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Boardwalk section very easy, Heaven Hill Farm a good place to stop and get ice cream mid way or afterwards. Part after you cross the road was the busiest section for us, very steep- took about an hour to get up to the top. Very rocky but views are totally worth it! Saw quite a few snakes a long the way so just be wary.

Great hike! Hi-Point is quality payoff, while the other lookouts are underwhelming in comparison. Some steep portions, but little scrambling. Non-technical and not a marathon - easy-peasy, don't believe the "strenuous" proselytizers. Well worth a few hours of forest strolling (and the drive)!

Where’s this waterfall???

I woke up obscenely early to get to the trail at 6:30 on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and was very glad that I did. It was absolutely beautiful at sunrise, and I saw only four other people on the trail; one at the parking lot, one coming down the Stairway to Heaven, and two at the top. I took my time and took tons of photographs -- yes, it's as stunning as the pictures make it look. By 12:15, it was starting to get packed, particularly on the boardwalk. It wouldn't have been a bad hike with all those people, but there's something magical about seeing it alone. The view at the top of Stairway to Heaven is lovely, and good for a long rest and lunch break.

The Pochuck Valley section is very easy, and the Stairway to Heaven is a good workout; I would say it's a little less tough than I remember Mount Tammany being. (I'm in only moderate hiking shape, and do about 10-15 miles on Saturdays without much elevation--I had to take a couple of quick breathers, but saw other people taking it at a similar pace with less sweat.) The trail is well-marked, although keeping your head up on the way up will help; as another reviewer said, make sure to turn onto the blue dot trail when you see the pile of rocks and the little wooden "view" sign.

Remember to bring bug spray, especially on wet days! If you don't have bug spray... turn around and buy some. If you absolutely have to hike without it, get your butt in gear! The second you stop to take in the gorgeous two-plank walkway, the mosquitoes will descend in droves. Even with the backwoods repellent, they were brushing against me. With that being said, I reapplied a couple of times, and didn't get a single bite. I saw a nice range of birds, a couple of chipmunks, and a common garter snake let me get a good gander at him.

You absolutely can do this one in sneakers, but I think hiking shoes are best. The rocks aren't as technical or grabby as Bear Rocks or sections of Hawk Mountain, for example, but there's a little bit of footwork on the way down the trail that might make it nice to have some stability.

TL;DR: top-notch hike, put on a layer of deet.

Awesome spot to hike, trails were easy to read, don’t forget to put on big spray I got eaten alive haha and it does tend to get crowded with parking over there. Also after the hike there’s a farm a min away with the best Ice cream!

Good overall hike. Some good views. Moderately strenuous in some spots

Loved it!!!

21 days ago

This was a great hike, it was short and somewhat steep, but there were a lot of cool things to look at along the way. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

Absolutely gorgeous views ! Be sure to MAKE A LEFT at the pyramid of rocks. We Kept following the white marks (to the right) and totally missed the view. Came a long a mailbox if you go that way which other hikers leave messages in a notebook (the kids loved to write in it). I’m surprised this is considered a moderate it was pretty tough.

I went this last weekend and it was a great day for a hike, not too hot. I didn’t expect such a zig zag of rock climbing but it was worth it. I did pass the view and kept following the white marks on the rocks and the trees but then noticed we passed it. There is a big pile of rocks shaped in almost a pyramid with a wooden sign that says “view” take that left. There was a small stream of water from the recent rain. The scenic views are always the cherry on top. The mosquitos were ruthless!!! Bring bug repellent! I recommend this even for beginners.

My absolute favorite hiking trail in New Jersey. Beautiful selection of wildflowers. Spectacular views, unique hiking experience. Wear bug spray as mosquitoes can be a problem in the wet season. Parking can be tricky so avoid peak times. Hike very early in the morning or late in the afternoon on weekends.

1 month ago

Great scenery, all around great hike.

Loved it. It is in shade and pretty clearly marked. I believe steepness depends on how long the legs are on the person you ask. Views were breathtaking. Worth it.

A nice challenge. Starts off easy with a beautiful walk through marshlands, then concludes with a steep, fairly rigorous climb to a hilltop vantage point with great views of the entire valley.

In the middle forested 1mi., we ran into a horrendous amount of mosquitoes. We had 20+ bites each. Definitely bring repellant, especially if it's rained recently!

1 month ago

Fun trail, only couple of spots where you have to be careful, do some minor climbing which makes this qualify as hard. Otherwise some rocky terrain where you just have to watch your footing for some parts. Awesome views though make it worth it. Good hike for those who want a bit of a challenge in that aspect. Not challenging in the distance aspect or how long it is.

1 month ago

Combined this trail with the Huyler's Landing and Closter Dock Trail loop which came to all together nearly 9.5 miles. Other reviews are true in so at the beginning yes you do hear the car noise at first/near ending the loop, but do not let that stop you. If combining both trails I do recommend starting with Forest trail, there are some steep steps which are pretty sketchy especially if it is damp out which you will have to go down. Though it is rated as easy I would say it was a little more than just that. The midpoint where both trails meet is a large picnic area on the water which probably does get busy as it is a very nice area, where most likely ppl go to take pictures and all. To me however it is nice to see so many ppl taking advantage of the area. The hike along the shore is just as awesome as hiking above for the views. Very worth it.

trail running
1 month ago

had a lot of fun running this trail after a significant downpour. trails were largely loose rock and because of the rain more streams then paths. saw a guy halfway with video of a black bear that he had seen a bit earlier along the trail, so be aware of your surroundings and consider hiking with a bell to avoid surprises.

Nice trail, completely in shade with lovely green cover and little brooks crisscrossing every now and then like naughty kids. Not very steep as few reviews suggested. The white markers take you right to the top and extend onto the AT. Do not miss the big pile of rocks once you feel like you reached the top. The view to the vista is left from the pile and can be easily missed. Technically the trail ends at the vista unless you are a through AT hiker. Nice to meet the through AT hikers and have a chat with them learning their experiences.

Unbelievable view from the top. A rocky terrain. The trailhead is behind the Natural swimming pool.

Some of my favorite views in N.J.!

You can also combine it with the Cedar Swamp Trail (the blue blazes) for some more cool scenery.

Hi all, I was wondering if there’s someone who want to join this trail during this week! Let me know. INSTAGRAM: @Sarisdu or sarisdu@hotmail.com.

Views are beautiful for what is a short moderate hike but unfortunatley this is an extremely popular hike that gets overcrowded on the weekends. Its become such a problem that the town has come out creating and enforcing new parking laws so be carful in that aspect.

1 month ago

Lightly trafficked easy/moderate trail. Good workout .

Awesome Hike !!! This was my first hike. Great hike for beginners. Short hike with Great View!

Such a great hike on such a beautiful day!

Trail was well marked and had some good hill climbs and decents. trail was clear of overgrowth and fallen trees, easy to navigate, especially with the AllTrails map. the peak was a little lame, no view that I saw, and I didn't see the ruins. decent veiw at the top of the power line section. bugs were horrendous, spider webs, gnats, mosquito, and biting flies, but it was mid July and recently rained so it's just that season. the water fall was pretty cool, would have liked to hang out at the water fall a bit longer but had to keep moving because of the bugs swarming my head

This trail was great and had breathtaking views! It took us about 3 hours total. An hour hiking up. An hour at the top having lunch. An hour hiking back down. It is VERY steep coming up and down, we needed a 5 minute break going up. Also very rocky the entire hike. Make sure you have the proper shoes! When you reach a giant rock pile with the wooden sign that says “View” make a left by the blue dot trail and follow that up to see the view!

A good short hike with the kids.

Great trail! Lots of rocks to walk up, amazing views. My 7 year old kept up with no problem, but it's not an easy trail. It took us about 3 hours to complete the loop.

I love this hike. It’s on the easier side, mostly on wide clear paths through the woods, with one stretch where you’re hiking up to the top of the hill. Minimal if any scrambling. We’ve done this in all seasons and it’s always fun. You can see pretty far from the top, including NYC. Our dog loves it. Have seen others mountain biking, cross country skiing, etc.

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