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Great trail. The first part was an old 4-wheel trail, so I was a little disappointed. But keep pushing on, and it's a fun hike through trees, over rocks, and just a bit challenging. We made it to the second lake, and my husband made it to the third. Didn't see any goats today, but there's always next time. Colors were beautiful today.

Great trail. Excellent views. Lakes are amazing. Lots of mountain goats!

What a great hike! Just right for all abilities.

Got to the trail head at sunrise and there were 6 cars in the lot. when I got back down the lot was full and cars waiting for spots. Nice and brisk at the start, needed a jacket, but once the sun started hitting the mountainside, little by little ended up in shorts and a tank top. Initial start is up hill but nothing real strenuous and then it levels out and is a very relaxing walk. Saw a bull moose in the first mile of the trail off in the willows. Nice fall smells and colors. Enjoy!

Beautiful hike. Not too strenuous once you get past the initial incline. Great fall colors, beautiful stream that the trail intersects with often. Recommended.

2 days ago

Tough trail, definitely a beautiful lake. Not sure I’d need to do it again.

not a steep hike, very beautiful

Autumn colors are coming in and it looks beautiful. Excellent place for a backpacking trip without the crowds.

7 days ago

Date : 8th of September
Time: 8.30am at the Moraine gate, gate opens 8.45am.
Group of 5 amateur hikers

At this time of the year I would recommend using poles, helmet and cleats. We did it without any of those and it was rather risky. My boyfriend and his team did it earlier without any equipment around July and it was much easier.

Bring dry socks and good company!

8 days ago

There's little on Crystal Peak - that's what I'll concentrate on.

As you are hiking toward Upper Crystal Lake on the single-track trail, you'll see a cairn on the right and a dirt trail. At this point, you're about 0.5 miles from the upper lake. The AllTrails recording reflects the trail with the dashed line.

There is a trail part way to Crystal Peak - to the saddle. You can also see it on google maps satellite.

Turn right, briefly hike up, you'll see one or two more cairns. The trail temporarily disappears as you head left and cross a few rocks - maybe 10 - 15 yards - and you'll pick up the trail again. Trail takes you to the saddle - left is Crystal Peak, right Peak Ten.

As you head to Crystal Peak, there is a semblance of a trail in the beginning. Eventually, it's all rocks - class 2 scramble/limited exposure. Your choice - stick with poles or put them in the backpack and put on your gloves as you climb to the peak.

Gloves came in handy for the rock scramble. Beautiful views!

Beautiful trail and even better view at the end!

Even though this trail is rated as moderate, I thought it was hard. There were a couple steep pushes over rocky terrain. Trail is well marked. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get there and 1 1/2 hours to get back. We stopped a lot. The lake was well worth the effort. One of the prettiest lakes I’ve seen.

This trail alone was worth the trip. It was a great scenic hike on a gorgeous blue sky 70° day. So much easier on the body walking over soft forest floor than climbing hard rock 14ers yesterday. We went in 4.6 miles from the lot, where we lost the trail in a swampy meadow and turned back, total 9.5 miles. Turns out, the official trail ends at the intersection of the Gore trail. This is a great off the freeway stop for families too.

A great trail, but be prepared for some elevation gain. There was a mix of aspen stands and conifer forest. The lake is beautiful and totally worth the time spent on the trail.

Great round trip hike. Take a lunch and sit next to one of the two lakes. Creek is dry. Be sure to take plenty of water as the trail is on the sunnier side of the mountain face. If you are overnighting, be sure to register at the base of the trail.

A beautiful afternoon hike that was mostly empty after 4pm. Aspens in the initial valley are starting to change colors. Trail peters out a bit after the first lake—overgrown with bushes and very few cairns to assist. Keep pushing upward, and you’ll find the next lake. As others have said, the best parts are past the waterfall (which is quite small this time of year). As an aside, there are no bathrooms at this roadside parking style trailhead, but the parking for Quandary is at the bottom of the road with facilities.

Great hike! Definitely worth going past the waterfall and on to the lake. Didn’t see any mountain goats so will have to come back and hike this trail again!

Great trail! Saw lots of mountain goats. But here’s a question for all the dog people.... what are you thinking when you put your dog Pooh in a non-bio degradable sack and leave it by the side of the road? I bet we saw dozen plastic dog poop bags on this trail. If you’re not going to pick it up don’t put the stuff in a non biodegradable bag.. other then that great trail?

This trail was as advertised! We took our dog and she had an absolute blast. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to take a dog along for the journey.

The trail was moderate as advertised. The carrot at the end was well worth the hike. A beautiful lake and saw, up relatively close, three white Mountain goats.

13 days ago

Great short moderate hike mostly in the trees. Some aspen groves. Trails well maintained It’s about a 2-3 hr round trip hike with time spent for lunch looking over the small lakes.

off road driving
14 days ago

Sep 4, 2018 rode a stock Honda CRF 250L to within 1/4 mile of the upper lake and stopped. Great ride overall. Saw a sheep near the end and stopped to let him graze right to me. Fun! After that I turned around. The upper lake section of trail becomes increasingly difficult for a so-so offroad bike. I was glad to turn around and in fact had some difficulty doing even that since the trail was traversing a steep rocky slope and offered no wider spot to use. Fine FINE ride though to high alpine area. Getting to the lower lake was a piece of cake (and I saw a decent mule deer buck on the way there). I went early on a week day and there was no one else there.

14 days ago

always enjoyable! easy hike with continous steady incline making it moderate. Bring bug spray - about half way mark is Mosquito haven in short switchback area next to creek. Go past lake for scenic long range ridge views.

Very easy hike but a great jaunt. Busy parking!

Up hill most of the way up. Switchbacks galore. Challenging but great little hike, saw lots of wildlife. Be aware, it’s hunting season. Throw on some orange!

loved it!

16 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in Colorado. Really beautiful views the whole way. From the road parking lot to the waterfall it was closer to eleven miles for us. Didn’t care either way.

16 days ago

Very good.

The parking can be difficult, but it’s one of my favorites❤️ . Beautiful view, perfect for having snack or picnic before heading back.

17 days ago

My dog and I drove up for a day hike and spent the night next to Lost Lake Slough. It is an easy loop route around all three lakes and there is a nice spot for camping on the shore of Lost Lake Slough.

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