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We did the short red trail, Pirate Bush. nice weather, easy short hike, not many people and the trail was clear.

3 days ago

Fantastic views. Very crowded when we went on a Saturday. Buzzard's Roost, on a short trail a few hundred feet away, has some awesome boulders to climb onto for a nice panorama.

Nice trail with good views. Not worth it to go all the way if you just want a great view of the Cove. Only need to go to the second power line clearing.

I would judge this a Difficult hike, though it is listed as moderate. We went yesterday (11/4/18), and the trail is very narrow in places with many loose rocks and leaves covering much of the path. There are also many steep drop off down into the ravine below as well as creeks to cross several times. The views are stunning and the creek is gorgeous. My six and a half year old son did well with it, but it definitely pushed is limit. It was far too difficult for my three and a half year old daughter, who I ended up carrying much of the way. It also measures 4 miles parking lot to parking lot, so the 3.4 mile description is a bit deceiving.

Decent hike with an okay view. Upon entering the trail, it was difficult to know whether to go to right or left. Thankfully, we went left.

Love the hike up to the top and the view was magnificent!!!

The map is wrong for this one. From the blue ridge pkwy mile post 45 (give it take a mile or two) where it crosses over Rt60, Lexington Tpke. Panther falls rd begins there, and the trail head is about a mile on the left, there’s a sign. It’s a very short “hike” with almost zero elevation gain. There are two camp sites before the falls. Carrying stuff from the car is about 200yds

An ABSOLUTE MUST. Awesome trail, and a lot of fun! If you don't hike the loop there's a side trail to the right (when looking up) you can walk back down, it's extremely steep though. The view is well-worth it. Bring lots of water, and a couple snacks. This is a day hike if you're planning to climb to the top.

This trail is awesome! And the view from the marble yard is insane! But be warned it is extremely strenuous, I honestly have no idea how people bring children on this trail. The trail is very rocky and at times extremely steep. Not easy on the knees, but if you can take it, the views are totally worth it.

14 days ago

Very nice trail!! the scene when you got to the top was amazing! would do it again!

Yeah the map recording above is definitely not the trail. Spent an extra hour and a half cuz of it. And it’s further misleading because google maps indicated it’s here too but it’s definitely not. If you are driving from Burma Vista, the actual trail head is is right off the main Panther Falls forest road a few miles before where noted above and there is a clearly marked large Forest Ranger sign noting you are at Panther Falls trailhead. There is parking for about 5 cars. The route above though does lead through a cool place to camp and down to the creek.

17 days ago

This was me and my boyfriends first hike, we’ve never hiked before and wanted to try something adventurous. We started around 11am and got to the top around 12:05. It’s supposed to take 1 hr 30 min if your walking at a decent pace but we walked a little faster due to the steepness of the hike. Don’t be fooled this hike is very steep and will wear your body out if you are not used to hiking or long walking. But I will say the view is absolutely stunning and I am now in love with hiking and can’t wait to hike more. This will be a hike that I want to do again for sure soon!! Normally you should hike something a little moderate if your not used to it I’m sure but it was so worth it. Will be coming back for sure, we loved every second of it !!

21 days ago

Great moderate hike on a Sunday morning, just as the leaves were starting to turn. Saw only 3 other couples. You have to follow the red trail to access the blue, longer trail. We went counter clockwise. Mostly wooded, rocky path with nice views at various points. Nice small waterfalls and creek crossings. The second half elevation change gets your heart going, but worth it.

This trail was amazing, and the rock scramble was a blast! It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, but it’s no walk in the park. The trail hugs the side of the rock scramble tightly and is pretty narrow and steep with lots of loose rocks. I will definitely be taking more trips out that way to spend more time. The scenery was beautiful.

23 days ago

A great warm hike. Don’t be deceived by the short distance!! This hike will get you breathing hard and everything pumping... A great 360 view at the top.

Amazing view! Steep climb, but totally worth it.

1 month ago

Great hike. Was a bit foggy when we left. We only made it about 3/4's of the way on the long loop as we ran across a very aggressive copperhead and had to turn back. Otherwise, a great hike!

on Panther Falls

1 month ago

Not sure who logged the trail but both the starting point and trail are completely off. You have to drive about a mile further to an actual starting point and then it’s just easy to follow down to the falls. It’s rather small so it can get crowded. The drive was more fun than the bike.

1 month ago

This trail had nice views but was pretty shaded by trees. I ended up taking a much longer loop which was both positive and negative!

2 months ago

we came completely unprepared with our 1 yr old and 3 yr old. our 1 yr old was carried by her daddy 98% of the time and our 3 yr old walked up it all by herself. she got carried on daddy's shoulders for half the way down.
we didn't bring any water except the 1 yr old bottle that me and her big sister took a drink of at the top of the mountain.
regardless of hardly being able to move today because I'm out of shape for the last 10 yrs. and because I forgot tennis shoes so I got a pair at dollar general that were 1/2 size to big.
it was still worth every step. so beautiful.
wish I would have got this app sooner to record our progress which was roughly 3.5 hours!!! lol :)

Not really a hike but awesome jumping off the water fall and rlly fun swimming, also kinda sucked there was so many ppl there but overall still a good time

2 months ago

the hike was really pretty. it was very shaded. the overlook was amazing, just not enough places to sit and enjoy the view besides one tiny bench. overall i really enjoyed it.

Fun hike, kind of tough. Great views. Saw a bear. it is the end of summer so many places on the trails are starting to get tight due to vegetation. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort has gone into making this accessible and safe. Not a beginner's hike. I recommend coming after the leaves have fallen, the views would be breathtaking. A little rocky so wear good shoes.

Worth the trip and time. A few really good views before you get to the top. Good way to spend an afternoon.

The hike isn't too bad and the view is absolutely beautiful. The only downside is the sheer length of the trail that is made up of fist to head sized uneven rocks. they don't make much of a challenge on the way up, but are murder on the ankles on the way down. Hiking boots are heavily recommended.

trail running
2 months ago

The view was okay. The trail wasn’t well marked and was also overgrown. There was also a bunch of switch-backs. I’d say it was moderate because of how long it was to walk it. I have an injured knee and it wasn’t to hard on it. Just long. At least 3 plus hours.

2 months ago

So worth it. The views are amazing- a complete 360. We went in the middle of summer so it was super hot. At least 1/3 of the hike has stairs, but still bring your hiking shoes! this hike is no picnic even when you have a picnic at the top. When I go back to Virginia, I am definitely doing this hike again. - I wouldn’t suggest little kids on this hike, it’s a longer hike, ( I am 13) . If you are thinking about hiking either Sharp Top or Flat Top, we hiked both and I’ll say, Sharp Top is a much better bet. Flat Top isn’t marked so we had trouble finding our way and the views have trees in the way.

Challenging, fun, great workout!

2 months ago

great hike. definitely worth the view at the top. if you're adventurous ne sure to check out buzzards roost. for the novice it's a difficult (hard) trail for the experienced it's moderate. have fun and be safe. let's roll out.

on Poor Mountain Trail

2 months ago

Hiked blue loop counter-clockwise in 2 hours. Pleasant overlook toward beginning of hike. Then steep descent. Cascading water falls toward middle of hike. Then gradual ascent. Trail clearly blazed and well-maintained with numerous benches for breaks. Small parking area at start. Have to hike in a bit before reaching map.

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