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Very nice easy trail. Perfect for a morning walk before it gets too hot.

Cute trail. Easy.

I can’t believe 57 people gave this trail a 4-5 star rating! Half of the hike is butted up against Irvington road...so I guess the “beautiful views” are the houses and the cars??? The only reason I can see anyone recommending this trail
Is if you live down ajo or close by and you maybe want to do a little trail running. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF BETTER TRAILS IN TUCSON!!! If I want to hike somewhere just to see views of the city, I’ll walk up tummamoc or A mountain!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TRAIL.

My adult daughter and I hiked this trail at 7 a.m. which was a perfect time. We saw families of mule deer, an owl , and a tarantula!! We also saw a javelina family on the grounds of the Marriott which was right at the trail head. Parts of this trail were flat and easy. However, much of it was very rocky and I had to concentrate on not sliding and tripping. But I am 60 and not as spry as I once was. We did not see another soul on this trail and loved the solitude. We stopped and took so many pictures it took us over 2 hours to make the loop. In addition to the wildlife, the views were gorgeous!!

2 months ago

ok, this started out very nice. but I got to a point where the actual trail signs differed from the online map. which caused me to go about a half mile out of my way. so I back tracked to where the discrepancy was. that's when I realized to finish the "loop" it would take me out of the park system and down to a golf course then back up a road to where I was parked. this was not at all appealing. so I turned it into an out and back. beautiful area, but the differences between reality and online caused issues for me.

trail running
3 months ago

Great trail for a run!

trail running
3 months ago

Great quick trail. I was trying to trail run and I don't do that often, so it was a little rocky for me, but easy to walk when I needed to. Beautiful scenery and even saw a mule dear. Highly recommend.

Beautiful trail. Hiked it this morning and the views were great. Make sure to have water.

Really easy stroll. Picturesque and some surprisingly beautiful views to the west. Would be a great Sunset location.

I don't mind the sights and sounds of the nearby city. Beautiful views that change a lot through the course of the hike. Lots of saguaro including young saguaro. Great views of downtown Tucson.

nice quick hike.

I’ve been doing this trail for 10 years never disappoints. Easy and great to take friends on.

Loved it here. Even in 95 degree weather

great for a quick hike to get out, relax, and forget the stress of the city.

Nice hike but trail is not great. I spent most of my time looking down so as not to slip on all the loose rock and dirt so I missed much of the beauty of the area. Did see a small herd of mule deer close to the end of the trail though.

8 months ago

Fun trail. Lots of saguaro but trail is not prickly. Fun Bowen house at end of the trail.

Great short trail. It may be easy for 20 to 40 year olds , but a little challenging for a 62 year old fart.

Parking nightmare! Great if u stay at the Marriott. Otherwise plan to pay $15
StarrPass Trail is better option.

9 months ago

Fun trail, you have to park on the street behind the starr pass resort. I was confused because I thought the Bowen house would be at the end of Bowen trail, but really you have to swing a left onto yetman and follow that for 15 minutes or so to reach the house. The house is super cool and worth a visit!

Great winter hike. Close to town and short. Amazing saguaros in the hidden canyon!

Too easy. Could see the toad and cars from the trail. Prefer trails where I don’t see any houses or cars. Won’t be doing this one again.

Beautiful, well marked, can see a crested Saguaro.

I enjoyed this hike! The trail is both well-marked and well-maintained. The trailhead is hidden a bit, but once you find it (look for the break in the fence), you’re good to go. Views are gorgeous! Watch for the crested cactus.

11 months ago

Today was the 3rd time I’ve hiked to the Bowen Stone House, and I am going again tomorrow. Park behind the Starr Pass Marriott. The trailhead is on the NW side of the resort. This trail is the most direct route to the stone house. Follow Bowen to Yetman, and keep to the left at each junction or wash. Keep to right on your way back.

A beautiful short hike. Emphasis on short. It’s quite brief but would make for a wonderful lunch break for anyone who works on the west side.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Very scenic and easy to hike

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Bittersweet Trail is an entrance to a complicated (but well signed) network of trails, or an out-and-back. It’s lovely though you can see streets & bear city noises much of the route.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

quick trail for morning cardio

Sunday, October 08, 2017

I walked to the dry creek and then left to the Bowen cabin (or haunted cabin as the hotel staff call it). The Yetman trail portion to the house was a little confusing because it runs along and into the creek. Stay to the left. this was an exerting hike at 2 pm even with the minimal elevation rise. I especially enjoyed the hike from the hotel to creek because of the wide open scenery.

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