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I trail ran this route and had a blast. There is shade later on in the hike but the first potion is in the sun. There was frost around the trail near the end but I was fine in my running shoes.

2 days ago

Decently easy trail, but wouldn't recommend cars/crossovers take this. Helped a gentleman with a popped tire in his Lexus CUV. Has quite a bit of sharp rock areas and a few washed out dips but anything with ground clearance and decent sidewalls can make it. The falls are really pretty. Camping spots not far from falls, but it does get windy at night.

it took us two hours and fifteen minutes up to the peak and one and a half hours to get back to the car. we probably could have gotten down faster if it wasn't dark. plan accordingly.

Yes, it's a difficult hike/climb but it's very scenic. If you follow the creek all the way and make your own path you can get to the mountain top in a few hours at a leisurely pace.

Humid and buggy in the summer. Nothing worth the hassle at the end. We did see a moose, but that's the only interesting part of the hike.

6 days ago

Such amazing scenery. Few steep stretches but not too long. Probably a butt kicker in the summer but it’s a pretty mild fall hike. Definitely will do this one again.

Great, pretty easy hike in November. It was more crowded than we expected for a Thursday in November. The water felt great. Several cows were in the area when we got to the springs (but not too close to the water, thank goodness!) Parking lot was over full when we got back to the trailhead after 1 pm.

is the gate closed yet?

Lovely easier trail, at least up to the steeper climb at the end. Those noting that the trailhead is too busy are just going in the wrong season. If you wait until the gate is closed (usually 11/1) and bike up, there is no one there at all :-) I pondered heading up the wasatch crest trail, but it looked like the snow got deeper, so I followed the ridge from Murdock over to Millvue, then bushwhacked down the slope back to the parking lot.

10 days ago

I liked this trail a lot. It is pretty rocky in some areas but not any big deal. There’s a lot of snow once you reach 9k feet and not being into postholing and wet socks I turned back. The old mine is pretty cool. Lots of water available all along the route if you filter. I’ll definitely be back to complete this one.

Looked at this hike for years as a possible hike. Finally decided to give it a try. Glad I did. The last little bit of the hike was a little to close to a neighborhood for my liking. Had a great view from the mouth of the cave. Even if the cave was small in depth but large in size.

Hike was short but the weather couldn’t have been better. The first lava tube was more for the caving type, steep decent. I wouldn’t recommend for younger kids. Or an older person like me (60). The second tube on your right had an easier decent that almost anyone can navigate. It doesn’t go very deep but it will be fun for the younger kids and us old folks. Really hard to get lost in this cave. Sign at the entrance is good to follow. Perfect hike on a hot day. I’ve enjoyed this fun little hike for over 44 years. If your in them at dusk I’m guessing the bat population exiting will start your heart a pumping. Saw bat guano in both lava tubes.

Absolute murder - take your time on descent as some parts are loose. Very rewarding little peak.

Super fun trail 100% recommend

Road to trailhead was still open today. Beautiful but busy day. More than enough space in the hot springs for everyone. Excellent moderate hike.

is the road to the trailhead still open? I know they close it once the weather turns then it is closed til spring.

Better than I expected!! Beautiful scenery every step of the way:))

I didn’t find the views really worth the effort on this one. It’s a short punishing hike for sure.

18 days ago

The first 90% of the trail was relatively easy and I was able to follow it pretty well. Near the end you have to climb over a few obstacles but it was doable for a fat guy like me. I lost the trail once the cave was in sight but figured out how to get up and there and the view was worth it. Really pretty trail with changing scenery.

18 days ago

Hiked up Thaynes canyon and then turned onto Desolation. Thaynes Canyon is very shaded given that it is north facing plus the fact that you are going up the gut of the canyon so the steep mountain ridges and trees acts as a canopy. It is not the most entertaining hike because there are no views on the way up plus it is a pretty steep climb for 2 miles. Once you get above 8000 feet - the views improve as you look North at Grandeur and Mt. Aire. The finally push up the summit of Thaynes Peak is very, very steep. You gain 700 feet in about 1/4 mile but it is not technical (no scrambling required). The views at the peak are solid with views of SLC, Grandeur, Mt Aire, Gobblers and Mt Raymond. It was about 6 miles round trip.

18 days ago

Trail off red pine trail up to Maybird lakes was difficult to follow in a few spots with the snow on the ground. GPS on the trail app was a lifesaver. The views at the end are epic, especially with the snow on the peaks and mt. pfeifferhorn. Would of been 5 stars but the trail could use a little help with guidance markings.

great hike with a beautiful ending result.
highly recommend

19 days ago

Good hardy hike. The views are great even from the saddle before the final push for the summit. Great sunset.

21 days ago

Winter gate is already up for the season. If you want to do this one from the starting point shown, you'll need to road walk 1.5 miles to get to the trailhead after parking at the picnic area in front of the Winter gate. Or you could connect to it via another trail that begins prior to the gate.

As others have said, the walk to the end is quite rocky, but not hard. Very nice long walk to wonderful views of the canyon.

Very good trail, scenic and oh so beautiful. I went to the springs alone. I had a good time soaking, but I think it would be better to have a small group of friends, so I'd suggest you bring some people whose company you enjoy. I went at around 3 pm on Tuesday and there were only about 3 other groups of people so not overcrowded at all. I felt a little awkward soaking alone, but everyone was friendly and didn't seem to mind my dog having a soak as well.

Great trail from the Rays Valley T.H. (east side entrance). Low water flow, but still nice.
Diamond Fork T.H. is open contrary to what this site says.
Soaked for an hour, very enjoyable!

23 days ago

Beautiful hike. Steep but manageable. I wouldn't rate this as a hard peak but take your time. Mostly shaded so it went from chilly to warm as you got into the sun. Did this last Sunday and it was a nice 70 outside. Gorgeous views of the valley and take your time at the top to enjoy. Your hard work will pay off!

It was a good hike, beautiful. The trail head is hard to spot, but here’s a tip: it is right where the map leads you. It’s off to the side of a big brown sign, there is a faint trail. I started the hike at 6:00 pm after school one day. I’m 16, in high school, and I did the hike alone. I simply hiked, didn’t jog, and reached the top at 6:40 pm. It was very steep for the first half, probably a 40 degree incline. It was beautiful at sunset though, absolutely amazing. Will most likely do again with friends. Only tips I would give is stretch your calves before you start because it’s a killer. The trail is a little roughly marked for the first little bit, but just follow the signs. Four stars because of how rough and i kept it was. But great.

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