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Easy. Nice. But easy to get lost too. We somehow turned it into a 15 miler....in the dark.

This hike is pretty easy compared to its rating. I did it at night, while recovering from a cold. Going uphill sick wasn’t a joy, but the views are worth it! Most of the trail is well maintained with little rock issues. Once you get to the last half a mile it becomes lose, but still walkable. If you are looking to work on your cardio or sweat out a cold, this is a good hike. I didn’t see “shortcuts,” but from the map, they look similar to the path. The part that would make this rated hard would be the uphill motion, but it’s not difficult. It just pumps your heart. This is good practice for anyone looking to strengthen their heart.

My first time going there. made it all the way to the top. Worth the walk, great view.

Love this trail! It’s so beautiful, lots of scenery. My 5 year old son hiked it and he loved every second!

13 days ago

It’s unfortunate that it was so graffitied up, but it’s a nice little treasure you wouldn’t guess to be there. We saw a pack of rams on the way in which an experience in itself.

14 days ago

Very enjoyable trail. Nothing too strenuous as it seemed more of a nature walk. Started the trail around 2pm and spent most of the time in the shade. Beautiful lookout up top.

great hike

loved it! simple yet beautiful!

21 days ago

Easy short hike. So much graffiti.

27 days ago

This was such a easy short hike. You walk along the dry river for a bit then take a little trail up into the canyon. a small section of scrambling and climbing for maybe 5 minutes. Just enough to get ur blood pumping then soon enough ur there. the waterfall is beautiful. Lots of large rocks and scenery. It's the perfect area to have a little picnic and relax..

29 days ago

You’ll start off walking along the wide dry river rock, but stay to the left side of the valley. It’s about a 25 min walk until to start the trail uphill. It’s not long until you reach the top waterfall, if you can overlook the vast amount of graffiti on the rocks and trees during the hike, it’s a pretty cool site to see the water falling off the side of the cliff running down the wall when you reach the top!

29 days ago

This is not a hike. More like a walk. Going to the cross and flag is all incline but it’s a paved road so it’s not difficult. The rank of EASY is correct. Great for pets and kids of all ages. I love going for walks or hikes where the end result is something amazing. This has 3...the large cross, flag and view. PARKING: Best place to park is at the Ryan Bonamino park.
BEST TIME TO GO: Early morning as there is no shade and it gets very crowded by afternoon.
ADDITIONAL INFO: The trail to the right side of the mountain is harder than the left. Also there is a tower with a bridge that you can go on.

Great trail with beautiful views. Wish people would pick up their trash though. There are many trash receptacles on the trail so please put your empty bottles, etc in them.

1 month ago

Really peaceful hike

Love the scenery! Difficult but worth it.

Great paved trail family friendly! Felt safe the whole time!!

amazing trail. hiked it first time took the easy route up ( trail that starts from the right of the trial head) left exactly at 4:20pm stopped a few times but ran about 1/3 of it.

the best refreshing views of the LA National Forest and of Mt baldy and surrounding peaks .

going down I took the must steeper route very rocky and slippery trail that goes down the edge of the mountain.

do not take kids on the steeper trail.

I reached the top around 5:46pm hung out there for a bit and headed down at around 6:15pm got to my car by 7:30pm it was dark and the way down was chilly.

must hike to mark ! great for Conditioning.


on Sunset Peak Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Parking is available near trailhead on the side of the road. No pass needed. We took the fire road and it was a slow and steady incline. Lots of shade. Take a left on switchbacks going up. Very rocky towards the peak. This is a very beautiful hike with gorgeous views going up.

1 month ago

mountain biking
1 month ago

Excellent steady climb with several stream crossings.

1 month ago

Fun hike >> https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/marshall-canyon-trail/

I absolutely love this trail!!!

This trail is so worth it if you are in a time crunch. It's a great glute work out for in the beginning there is an incline of stairs. Once you hit the mid point there is a nice bench overlooking the valley. Keep to the right once you hit the fork and it will lead you down to the horse stables. You will then either make a left towards Mills or a right towards Higginbotham park. If this is your first time give yourself at least an hour and a half. If you have a consistent steady pace and consider yourself in healthy hiking shape then you can easily finish it in 45 minutes. Welp, I'll leave you to it. much love and much peace

This is a nice short urban trail. I started near yellow gates, that read "Not An Entrance".
- Easy Parking
- Well lined trail
- Limited # of people
- Nice views
- Good workout regardless of fitness level.
- Dirty
- Heat
- Dusty
- Short length
I highly recommend this trail for anyone. Bring enough water, hat, cooling towel, and a potato. Do not leave your potato :).
It can be steep in certain parts if you're not used to trails. Also, do not go during peak heat times if you are not accustomed to the temperature.


1 month ago

We loved this hike. Went September 29th and the weather was perfect! Beautiful waterfall and wonderful little creek. We brought our pups with us and they loved playing in the pools and creek. Was a bit confused at first cause there is no obvious trail...you have to hike straight through the rock for a bit to find the trail that takes you to the waterfall. Such a great little place ❤️❤️❤️

1 month ago

This was such a beautiful hike! So I’ve never done this hike before and I lead a group of 8 people up the mountain. Here are things I wish some blogs and videos told me about the trail. We clock it at 7.6 miles. As slow hikers with a long rest stop at the top, we finished in 3hours.

You do not need an adventure pass to park at this trail. If the parking lot is full park on the side of the road near the trail.

There are two ways of competing this hike.There is a difficult side, where you start straight up to the left and the easy fire-road side to the right. Hike last the yellow gate and take the fire road all the way up!

Trail is mostly shades 80% of the way. The views are fantastic. It’s a bit rocky so wear sturdy shoes or boots. I did use my trekking poles but for this hike you don’t have to. The elevation gain is very gradual and comfortable.

Remember stay left all the way up the mountain. You see fantastic views of Cucamonga and Mount Baldy from the top.

At the top there is a 360 view! It was hot and there is no shade. There is a US geological Marker if you walk all the way to the end of the metal pallets on the floor to the edge toward the city is right there on the left side.

This trail is dog friendly. But please keep them on a leash. The nats were relentless so wear bug stray and a hat that covers your ears.

Have fun stay safe and remember your 10 essentials for hiking.

I think this place does need a clean up hike. I saw a lot of toilet paper at the top in some

Amazing hike I took my 3 year old and 5 year old they loved it and this app helped us to find the water fall

luv it! I have lived here in Riverside all my life I been coming here since I was little now I bring my kids here its amazing hiking trails!! luv it! mt. rubidoux its awesome I highly recommend it!

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