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10 hours ago

Great hike. Amazing views of weavers needle from the top. Make sure you find the Spanish Petroglyphs.

18 hours ago

Great hike with amazing views on a clear day if you're in excellent shape no matter your age. Only warning --- watch out for little kids, (like cub & boy scouts), who RUN DOWN the slick rock where the cables are. They lose control and have knocked down a few hikers coming up. Also, I've seen groups coming up the cables hanging onto the cables and each other. If you're afraid of heights look straight ahead and avoid looking to the left or right, because there's no focal point and you may get the sensation that you will fall off. Otherwise, it's well worth the effort! :-)

bird watching
1 day ago

A Crissall Thrasher sung my hound and I onto the Dynamite Trail near San Tan Mountain. The trail is well marked and easy to follow without a lot of challenges or variation in the views. A sprawling vista all the way to Usery Park and Red Mountain presented behind us before we wound back between two hills that led us to an unimpeded view of the rolling hills of San Tan Mountain. Along the way cute little Verdin and a couple Cactus Wrens chirped. Some nifty rock formations peppered the route, too. Sparkling granite, shale and at least one huge quartz deposit about a mile and a half in that looks at first like a crumbling structure were eye-catching, too..

1 day ago

Took us 6 hours to hike this trail so plan for at least a half a day. I would recommend pants as you'll be going through brush and your legs will be scrapping vegetation. Bring at least 3 liters of water per person and some snacks to eat on the summit. Plenty of scrambling on the way. I'd use the app for GPS as you're bound to get lost at least once. Very challenging hike so don't expect an easy day. The views at the end are amazing.

(hat/sunscreen/sunglasses are always recommended in the southwest)

great trail. good shading for most of it. good views too

beautiful! intense. make sure you have the right footwear and plenty of water!

2 days ago

This my favorite trail! No trail to follow except for the few leading up to the cave. I’ve walked down the river bed quite far both ways and always enjoyed climbing over the huge boulders and figuring out the best path to get around the obstacles along the bed. Just remember that however far you hike in you have to hike back out! Bring lots of water and maybe some snacks if you go far, as navigating its obstacles wear you out faster than you think!

3 days ago

Well maintained trail, steady climb and views make this a great trail when exploring the west side of the park. Be sure to do the loop to see all parts of this beautiful hike. Close to 8 miles if you loop vs 6 for out and back on King Canyon Trail.

off trail
3 days ago

This is a great spot to get out and stretch your legs when driving the Apache Trail. Parked just before the bridge and climbed over some rocks to get to a shallow cave on the right. You then can climb down to the creek below. Be careful on the gravel when climbing down, it’s easy to slide on. There’s no trail at the bottom. We followed the water and crossed back and forth to both sides. The creek was relatively low so we were able to jump from rock to rock. It was a relaxing walk. There is a lot of branches and broken trees that have collected from past flooding. The climb back up is short, but steep and gets the heart rate going!

no shade
off trail
over grown
4 days ago

I just completed the Superstition Ridgeline hike for the second time, this time starting from the Flatiron end.
Epic hike! Visited both the summit above Flatiron and La Barge 5,057' and clocked 13.1 miles and over 4,700' elevation gain. The whole trip took about 8 hours including breaks. Nice to have company this time!
This hike is long and hard so remember to train for it. My legs were hurting going down Carney Springs.

Tough, very technical hike for the inexperienced. Amazing views at the top and well worth it. Very poorly marked trail. Even harder coming down. Go slow and watch for cairns.

Great challenging hike that has a little bit of everything.

No comment...just wonderful, amazing trail.

Really cool trail. The scale up is pretty fun and the caves are a really interesting sight. Not rocky and not particularly hard.

6 days ago

We usually hike on the E/NE side of Tucson. If this is the case for you, too....don't do that. Please include this trail in your do list. We took the King Canyon Trail out then returned via Hugh Norris Trail, Sendero Esperanza Trail, and Gould Mine Trail. I would recommend doing it in this order if you do the loop. The views of Tucson and the Sonora Desert museum area are amazing and you don't want to be looking down at your feet finding the next step and miss it.

The return trails are mostly a very gradually descending, sandy pathway. Very easy to see and navigate. I believe that the signs on these contrast what is marked on maps. I THOUGHT that the first part of the trail up top was Sendero Esperanza on the signs but it says Hugh Norris on the map. Maybe? I dunno.

Regardless, after about 2 miles on the return hike, you come to a sign that gives you 3 or 4 options to continue. We took what indicated we were hiking to a picnic area. We never saw that picnic area but shortly later on the at trail we took a turn back toward the parking lot on the "King Canyon Trailhead" (vs King Canyon TRAIL)

I found this to be one of the most rewarding hikes in the Tucson area I have ever done.

Nice hike! A good leg stretch without too much drama in terms of ups and downs.

Beautiful views of canyon Lake.

This was a great trail!
The first 5 miles are fairly flat and the trail is well maintained. The 6th mile is a decent work out and takes you to to the top of the black mesa. Amazing 360 degree views of the Superstition Wilderness including Weaver’s Needle, and the 5,057’ and 5,024’ Superstition peaks and the ridgeline between.
The last mile and the views from the top made it 5 stars for me. Love the Superstitions!

Did this the other day solo despite reading previous reviews it is what they say. Loose gravel, small cacti everywhere, bush wacking, scrambling up wet washes, and the worst marked trail I've ever encountered. If you've never done this then please do yourself a favor and go early in the day. I lost an hour on the way up and almost another hour on the way down. I think going down was almost more confusing. You think you're following your previous trail then you end up almost going off a cliff. no joke. Otherwise the summit was amazing, ate lunch on the bench and signed my name in a notebook inside the mailbox. estimate 5-6 hours total. Bring gloves, snacks, and plenty of water!

7 days ago

Must do at least once. I've done it 2.9 times (don't chicken if you are like me, because you'll be back again to finish what you started) and it is indescribable. This last time, in August 2018, I spent the rest of our time in the Valley pointing to the top and telling my husband, "Hey, we were up there on Tuesday morning!!".

First two times, we started at 4 AM and made it up to the cables after 10 AM. There was a lot of traffic, and for this acrophobe, it just made things worse. However, once you summit the sub dome, the cables look IMPOSSIBLE. Get right up to them and you'll see it isn't as straight up as you think. I think having carabiners to clip yourself in just to ease your mind a bit is a great idea, though I've done it without each time. A couple tricky spots, but if you keep things one plank at a time, you'll get there.

In August, my husband and I started at 12 AM. Once we got to the mist trail, I realized we left our gloves in the car (get decent work gloves from Home Depot or somewhere similar as they will work WONDERFULLY for the cables; you need the grip). Had to trek back so we finally started before 1 AM. Hiking in the dark was rough. Took the mist trail up as usual. We reached the pre-dome at sunrise and made it to the top at about 7:30. Absolutely gorgeous. Cables will likely exhaust you, so get ready for a long trip down. We got back to the parking lot (took the mist trail down, though I would recommend the Muir trail down if your knees are in agony; I just wanted my husband to see the falls) at about 1 PM, so it took 12 hours in all, which was the same as the previous trips. Slept for a looooong time after that.

Rejuvenation! Breathtaking views. Easily one of my favorite trails easily accessible from Phoenix.

Nice trail all the way

hard trail down. beautiful views

360 views. Great hike.

This trail was gorgeous, and its easy to see why it was so popular! That said, the Hidden Valley portion of the trail should be for VERY experienced dogs only, as there's a fair bit of scrambling and difficult areas to climb up. We had to carry our dog across a ledge at one point, and when we decided to turn back for her sake we ended up needing to put her in a lap and slide down a boulder. She's 45 pounds, so a bigger dog might have had an easier time with it, but I do NOT recommend the Hidden Valley trail for dogs!

Such an awesome hike. Did it in two days one night, but spreading it out over another night would have been nice. Started in a Thursday morning and was back Friday evening. Saw other people out but we’re alone on the peak for most of the time we were up there. Starts out forested then opens into valleys with awesome views of the surrounding mountains, then over the pass and up to an epic peak.

10 days ago

Pretty decent hike, nice if you like flat hiking for several miles before ascending. A little tricky to find the trail to start going up, but we used the GPS marker on the trail map (AllTrails) to back track when we accidentally passed it. Kept us on route

10 days ago

Good trail, however, very rocky. It was harder coming back down due to the rocky path. Had to stop for the beautiful views due to uncertain terrain.

Great hike. Constant elevation gain with minimal leveling points. Very rocky with loose gravel. Take your time. Beautiful views of cacti and surrounding mountains. Completed 1/12/19 4hrs 7.2 miles.

Hiked this for a second time and loved it! Definitely one of the more scenic hikes in the PHX area.

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