate is the right grading as the start is reasonably energetic but by no means strenuous in our view. We are a family, reasonably fit but nothing exceptional with 15 and 12 year old boys. The views are fantastic, the photo opportunities along the way plentiful and incredible. There is a lovely canyon portion in the middle which is shaded. The top section is easy going until observation point which is a good place to take in the elevated view and replenish reserves for the trip down. We started at 08:15, took many photos on the way up and stayed at the top for 20 minutes or so. We were back at the start by 12:15. We did not rush at any point.

This hike is a slice of heaven. To us it was a combination of several different hikes we have been on together. My husband an I are pretty fit, my husband far more than myself(he could leave me in the dust) and we made it up to Observation point in 2 hours. That’s including several photo op stops and stops to take in the scenery. We absolutely enjoyed the scenery and views on the way up far more as opposed to the actual observation point. It was sort of anticlimactic for us. We made it down in about 1.5hrs, the inclines are pretty intense going up which makes for a pretty crazy decline on the way down. We chose to wear our running shoes but I suggest hiking shoes or boots with better absorption for the decline, my knees definitely felt the impact on the way down. I do suggest starting as early as you can, watching the sun shift throughout the trail and light up the rocks was stunning and not to mention we were primarily in shade for most of the hike. We started at 0800. And the crowds were far less earlier than what we saw coming down at 11am. Fair warning, there is no warm up to the incline, you just get thrown right into the huffin and puffin. Enjoy!

A really great hike. We went after a rain storm, and the waterfall was flowing heavy. We were fortunate to have the place to ourselves for a good half hour, it’s very serene as you’re sort of in your own cove beneath the falls. Would definitely do this hike again.

Initially, I was looking forward to hiking “Angels Landing” or “Narrows” trails at Zion Canyon, but both were closed. Angels is closed indefinitely and Narrows closed due to flooding.

My hiking bestie and I decided to hike to “Observation Point.” We hopped in our car and left Las Vegas at 7:45am PST. We soon realized we lost an hour due to the time change into MST. We arrived in Zion at 11:30am (stopped once for a restroom break). The hike to Observation Point starts at “Weeping Rock Trailhead.” There’s a mandatory $35 entrance fee to get into the park - but it’s good for 7 days. Just a heads up, you can purchase an annual pass for $50. Parking at the trailhead is very limited so you’ll be more than likely be forced to park in town (the closest parking lot to the Zion Canyon shuttle (green shuttle) pick up will cost you $30). If you decide to park further away, it will only cost you $20 but you’ll have to take the town shuttle (brown shuttle) first before taking the Zion Canyon shuttle. Rather than waiting for two shuttles, we opted to pay the extra $10 and wait for the Zion Canyon shuttle. To avoid the crowds and waiting in an excruciatingly long line for the shuttle, I recommend getting there early as possible since we waited about half an hour for the shuttle. Be prepared to wait in the scorching hot sun - it felt like waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland. Not fun at all. The shuttles are not air conditioned and they pack as many people on as they can. So you may be one of the unlucky ones sans a seat.

Once you’re on the shuttle, it’s about a 20 minute ride to the 7th stop to Weeping Rock Trailhead. From there, you immediately begin the grueling hike as it doesn’t waste any time gaining elevation zigzag-ing up the east side of the Zion Canyon. It was almost 1pm by the time we actually started the hike. We made it to the top in roughly an hour 45 minutes. Round trip, it took us about just over 3 hours. I consider us to be above average fitness levels. I’m sure my hiking partner could have made it to the top sooner but I definitely had to take a few water breaks because it was so hot - 100 degrees!

The trail is definitely “strenuous but worth it” as described online. Just before getting top, it does level out a bit. With that said, be prepared for a rather steady elevation gain for most of the hike. I recommend bringing at least 3 liters of water, pack some light snacks, change of clothes, sunglasses and sun block.

The view at “observation point” is absolutely stunning - photos and videos do no justice whatsoever. It’s nice to finally be able to check Zion Canyon off my bucket list. So worth it! From the towering red rock, to the lush greenery, formidable landscape and to the breath taking views at the top, the observation point trail at Zion Canyon is an unforgettable and epic experience. Highly recommended!

7 days ago

Parking available at Logan Pass. Highline Trail shares a parking lot with Hidden Lake Trailhead, so lot generally fills prior to 08:00.

Climbing up the Garden Wall was previously a bucket list item of mine. Almost a year ago, researching the Highline Trail prompted my father and I to spawn a trip to Montana. Twelve months and thousands of miles later, we clipped our packs and proceeded past the Highline Trailhead. The trail begins somewhat intimidatingly, carved into a mountainside with sheer cliffs to your left, metal handrail to your right. This marks the most unsettling portion of the trail. Gradually separating from Going to the Sun Road, the hike gradually increases in both serenity and enjoyability.

Arguably Glacier's most recognizable image- Reynolds Mountain behind Oberlin Bend- presents itself around 2.5 miles into the hike. The Highline Trail encounters dramatic scenery shortly thereafter. Haystack Butte sits behind a 180-degree view of Glacier National Park, a welcome backrest to the breathtaking vistas of Mount Cannon, Mount Gould, Reynolds Mountain, and Mount Oberlin bathed in sunlight. This vista could surely knock you off your feet. Presently, views of McDonald Creek Valley with sporadic forest occupy the mind until the Garden Wall junction.

Devoid of switchbacks, deceivingly steep, and rocky, the Garden Wall spur demands respect. This 0.6-mile cut shoots up over 800 feet in elevation over the western drainage basin. In return, however, this magnificent venture yields perhaps the greatest views in Montana. Indeed, even before the glacial overlook, the western views of Heavens Peak and waterfalls are- for lack of better term- unforgettable. Yet the climax of the Garden Wall is undoubtedly Glacial Overlook. A steep trail suddenly turns flat, dotted with four trees, and you emerge on a saddle between Peak 7980 and Peak 8479.

The view's reveal is unrivaled by anything I've ever done. Ralston Peak in Tahoe, Eagle Peak in Yosemite, Frigid Air Pass in Colorado; these falter in comparison to the dramatic uncovering of Upper Grinnell Lake. Three steps mark the difference between rock obstruction and complete vista. It's impossible to take in everything at once: indeed, the insurmountable slopes of Mount Gould giving way to Grinnell Glacier is stunning enough. Throw in the crystalline waters of Upper Grinnell Lake, the distant Lake Josephine, Allen Mountain, and you're overwhelmed by beauty.

Upon emerging at the Glacial Overlook, I thought the view couldn't possibly get better. Then, heeding the advice of fellow hikers, I trekked an additional 200 feet towards point 7980. The vista expanded. Almost the entirety of Grinnell Drainage Basin was visible, ranging from Salamander Glacier to Lake Sherburne. This additional trip, even after 800 feet of grueling ascent, marked the complete climax of this hike.

Everything thereafter is simply dispensable gravy. Admittedly, the descent down to The Loop is decent at best; surely my expectations were inflated by Heaven spilling onto the Garden Wall. Granite Chalet is little more than a historic tourist trap, the Granite Park Trail weaves through the remnants of a devastated forest, and the 3,500 feet of descent don't lift spirits. However, if we were to walk through a mosquito-infested hellhole laced with the occasional muddy leech, this hike still would've commanded five stars. The experience of the Garden Wall is simply that powerful.

My father and I begun hiking at 06:45, passed two groups of hikers, and escaped a swiftly-moving third. We had the Highline Trail to ourselves thereafter. I would recommend hiking by 06:15 if you desire serenity; even if you don't mind crowds, an early start is integral to sunrise views. Our two-man crew was the second group up the Garden Wall (summit 09:15). After a 25-minute experience of ripping winds and scintillating vistas, we passed some 25-35 people on the descent.

If you have a single day to spend in Glacier, this is your trail. Don't overthink it. This is perhaps Montana's most remarkable view, on Montana's most acclaimed trail, in Montana's renowned national park. Above all, it was worth waiting an entire year for.

Awesome but strenuous hike. The view is incredible. Get there early and bring as much water as you can carry. Bring electrolytes as well. Two hikers had to be rescued by search and rescue. One guy had severe disabling cramps, the other got heatstroke. I do not recommend this hike for kids or for novice hikers.

Tough hike in the sun and heat but worth it.

This is a trail of many varied sections but ultimately you're climbing 80% of the way to the observation point.

We started hiking at 9am, got there at 11.30 with plenty of stops. We had lunch and it took us just under 2 hours to return (plenty stops). We were family with 10, 13 and 15 year old kids.

Main issue is sun and heat. It would be a moderate hike if it was cool.

View from the top is incredible. Overlooking angel's landing is quite something.

Highly recommended.

I would not consider this hike strenuous at all. It's a lot of switchbacks so the ascent doesn't seem that hard. The views along the way are awesome. Just be sure to bring lots of water and go early to avoid the heat of the day and crowds. We did this hike since Angels landing was closed and I'm glad we did.

Easy walking trail though you might get a bit winded. We walked down to lower falls but could also see the upper falls. Fantastic view!! Worth it. Lower falls has a platform right at the falls so you can be at the edge and see the water go over, super cool!

Nice hike. Cool streams along most of it. Beautiful waterfall at the end.

Amazing views and all, but make sure you go earlier in the morning because once it’s hot, all those zig zags feel like they’re never ending. It’s not really a hard trail like the park officials say, it’s just really long and feels hard when it’s really hot. There’s also no way it’s 8 miles round trip because if you include all the zig zags and turns you make, it’s probably going to add up to 10-12, which explains the 6 hour hike. Also if you hike this trail, plan to bring at least 2 bottles of water per person because I thought I could survive with 1, but I barely got by.

Absolutely loved this hike. In truth, we didn’t research the hike and it was a bit more strenuous than we expected! However definitely worth it. The views at the top are incredible.

Great hike with stunning views along the entire trail. The many switchbacks help ease the strain. The last mile is a nice rolling stroll with canyon views so don’t give up! It took us 1:45 to reach Observation Point with many photo stops along the way. I also recommend grabbing the shuttle early to beat the heat and crowds.

My husband and I are new to hiking and this was our first major hike. And it was amazing! Not always easy, but with enough rest and water certainly doable. I do recommend in the summer taking the first bus into Zion (06.00) and starting your hike at 06.30. This way you will be in the shade all the way to the top. After 09.00 there is barely any shade and it will be hot.

Stunning views and a very tough physical hike.
The heat of the day (95 degrees) made it a great challenge.

Awesome! Tough but awesome and worth it!

Amazing hike! You get the best of everything! Great views going up! Echo canyon was great for pictures and a good reprieve from the sun! The view at the top was mind blowing! Better than Angel's Landing

Best view in Zion. Go early and take plenty of water. This trail is definitely moderate and can even be hard for people with low activity levels. I would do it again.

One of the best hkes in the park. Trumps Angel's Landing EASILY. You go 50% higher, with the best view in the park. Much more varied hike, and it's really quite easy for someone used to the mountains. It's only 800 m elevation gain (a family walk in the European Alps), done mostly in switchbacks, so you climb fast with rewarding views. I just wished they didn't pave it, but too many visitors I guess. Beautiful mustard colored rocks when you go behind the main canyon, there's also a slot canyon you go through. And the crowds go to Angel's Landing because they don't know any better, so you'll share the view only with a few people. The moderate rating is accurate, there's nothing difficult to this. I know in American parks they tend to try and scare people off with their "strenuous, difficult" ratings, because too many out of shape tourists try to do this (like going to the Grand Canyon bed and back) but really you don't need to be an athlete. The views and the terrain are gorgeous enough they will fuel your ascent.

We started hiking that trail at 3 PM with a temperature of 90 degrees +. Awful idea! We almost didn’t make it to the top. But we did finish the trail, and oh boy, what a magnificient view! Highly recommended, but start hiking this one early in the morning.

I’ve been too Zion a few times but this trail is tough but the views are breathtaking and well worth all the zigzags. It has become my favorite in Zion

This is an amazing hike with awesome views.

Definitely some sweat but didn’t think it was hard if you’re moderately in shape

Picked this trail as it was labeled as moderate, for being my first long hike it was quite tough. The incline was definitely challenging, make sure to take as many breaks as needed and take enough water...we took a gallon each and ran out on our way down, it was a very hot day as well. The views at the end are totally worth it, took 3 hours to get to the top and 1.45 to get down. We also started at 3 pm which was not so helpful being that the temperature was almost to 100 degrees.

4 miles up and 4 miles down with a ton of switchbacks along the way. Definitely start early on hot days. We made the mistake of getting to Zion at 12:30pm on a Saturday and had to pay an additional $22 to park at Springdale. Take the shuttle to stop 7 (takes an additional 30 mins). Getting through the East entrance to the visitors center to the trailhead took about 1.5-2hrs one way. The hike up is a steady incline. Back down is a bit tough on the legs. Terrain changes throughout the trail. Took us 2 hours up and 1 hr down, but we are in pretty good shape. The park suggests 6 hours for the hike.

it's 8 miles round trip up some very steep inclines. the terrain isn't challenging - just the altitude and inclines made it a tough day hike. the view at the end was totally worth it! bring more water than you think you'll need. several people ran out, and it's a long way back!

Great family hike. Waterfalls and rocky river views

Pretty descent down to the overlook. Not a lot of direct sunlight which helps keep you cool. Will work for your way back up but very doable. There is a picnic and restrooms area in the lot for pre/post needs.

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