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Great hike with some nice elevation changes. For what we have in Louisiana this is one of the best trails in the Southeastern part of the state. Well maintained. The main Gorge trail is well marked and fairly easy to follow. Mostly wide track and well groomed. Mountain bikes also use this trail.

trail running
4 days ago

Great Trail. After my wife's nagging, my family and I went to the park for the first time on the 4th of July and walked the trail. Enjoyed it so much that we went back on the 7th of July and walked the trail again. On the 7th of July we walked up on about a half dozen wild turkeys. Parked next to the Gorge Run Trail where you can go down into the lower gorge. Walked the lower gorge trail to the right, be careful, some of the 2x6's need to be replaced, back up to the Gorge Run Trail, walked the Gorge Run Trail. Took time to stop by the water park area and the beach area. We are going to go back and park by the beach area with a picnic lunch, walk the trail and return to the picnic lunch and some splash time in the Bogue Chitto. Beautiful park, nice well marked trail.

trail running
13 days ago

Nice shaded trail. Lots of small hills and switchbacks. Ran the Armadillo Dash here. It's a bit narrow for a full on race, but shade made it nice. Very dry and dusty. Pretty hot in July with no breeze. Would be a lot of fun in cooler temps.

This is a beautiful state park. Biking trails are a little rough, but challenging, I go often to support system. We need more hikers and bikers to make trails more well established.

It's a very nice and clean boardwalk. Do watch for snakes, there was one on the boardwalk.

20 days ago

trail running
22 days ago

Really pretty area right in the middle of town. Shades trails are crushed rock and are not rutted. The only thing I would change is marking a single path that takes you around all the available paths. I was able to get almost 3 miles in with minimal repeat, but I had to guess where to go.

an awesome trail. Geat views of the river, very clean, lots of animal tracks, small water crossing (no problem if you have water proof boots). Only seen one other person on the trail walking their doggo.

29 days ago

This trail Can be hiked as a lollipop with a short stick rather than a simple out-n-back. I hiked this trail heading straight out towards the bunkers and back along the Donner Canal. Coming back the trail is seriously overgrown - did not look like it had been used in many days (for that matter, I did not see a single other hiker anywhere on this Father's Day Sunday afternoon). The trail maps posted alongside the trail by the Conservancy Foundation (bless them though for keeping this site open at all!) are inaccurate, especially as to the piece along the Donner Canal which is not at all a straight line like they depict and also they don't show you get easily get there from the bunkers. If hiking that piece, wear long pants - you could run into a snake in the high growth as I in fact did - a copper-colored one and I did not stick around to find out what kind. Other than that, saw one bunny wabbit, a salamander, two birds (one bright-red) and one squirrel which made me think to my 22 Cal. The hike out & back to the bunkers (creepy!) as shown on AT would be easy and is pretty most of the way, but the way back paralleling the canal was kind of tough and frankly not worth the effort scenically - I kept thinking it would be nice to get off the trail and up to the levee which was occasionally visible. Either way though, a worthwhile hike for its isolation, considering you are less than 1/2 hour drive from downtown NOLA.

It was a great trail. But, you definitely need some bug spray! Overall, my mom and I enjoyed it for our first ever hike! And the hills and elevation are good for a Louisianan’s standards!

Great trail and one of the only MTB trails in the state. Good with hardtail or F/S.

Loved all the turns and things to do on this trail. I was pleasantly surprised from coming from Arkansas. However, the horseflies ruled the roost the whole time. God forbid I slowed down or stopped for water. They attacked in numbers. Being repellant, wear some long sleeves or going when it’s cooler outside.

1 month ago

Walked the trail two days in a row with my dogs. Weekdays at 9am. Only a few other cars; bikers; runners and walkers. Never saw them again, except in parking lot. My two dogs loved it. They broke off the leashes to chase a turtle and they ended up in a murky pond. So, we all used the hoses located at the trailhead to wash off the mud. First day 2 1/2 hours (I think I backtracked a bunch); second day 1 1/2 hours.

Nice trail to run. A little technical in spots but nothing too bad. Will be coming back to this one

UPDATE: (04/28/18) Couldn't resist, had to go back. trail was 90% dry and 100% runnable. light maintenance and it will back to great shape.

wanted to write a review so hikers/runners/bikers could get an update since the spillway was flooded back in amarch.
Today (4/22/18) I ran/walked the trail. The 1st half runs along the waters edge and since it is the high part of the trail and receives plenty of sunshine, it was 90% runnable/bikeable. The second half, which is the shady low side, was extremely wet and difficult to run. I mostly walked after slipping a few times. i'm hopeful a few more weeks of decent weather will help dry things out.
As for the trail itself, it is a fun trail with the 1st half behind extremely fast. The back half is a little technical with switch backs and some up and downs. The trail is mostly clean but every once in a while root may sneak up on you, so keep your eyes open.
I will try and update in late May.

Good trail overall, except the day I came I only made it halfway. Trail turned into gumbo near the river and a dead fish was gasping his last breath. Trail is beautiful otherwise.

nature trips
2 months ago

This boardwalk trail is similar to the Nature Center Loop Trail. The entire trail is very well maintained. Nice little 0.5 mile walk.

This is a very nice trail inside of a very nice park. My husband and I did it this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trail has a couple of small areas where it is "hilly" --for Louisiana :) . There were a few spots that were muddy due to recent rain and one small narrow crossing over a very shallow creek but we figured out how to cross without getting wet. I would put bug spray on prior to walking now that we are going into spring/summer.

Considering it’s in the heart of Baton Rouge, it’s a great trail. My son, who is 6, was a trooper and walked the entire trail no problem. The boardwalk is a great change of scenery and had some pretty views. We saw some frogs, egrets, and a water moccasin. Pretty good outing for a February.

4 months ago

This is a great hike for Louisiana which is normally very flat and doesnt have a lot of hiking option. Because it's a mountain bike trail it has a lot of little hills and is is always interesting. I especially liked that there is a beach on the river to take a nice break. There is about 11 miles total of trail if you do every loop, although my pup and I did about 4 miles- it is easy to make it whatever hike you want, choosing which loops to do. There is even a shortcut trail (yellow markers) to cut off some of the loops. It can be confusing at times but it was fun and a good work out.

Decent trail. Trash throughout trail.

5 months ago

Trail was great and marked well. Beautiful views of the river. The negative of this trail is the crime in the surrounding area. While hiking our vehicle was vandalized by someone attempting to break in. Although unsuccessful in the attempt, a lot of time was spent sorting out the police and insurance claim. Great trail, beware of the crime.

It was really fun! It was muddy when we went but still a good trail for the BR area.

Very nice trail - recommend doing it backwards for hiking,

This is really great trail. I went when it just rained and he river flooded some of the trail. We still walked it. It doesn’t take that long but it is really great fun! I love the sights and the hike of this trail.

It was actually a great hike. I wouldn’t recommend right after it has rained a lot because the trail was cut off by the river. If you had a good pair rain boots this is get! It was a good easy hike and fun! (:

Well maintained trail. The trail floods during heavy rains cutting off most of the trail. Very easy hike.

5 months ago

k so a few things they don't tell you about this trail. It is not a simple loop trail and the trail maps are crap. Know how to use a compass and give yourself plenty of time for this hike. The woods contain wild pigs and water moccasins, armadillos and cottonmouth snakes. There are also rattlesnakes that don't rattle, a learned behavior to keep from being eaten by wild pigs. I saw wild pig tracks today on the trail. it's beautiful, great bald Cypress trees, mulberry and Ash, among others. It was easy to find a good branch to use for a walking stick. Bring off! spray even if you think you won't need it. It's January and I still got eaten by mosquitoes at sunset. Best to hike with a friend especially if you're new to hiking longer trails that twist and turn and split off. The abandoned car was interesting. Bunkers were creepy and cool. Great informational signage on trees and vines, and I saw some gorgeous birds; a pelican flew down the canal not ten feet from me. Definitely worth it, just be prepared. I went two hours without seeing another person. Do not get stuck out overnight.

Had a great time. One of our favorite place for a nice easy hike. Hardly anyone else one the trails today. Saw quite a few deer

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