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4 days ago

Amazing trail. I was initially disappointed that it was raining my only day in Ithaca but turned out for the best. There were hardly any people to contend with and it cooled me off on what couldn’t been a tough hike/trail run. I did a lollipop loop where I started at the south lot took a left halfway through to get the rim trail and then got back on the gorge trail at the north lot. Another advantage to parking the south lot was a cold refreshing dip afterwards!

Beautiful trails with amazing views. I was there on Aug 11th. Used a little bug spray and haven’t had a single bug bite. My dog hasn’t had any ticks and was able to handle this hike well. The park offers trails for all ages, a kid and dog-friendly nature center and a butterfly house.

5 days ago

We started from the south lot so we did all the elevation first, a lot of steps and inclines in this direction but not terrible. The views are spectacular from the rim and the gorge side once alongside the falls. The step on the rim trail took a good bit of effort but I was looking for that. If you’re looking for an easier route than you could Park 2 cars, one at each lot and start from the north to mostly skip the inclines. Really amazing spot and well maintained.

8 days ago

Definitely a well maintained man made trail. A good workout and a beautiful view.

As a lot of other reviews state, the trails could be marked a bit better. They’re a little muddy after all the rain we have had, which is to be expected. If you’re looking for the waterfalls, you need to take the red trail across the road from the parking lot. Then the easiest way I found is to keep taking any trail going to the right to stay along the creek.

Not very busy. Very steep in a few places. Falls were a bit dried up but still pretty.

Good beginners trail. Enjoyed the walk. Three hours with nature!!!!

13 days ago

Fantastic hike today with a refreshing dip at the end at the lower falls ... highly recommend this spot if you are in the Finger Lakes region.

14 days ago

Very nice easy hike to the water. I loved the falls and nice sandy beach. Bring a camera and a picnic basket and enjoy the day!

Great hike, devils pool is refreshing.....but rocks are very slippery! Hardly any restrooms though

17 days ago

My family and I did this hike last week and it was not quite what we were expecting! Be aware that the actual trail to the falls was closed years ago to several deaths at the falls. If you are planning to hike to the bottom of the falls you may want some hiking experience, bushwhacking skills, and access to a GPS or topographical map. The trail to the lake was well marked and fairly easy to traverse. After the lake we had difficulty picking up the trail but were able to do so ( thanks All Trails app!). The trail to the falls was unmarked and difficult to follow, but followed the stream from the lake pretty closely. We arrived at the top of the falls and found it quite startlingly high! It was easy to see why many deadly falls occurred here, the top of the falls is bulbous, in a way that could invite hikers to peer too close. We started to try to make our way to the bottom of the gorge by weaving out around the falls but got nervous and headed back. If you are really set on seeing the full view of the falls then I have heard that there is another unmarked trail that comes in from Mountain Home Road that approaches the falls from the bottom.

17 days ago

Very lovely views, lots of nice spots to sit along the way. SOOO MANY STEPS! Picnic area was very nice. One of the better waterfall hikes upstate.

18 days ago

Challenging hike to complete. Progressively more difficult the deeper you get. Not a long hike distance wise, but periods of uphill scrambling on all 4’s, super slippery waterfalls and sliding down a steep hill on your bum going from tree to tree for support. The trail is not clearly marked on some parts leaving you to seemingly go off piste. Not appropriate for dogs.

18 days ago

Ok I found an easier way into potters falls. You can go in through the south hills recreation way trail walk in from Burns Road there is parking right at the trail head. Walk in until you find a blocked entrance on the right hand side of the trail. There is a metal gate blocking the trail and at one end of the gate there is a very unique wooden passage-way that is bent at a 90 degree angle and only large enough for a person to fit through. I believe this is done to keep bikes off of the trail. hike in and follow the trail it is a very clearly beaten path. I would not go just after a rain storm the trail will be very slippery and muddy. Hike in until you see signs saying no trespassing or swimming and something about the water shed. When you get to the signs the trail turns right. So take a right at the signs and potters falls is down on the left about 1500 to 2000 feet. Its a fun hike through the woods and I did it totally naked, so if you dare to be bare go for it. I did see that the trail was heavily trafficked since there were allot of fresh sneaker prints in the muddy areas of the trail so you may run into others. Just as long as your cool about it no one cares. I did see blue blazes or paint marks on the trees all the way in so keep an eye out. Just in case anyone wants to know the GPS coordinates for potters falls is 42.41880 and -76.464000 or 42 degrees 25 minutes and 07.7 seconds N and 76 Degrees 27 minutes and 50.4 seconds W. Mystery solved!

19 days ago

The waterfall looks amazing right now! Watch out for the bogs, just on the edge of the ferns-almost lost a shoe today, had a @$&! of a time getting it back! The forest looks, to me, to be predominately birch and maple and probably looks magical in October. I’ll be back!

19 days ago

Did this hike out/back along Midstate Trail today after having heavy rains all week. The falls were glorious! Both the larger ones were running full, was really a great spot to hang out for a while. Lots of nice fire rings and camping spots along the falls. Grateful for the rope to help scale up and down the steep edges. Water was high and stream crossing was a bit more challenging than I’d imagine it normally is, but it made for an awesome day.

Great trail and a good workout for a little loop.


The stairs up we’re difficult for me, but the waterfalls were the big pay off. Definitely made it worth it to slide down the little rock slide into the pool, and to jump off the rocks into the water below!

27 days ago

Trail is not marked the best, would like to explore further next time, otherwise fairly easy and enjoyable:)

Lots of vertical change. Trail heavily trafficked. Not to bad around dusk.

28 days ago

The trails are easy to follow, clean and easy going for walking or hiking.

If you like waterfalls you will love the gorge walk. This is dog friendly

Great hike pretty steep in some areas

It is a good trial did it with my family any bike works and it was a breeze but the kids had some trouble going up the hills

Love!! Went here because it’s close to my sisters in the city but still on the way from Chalfont area. Hike was a workout and kicked my butt! (In the best way of course). I loved that it was easy enough but harder than most of my go-to trails. Will definitely be returning :) watch for the little spiders that build their web right across the trails!

Great place easy hike worth the drive.

Very nice trail. The trail is wide and easy to walk. We walked the red trail to blue loop. A couple of somewhat steep climbs, but most of the trail is blacktop so walking was easy. We were pleasantly surprised with this trail and will definitely go back!

Honestly hard to find but with the help from other comments i was able to find the falls. When arriving there’s a small trail near the bridge so don’t drive pass it like i did! The small falls was enjoyable to take photos and walk around in. Only difficulty i encountered was being able to see the large waterfall from below. If you continue for about 5 feet you’ll eventually see a rope... that’s the only way i found to get to my destination and since i really wanted photographs of the falls i took the rope down. But from experience, look for another route because if you don’t have balance and/or concentration it’s going to be a painful fall. Overall 4/5 loved the waterfall from below and above, water felt and the photos came out amazing.

1 month ago

Excellent. Short, wheelchair accessible and a glorious waterfall at the end.

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