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Easy trail. The falls are crowded in the summer. When you loop back, you see some nice boulders.

8 days ago

So it is a beautiful place even though it is December. It however is really poorly marked. There are a lot of marks for the yellow trail though and those areas seemed to be the best taken care of. I am not sure how well this trail is maintained in the summer as it seemed like it was pretty overgrown in some areas the further you get on the trail. Overall though my youngest loved it and we all enjoyed our day. Do make sure you have the app with you and a map though, otherwise you could find yourself out here for a very long time.

I hike this trail in all seasons. It is well marked and there are a lot of different birds. I saw 3 deer today.

19 days ago

Very nice trail. Not too difficult. Plenty of options to go different ways so you don’t have to do all 10+ miles if you don’t have a time or inclination.

One of the best trails for the Gunpowder area. Open views. Many extra little paths. Gradual inclines but mostly flat. Not boring scenery.

It is what the name says.. a pleasant easy hike.

a little muddy after rains... can be hard to get around. otherwise very nice!

A pretty casual hike. A bit busy sometimes. Kids loved it.

This is a great hike, but can be very muddy in some sections.

1 month ago

Short walk, easy to access and plenty of swimming holes and cool scenery

1 month ago

Trail offers a variety of scenery and the elevation gains keep it interesting.The area is open to hunting, so be sure to wear bright colors. Towards the beginning and end of the way out is best- did not really enjoy the middle portion that includes walking along a gravel road. On the way out, I thought it was more moderate than hard. However, I think the rocky terrain wears on you and I began to get tired coming back. Hiked on a Friday and did not see another person until almost back to the parking lot. A good little workout.


Highly recommend for speed workout. I did the section around Lake Redman. Little over 8 miles. I especially liked the tunnels under the highway, nice piece of a unique trail system.

trail running
2 months ago

First time trail running and it’s the perfect trail for it. If you’re going to run be careful on rainy days

2 months ago

Very enjoyable hike, not strenuous but there are some hills to traverse.

Bread moderate hike! Well maintained and good for a group with varied experience.

on Morgan Mill Trail

2 months ago

The trail was clear enough to make it easy to follow. Intersections were not marked though so I had to use the map to stay on the right path. It was muddy since it rained heavily the day before I went out but it wasn’t impassable because of it. The dogs love it too! But there wasn’t a shallow water front for them to play in the water.

Great bit of trail. Difficult sections are followed by easy trail. Oakland Run is an awesome creek with plenty of mini waterfalls. The trail becomes pointless after you reach game lands; it basically becomes a grassy access road.

2 months ago

We started at NORTH end of trail - only completed 1.7 miles out and back (3.4 Miles round trip). Beautiful, peaceful trail - only passed one other hiker! Trail is very well marked, just look for blue blazes carefully on switchbacks. Trail very "technical" in spots. We both had poles which were helpful but not required. At 1.7 miles in, GREAT "rocktop" view of the river valley! NOTE - at about 1.2 miles in there is a stream crossing - just look upstream for trail markers. North end - we parked right at entrance to trail - not sure if this was a parking area, but no issues.

2 months ago

Well kept, many altitude changes. Not as close to the water as it seems on the map. The pay off is the beach. We started on Morgan Mill and took the left fork which took us around to finish at Loch Raven Dr at the beach.

Perfect hike with the family and our 3 yr. old Lab.

2 months ago

We chose to start the trail at the end of this route because the otter camp personnel mentioned some of the trail was washed away if your started the trail at the campground.

This trail is not for those who are new to hiking. I would NOT recommend bringing dogs or kids.

As this was our first true hike, we probably shouldn’t have started with mod/hard trail.

1. The trail was marked very well, except one spot noted in the con section, which made it easy to follow.
2. If you’re concerned about water sources, as of today (sep 2018) there were so many many spots to get water you shouldn’t let that worry you. In the 7ish miles we made it through there were 3-4 spots to stop to get water. But you will need a purifier.

1. At one spot the trail enters a wooded area and we spent at least 30-45 min just trying to get back to the trail. Thankfully someone placed quite a number of blue blazes but it was rather disheartening to be turned around. Really glad I had this app to help work as a compass.

2. Spiderwebs. Everywhere.

3. The switchback we experienced was dreadful.

4. Spiderwebs. Did I mention those?

5. If you have a plan to stay the night in a tent this also doesn’t seem to be the trail to do that as most of the trail is on the edge of a hill or washed away. We did find one spot that had promise but would have to have backtracked to get there.

6. Spiderwebs.

Overall. Not a bad first hike but we decided to bail around mile 6-7 and caught an Uber back to our car. I think took too big of a bike this first hike, so the next couple will be shorter and a lot easier.

Definitely a HARD trail!!!!

Mason Dixon trail is all over the place and that’s what I love about it. You go up and down and all over. Great views and good challenge. Beautiful waterfalls and just a fun trail.

3 months ago

A nice flat trail aside from one small hill. Very narrow pathway that is not exactly well-kept but passable. The dog and I hiked it yesterday and it was quite peaceful. The path follows the creek for most of the way and actually dead ends AT the creek. Nice rocks at the end of the trail to picnic on. At the trailhead, there is an nice little beachy area for kids/dogs to play or even walk in the creek.

3 months ago

The first mile up to the pot rocks is easy and offered a few fun side views for my family and I to take pictures of like a the tree with a huge hole in it, a fallen tree we practiced climbing over, and a mini climb up to an interesting rock.

The pot rocks were great fun! We stayed for about and hour and saw a handful of people during that time. Afterwards we packed up and headed to the overlook and continued the hike. My dad turned back at this point and it was a good thing because the next four miles would have been too much.

Almost as soon as you pass the overlook, the path becomes covered with fallen trees. It’s easy enough to spot the next trail blaze across the trees and navigate over them. We had a leashes beagle and he did well on this part. Once we got to the half way mark of the trail the path disappeared. We ended up wandering around for a bit before my cousin went ahead and crossed a fallen tree over a stream and found the blue blazes. We crossed too and my cousin carried our dog over.

After this point up until we reached the pot rocks again the trail was very overgrown but at least we saw some trail markers, although some of them were faded.

We definitely got a lot of adventure—more than we thought we would and enjoyed ourselves greatly! It was a challenge with the trail being unkept but fun.

There is a lot of trash leading up to the pot rocks so if you are only going to the pot rocks bring a trash bag to take some with you.

I would definitely go again, even with the trail being the way it is.

3 months ago

It was an awesome hike will definitely be back again well worth doing the whole thing

Lovely in all seasons, not too trafficked as to be annoying but there's almost always someone out there. Pretty views of the lakes, a little highway noise but not too intrusive.

3 months ago

Good difficulty and length! Parking was extremely limited, but we happened to be lucky. I could see it being frustrating if you didn't get one of the ~6 spots right next to the trailhead (as it's marked on this map - there are several spots along the road where you can hop on here).

Good flexibility in terms of being able to add & cut some loops along the way - just nothing spectacular here, though it's also far from boring. My experience was also a bit colored because I was stung by a bee at snacktime...watch where you're kicking around under larger rocks. My girlfriend did find some pretty uncommon mushrooms if you're into that sort of thing!

3 months ago

Challenging, fun

Trees are down where the loop starts pass overlook rock...

I love the Marshy Point travails.

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