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great for a sunrise hike. Go early and park by the beach.

Steep areas-especially starting out. Slippery and muddy in spots. Definitely gave my legs a work out! Beautiful view from top!

21 hours ago

Trail was good has far as the pillbox. After that, it’s not clear where trail goes. We tried to follow the loop on the map but couldn’t find it. Once you get past the pillbox and go inland, there’s a lot of trails, almost none of which are marked. Best view is not from the pillbox, but from a small clearing in an area with tall grass a little before the pillbox.

1 day ago

Easy hike with an awesome view. Great at sunset.

easy hike, great view!

super touristy and you have to pay to get in. but beautiful views

2 days ago

lots of vehicle break ins in this area.

It's funny to see some of the reviews on here that undoubtedly have to be tourists from acting like this has to be the best hike on the island because it's so amazing. I realize this sounds condescending, but I humble myself by saying I've only lived in Hawaii for about 6 weeks now and before I experienced some of the most breathtaking trails here, I probably would have said Diamond Head was the best hike I've ever done.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great hike and a great one to start with if you're going to do more intense (and dangerous) trails later. But in my opinion it is FAR FROM the best hike. I'm going to list some pros and cons of this hike. Now remember, it's all about preference and perspective, so my pros might be cons for you and visa versa. I'm more of a hiking enthusiast. So I'd guess that my review would resemble another hiking enthusiast's preferences. Not a family's with children with them.

-Great views at the top. One of the few places you can see the Honolulu skyline from such an extraordinary angle.
-There's a parking lot right by where the trail starts for convenience
-Cool rock formations along the walking trail and views almost all the way up
-You get to walk through a cave like structure through the mountain at one point
-Bathrooms and water at trailhead

-Extremely crowded. Everyone comes here. I went on a Thursday mid morning and parking lot was full and trail full of people. Would hate to see it on the weekends.
-You have to pay 5 dollars to park or 1 dollar if you walk in(like I did).
-Hardly a hiking trail. It is very well maintained/established and feels like you're walking through a line to get on a Jurrastic Park ride at Universal Studios.
-Way to easy. Dont get me wrong, still a climb, and it's a workout, but other than an increased heart rate and a bit of sweating, it's a little challenge. (560 foot climb)
-Views are great but not very high up(760 feet above sea level). Many other trails have a better altitude.

In summary, I think it's a good hike to do and check out because it's still a great hike and very iconic. It's just very different than every other Hawaii hike I've done. If you want want something more rugged and more challenging with more nature and less crowds, check out kaau crater hike. Or 3 peaks olomana trail! Along with tons more.

A very easy hike with lots of views. It’s one I can bring visitors on who I’m not sure are that into hiking, but appreciate being in paradise. If you’re looking for something challenging, this is not it.

2 days ago

Half of the walk is very nice and beautiful. The other half is fairly industrial.

Pillbox gives great views of the ridges and the ocean. It's a good workout, but make sure to complete this before noon. The sun beaming down on you makes for a very warm experience quick. after the first 2 bunkers, it's not needed to go any further. I went a bit further but eventually turned back because those give the best views.

I would suggest not doing this on a rainy day because there are a handful of very muddy steep slopes that would make for a not so fun time unless you are wearing spikes on your shoes/boots.

Park by Lanikai Beach and walk to the trail. Afterwards go rest and hangout at the beach!

5/5 because it's a solid hike, brings great views, and is next door to one of the more enjoyable beaches in Oahu!

Easy to walk to the top within 30 minutes. Do not bring a stroller as the trail turns from a flat sidewalk, to bumpy rocks, to stairs and a narrow tunnel. There are a few lookouts as you go up to rest/hang out. This isn't a challenging hike, and it's not much of an adventure if you are a hiker. It's worth it to check out for the views to kill 1 hour of the day and to get a little workout in. You can park at the lookout for free before entering diamond head tunnel, or you can park in their provided parking lot for $5. If you walk in and park outside, you do have to pay $1.

3/5 because it's not an adventure, you have to pay, but it's good to do for the views.

Well, not really a trail, more of an ascent on some pavement that isn’t flat. It’s short which is nice cause it’s all up hill without rest stops. Great views from the top.

Beautiful view! This is more of a climb than a hike. There were many shrines where people fell off and died which indicates the safety of this hike

Grab a coconut water to enjoy along the way to the observation station if you dont mind keeping it with you as there is the pack in, pack out rule. Rewarding views. Great work out!

We hiked to the marker and back which was closer to 2.5 miles from where we had to park, down the road. A lot of people to the first pill box, a little drop off to the 2nd and next to no one goes to the marker. Fabulous 360 views of the ocean, beaches and the mountains to the interior. Pretty steep start to the first pill box but not far.

Hiked out to the point from the northern parking lot to catch the sunset, a popular reason to do this hike. Bring a flashlight for the way back, although the slow darkness will allow your eyes to adjust. Flat easy out and back which passes you through the Albatross Preserve. My GPS had the out and back from the parking lot closer to 6-miles.

Short but fun hike. The hike is "officially' closed but pass the signs and keep on going like the others. The ascent (and descent) is very steep going up nearly 500-feet in the 0.4-mile. Some amazing 360 views at the top that may be a little intimidating for those afraid of heights. Go to to both main rocky outcroppings. Be warned that there has been some serious injuries and even fatalities on this hike because of the drop offs at the top.

beautiful walk to see both ocean, reefs, wikdlife and mountains of North West Oahu.

Diamond Head is so famous and popular for good reasons - the hike is a bit challenging without being overwhelming, and the view is indescribably beautiful! Just be prepared to deal with large crowds if you don't go really early. The view of Honolulu and Waikiki makes it totally worth it though.

8 days ago

Lots of history and great views of Pearl Harbor on this walk.

10/13/2018-Started around 0715 and it wasn’t too crowded today. A little humid at the start but once we got closer to the top it was cooler. Thankfully it was overcast most of the time so the sun didn’t bake us but we still wore sunscreen. =) View at the top was awesome as usual.

one of the best hikes ive ever had, amazing view

Definitely a must if you are in the area. Hike starts in the Crater and goes up to the rim. We were there before 8am and the trail was very crowded. I would recommend getting there earlier.

8 days ago

This is a pretty safe, relatively easy trail that is easy to follow and offers pretty spectacular views of the North Shore. If you're just a couch potato, you'll definitely find it challenging as it's pretty much straight uphill, but it's not too difficult. It was very enjoyable.

Beautiful waves. At at the end there a a beach. We saw seals and baby albatross. Long hike and very hot. Wear a hat.

9 days ago

Great hike. Beautiful trees and great view. Do this hike before sunset so see the beautiful views. Bring a flashlight when walking back.

Mud!!! The trail is an absolute mud pit and the view is not worth the effort,

11 days ago

Fantastic hike, very rugged. Several ropes make it challenging but the views from the top are amazing.

Great hike. I went at 630am, reaching the summit around 650am. The three reasons I'd suggest this early time are cooler temperatures, less people, and great light if you're into photography.

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