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2 days ago

Great challenging hike. Got there late and had to book it up to the outlook before sun down, which is NOT a good idea. Large incline in a small amount of distance. Take your time, plan accordingly. Only thing is was we got the lookout at around sundown and there was a timber rattlesnake den about 50 yards before the lookout on the trail. Saw about 6-7 in a span of 10 feet, which is what we could see. Lots of ledges, and downned logs for them. Those suns of guns were rattling at us and we couldnt even see them. Very nerve wracking to go back through that in the dark, but yet it made you feel so alive. Remember NEVER jump away from a rattlesnake. They have heat pits that can sense if there is 1/10th of a degree change to their surroundings. & they can only attack/lunge at you when they are coiled, be cautious and safe, or as my friend said before we headed back "Stay frosty"

3 days ago

This was my second hiking and yes it was tough being a newcomer. It's a steep hike of 3 mile with an awesome view in end. Then downhill was quick. Please take bug repellent. Overall very nice adventurous , good view, marked properly. Only go if you are fine with tough uphill hike. This is not a simple one unless you are one of my buddy who was running uphill 1500ft.

Hard to find trail head without reading comments, but great hike once you find your way.

Very well marked now that you have a new start/end point. Rocky uphill climb but the views at the top are definitely worth it!

Great...I'd definitely do it again.

If you follow the blue trail up to the left and then meet up with the Appalachian Trail to get a chimney rocks you get a wonderful water experience. The overall view is fabulous at the end, and then circling back down the Appalachian Trail to the beginning is easy. If you start out going up the Appalachian Trail to the right the climb is very steep

Hiked the northern section from Pequea Creek campsites to Bridge Valley rd area. This hike is certainly challenging and rewarding. Orange blazes were sometimes tough to notice but you catch on. The views of the river and the occasional bald eagle are terrific. This section of the trail brings you to some of the best tectonic caves on the east coast and the cold air blowing out of the openings feels awesome. It’s a great stop on the trail to do something different but bring head lamps. gloves a prepare for a dirty diversion into the caves. SO COOL! Good spot for a rest too. Don’t miss this portion of the trail. The caves are not far from Bridge Valley Rd crossing.

Super easy trail. Great for kids.

17 days ago

Quick Sunday afternoon hike with the fam = fab trail + stellar views + quality time with the crew

completed this trail twice, 2014 and 2015... been a while since I've been there and would love to go back soon! I recall it was a challenge and had great vistas.

Great hike! Amazing views from the top. Once you are done go for a swim in the lake.

We visited the falls after a few good days of rain and the flow was amazing. The signage at the trailhead shows it as a 1/2 mile out and back. To make it a loop you must take the cliff trail for a bit.

23 days ago

Relaxing hike with multiple overlooks

24 days ago

Very pretty hike! Was rocky and slippery in some places. The area around the hermitage cabin was so pretty with lots of flowing water and little waterfalls.

27 days ago

haven't been here in a bit, they redirected the trail, a lot more switchbacks this way, so it makes it a bit easier, very well maintained and very well marked... bring water! awesome view,well worth the work to get there :)

This is a very difficult hike but the views were amazing .This was my longest hike ever and I will do it again . I have no complaints at all .

Horribly marked trail. Only went a little under half mile in then turned around. It was a little later in the eve to risk it.

Great hike and perfect for me to do with my 6 y/o.

I did this trail with another person and we parked one car at one end and another car at the other end. I really kicked our butts. Make sure you bring the necessary supplies. There are plenty of water sources along the path. Lots of hills but nothing too difficult.

Cute place to swim in waterfalls!

1 month ago

This was one of our first hikes this year and it made for an enjoyable afternoon. The path up is steep in places but manageable even for someone like me who has a few wonky joints in her legs. It was clearly marked and easy to find. And the view from the top was lovely. The only drawback was that on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, there were a fair amount of other people on the trail and at the summit.

1 month ago

My wife and I took our 4 children on it a couple weeks ago. It was their first hike. They range in age from 3-8 years old. They all loved it!! It was quite the work out for them, and they all slept well that night.
I would definitely recommend this trail!

Gorgeous views. Started from Tumbling Run. The AT route was fairly challenging first thing in the morning, but it was my first section hike.

Beautiful view on a clear day.

1 month ago

Park has closed the amphitheater area & campground, along with their parking. Trail head is now in parking area above swimming lake. New connector to Rattlesnake Tr, which then connects to Flat Rock Tr .5mi above original parking lot. New route is well marked & in good shape.

2 months ago

Started at Old Forge Rd at AT. Followed AT North to Chimney Rocks spur, then further up AT to Swamp Rd crossing.The vista at Chimney Rocks was quite high, with nary a sign of civilization. Lotsa thru-hikers on way to Maine. Overall 5 miles or so. Wonderful breeze from NW cooled us the whole way. Nice fern fens.

great workout and view

2 months ago

Definitely a hard hike! Wear good protective footwear and bring hiking poles if you have them! One of the best hikes in Pennsylvania! Give yourself atleast 2.5hrs total. You gain 1400 ft in elevation. I would not bring a dog.

No lie, this is tough. I’m in shape and I was soaked and tired at the top. There were some down trees on the trail that we needed to climb over or go under. Also slightly overgrown but the view is worth it all. Best central PA vista

Steep, challenging trail that’s definitely worth the view at the end.

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