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Definitely a hard trail but the end is an amazing and beautiful view.

This is one of my favorite short hikes. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the road at the top. The trail starts out relatively flat and paved, but you’re taking some big steps on the rock “stairs” from about halfway up.... good cardio in the second half. You can continue to climb up higher if you take a short walk along the road first, or cross the road and go through the center of the mountain. The parking lot is currently under construction, with about half of the normal spots.

Great 360 view at the peak - was breathing pretty hard close to the top!

Super easy walk with lots of small areas to explore. However at parts I wasn't sure what was the trail. This was not a big deal other than to help preserve the area. Its pretty wide open with people around so you aren't going to get lost. Would visit again with those that are less fit or on a day when you don't have enough time to drive outside the city.

Good cardio exercise! Nice scenic views.

3 days ago

A very beautiful and easy hike. You can add in a trip to the Peak if you have time as it’s right off the trail. Definitely less people once you get off the Peak trail. The rock formations were stunning! The trail is very well marked and clean. Some nice inclines. A very enjoyable hike overall, I’d do it again.

Great hike for a moderate level. No bathrooms. Busy trail. For the first mile the upward terrain can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes. Hardly any shade. Beautiful hike.

the summit offers fantastic views. the "hard" part of the trail is the fact that it is a very rapid ascent. However, there are a version of stairs most of the way. the trail is well marked and somewhat crowded. This trail is definitely doable for anyone in halfway decent shape.

4 days ago

only a decent rating due to the huge amounts of people on this trail. you would see less people at the gym. being one of the only free places to hike in Phoenix is a large cause of this. if you are looking for quiet and atual nature then keep driving East to the tonto forrest($7 pass), well worth it
just 2 miles. hard on the way up. ledges around every turn. not for nervous hikers or anyone afraid of heights. don't trust there to be signs to keep you safe. at the 4th and last hand railing make a left and climb up the rocks. the trail appears to go straight over a very thin piece of trail that leads to a cliff if you miss the turn. great view once up top.

Nice little hike. I’d say it’s more of a leisurely walk with cool views of Papago. There are several trails within one so it’s easy to not follow the exact route that’s shown on the AllTrails App. I imagine in the summer there is more of a challenge just due to the lack of shade and the heat.

Nice 30-45 min uphill climb great views

Excellent outdoor workout!

stair climbing for 1 mile straight up. I suggest not doing this if you haven't done any cardio in a while or you can take your sweet time as there were few stops even a bench half way

Nothing special....exactly what I expected from the reviews but a decent place to go for a walk nonetheless.

This is a nice little hidden spot within the monotony of desert terrain at South Mountain. The little tunnel is cool and there are a few petroglyphs as you get close. I usually take the Pima Canyon trailhead and pick up the National trail at the bench a few hundred feet from the water tank.

Challenging trail, but safe. If you are looking for 45 min aerobic workout (on the way up), then this is the right trail for you

This was my first “hard” rated hike and I was glad I explored so many moderates before doing this one. It’s a strange hike set in a pattern of stairs. I came in pretty cocky and thought it’d be cake, but every time I thought I was near the top, I’d have even further distance to travel. I felt pretty accomplished when I got to the top.

There are aspects of the climb where you’re using your hands to pull yourself up and find yourself scrambling, so it’s smart to get comfortable with aspects of that before tackling this trail. I’m pretty sure I took summit straight through, but between the trek to my car and the climb, I clocked 5 miles. Not sure how that happened.

The parking is a mess. Summit’s lot is closed until next summer.

We went tonight at sunset and the views were so lovely! The hike itself is quite easy/minimal incline. It is hard to tell which trail you are actually on. Nice view of the Phoenix skyline and surrounding mountains.

My 9 year old son really enjoyed sliding down the rocks around Fat Man’s Pass and squeezing through the tiny spaces. He called it, “Nature’s Playground”. Definitely a hike we would do again!

Came mid-day and managed to park relatively close. Did Camelback the day before and Piestewa seemed much easier. Perfect weather for my two day stay in Phoenix.

get the legs ready

Great views, and great workout! Perfect to watch the sunset but bring a flashlight or headlamp for going down.

Really beautiful trail not too hard but a good work out.

Awesome hike. The first mile is semi-steep and rocky. You’ve gotta do the loop to the tunnel and Fat Man’s Pass!

pretty good hike

Very scenic hike, moderately difficult, great to watch a sunset

A great shorter hike with a moderate effort. Challenging without being too long

If you like rock formations, this is the trail for you...TREMENDOUS views, nice synergy between going up/down/level. This trail is definitely going on my call back list.

Best views of Phoenix while still on the ground. Not like other trails around, lots of cement barriers built along the trail. More like a rock stair climb than a traditional hike but we still had a good time. Stretch your legs before you start, get there early as parking can be full.

Great workout!

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