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I went in September it was dry and had only sparse bugs. It was a nice stroll but I cant wait to come back with my bike. if your looking for a real connection with nature though you might walk away disappointed because of all the garbage, the oil pipeline warning signs and noise from the nearby airport. Next time I'll probably go back with a garbage bag to help clear out some of the plastic bottles ect. please take your trash with you.

Great trail run. Beautiful scenery! Absolutely loved the GIANT BAMBOO!!! Need more parking, lot full due to people fishing at the end of the railroad trail. Will return.

trail running
8 days ago

A lot of construction going on but still enjoyed this out and back at the end of the hardwood trail. Fishing at the river, there are benches and port a pots. The couple little hills on the trails provided just enough resistance to get me sweating. Saw quite a few people walking along the tracks.

Love this trail. A Mountain bike trail very well kept and / but much travelled. Be aware of the mountain bikers and travel the trail in reverse like they suggest.
Scenery is great and overlooks the River at one point.

9 days ago

My husband and I had great runs on this trail! We run separately due to speed differences and both got off trail and turned around in different spots. I would like to see more trail markers for newbies like myself but getting turned around just adds to the experience. We live close, we will revisit this trail many times! This trail is not stroller friendly but is kid friendly.

trail running
9 days ago

Trail running. This trail is very nice. The trail head starts as a nice open developed path, within a mile it slims up a bit but still wide enough for the few families with younger children to walk thru and complete. The back half southern part had a few mud spots and a random log across the path from the recent weather but other than that, nice. The third part of the trail goes back upon the raised wooden walk and over the swamp to beautiful scenery, a small river and much wildlife. Even seen a decent sized gator out for a swim. This is the longest of the three trails to enjoy in TSP. This trail isnt far from my home, 15miles or so, so we will return.

Beautiful trail. Stroller friendly. I use a bike stroller, my tires had no problem going through mud and over tree roots. Will be a little tougher for a traditional stroller but still possible. Few mud puddles but easy enough to go around. Nice views of the river. Dog friendly. Family friendly. Trial ends on the boardwalk, you can cross to the right to go over the river or go left for nice elevated views above marsh lands.

awesome trail for hiking or offroad

22 days ago

Trails overgrown. Not much to see. If you are just looking for a bike trail. This is probably better for such. Not that it was terrible, but not worth the gas to get out here.

Beautiful greenery. Trail was well maintained gravel with little over grown onto the trail. The pup really enjoyed it! Make sure you let them potty before starting or else you’ll be carrying doggie bags the entire trip. I learned that the hard way.

1 month ago

Easy trail really but not well maintained which makes it a little overgrown. The bridge crossing the river is washed out. Watch out for spider webs all over the trail as it is overgrown and closed in. It is muddy especially after a rain.

VERY buggy (skeeters) and muddy, with little change in either scenery or elevation. Was happy to check it out since it’s so close to New Orleans but probably won’t return. Only saw two mountain bikers so that wasn’t an issue at all.

Really like this hike. Be careful if bringing dogs, my dog likes the water and likes to get in when he sees it. Gators wait by the shore for something in the water. Thankfully I knew to watch carefully and kept him close.

Also saw a copperhead, a water snake and 5 of 6 hogs. Great wildlife. Tends to flood a little bit but was still able to hike it all.

Great place !! Fun trails .. Beach trail is a plus!! Kid friendly !!

Not fun at all. The trail is not used often so it is a maze of brush and hidden spider webs. Went in about 0.25 miles and decided to turn around when reaching the fifth spider web infested obstacle that completely blocked the trail. Wish I had seen previous reviews prior to arriving to the park.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I live local to the track. Has plenty for all kinds of riders. Plenty trails and pretty well kept up. Recommend over most trails in Louisiana!!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Didn’t care for it.

Great trail. Easy to follow. There are a few places where trees have fallen across the trail. We’d do it again. This trail is DEFINITELY more than 4.4 miles. Much respect to the ones that bike the Beast!

A great hike for Louisiana. It does follow some paved roads at certain points but still offers some great views of the river. The trail is still well maintained and pretty dry considering recent rain.

Great hike. I strongly suggest bringing some bug spray. If you’re into fishing: the trail has an abundance of streams and little lakes where you can drop a line. Not all trail markers are easily seen and some intersections are not marked properly so download a map if you can.

It’s a great hike/workout! Please do respect the bikes, if you hear them coming towards you, step out of the way!! Enjoy!

1 month ago

Well maintained, nice trail.

Excellent quick escape from the city. Feels further than it is. Easy and peaceful scenery.

2 months ago

I’ve hiked and bike here many times. Excellent for Louisiana! Close to BR. Recommended for a local hike and/or challenging single track mountain biking.


well maintained single track. no problems with spider webs or biting bugs (used 25% deet).
Signs directed me to run opposite direction which made getting out of the way of mountain bikers easy.
the trail can be a little confusing at times with lots of little cut in trails feeding in and out to the main trail. i stayed pretty true but got turned around a few timed. i was quickly able to get back on track.
will try and run again soon.

Trail looks like it hasn’t been touched in 5 months.

3 months ago

Good easy trail to follow. Lots of sand flies near the bunkers, repellant would have been nice. Lots of things to see along the trail, birds, raccoons, grasshoppers, flies, mosquitos, a couple of squirrels, a rabbit and some big nasty looking spiders (not dangerous to people, although would not like to play with them). Heard some bigger animals in the wilderness, but did not get a glance of them.

3 months ago

Go when it hasn't rained for a few days. Well marked trail going thru old growth cypress trees that lead to a WW II ammo bunker. Feral hogs are in the area.

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