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2 days ago

Loved it. Challenging if you fear heights but fantastic views.

Astonishing view, it is worth the sweat

Did it yesterday! Gorgeous view. It is not difficult but the trail is quite long. In mountain, it was cold.

9 days ago

Did this hike on September 23rd with my dad... what an amazing hike!! Super easy to find the trail head, great markers, and WHAT A VIEW. We didn't actually get that great of a view because it was extremely foggy and also snowing when we got to the peak, but the larches and the scenery close to us made up for that. I would do this hike a million times over, I loved it so much.
Round trip: 7.5 hours! (this is with about an hour of break time as well, and we weren't rushing at all)

DO THIS HIKE PEOPLE. Seriously you will not regret it.

rock climbing
12 days ago

amazing Hike!!! one of the best I have ever made in Canada! we had really luck with the weather and the view was so amazing and also the hike up to the summit was challenging and so enjoyable if you are fit :D
even some free climbing was possible, but you have to be sure, what you are doing :D

13 days ago

Stunning! Hiked this trail on 6th October 2018 when the larches were golden. After about halfway the trail was slippery/ icy - would recommend microspikes.

trail running
14 days ago

Consistent climbing all the way. I run to the glacier and back in just over 3hrs running at an athletes training pace. Beyond the glacier going up to the summit it gets a bit more technical, more scrambling. Some people use ropes to get around one slightly more technical spot on the ledge, but I do it with no rope all the time. From the glacier to the top it’s another 2hrs round trip if you’re fit. Best to wait until June to wait for all the snow to melt if you want to go to the summit.

how they do that

Too foggy to see anything, can't wait to try again

1 month ago

Thinking of doing this one the last weekend of September. Would love to know if there’s still water up there then! Please update if you go up there :)

Straight up and straight down. Heart pumping on the way up. Quadriceps screaming on great down. The last bit of ascent can wig you out if you think too hard. Just stay focused and keep going... it’s so worth it. Breathtaking beauty abounds.

Sep 2. Left parking lot at 8:46 am, summited at 12 pm. 2 hours and 10 mins back to car. Beautiful views up top, hike is medium hard. Puppy made it almost all the way, I carried her the last bit where the rocks were pretty sharp.

1 month ago

Beautiful lake. Only issue is the way wash room was built.

The scramble was too much for me and my friend, it seemed more like rock climbing at points. We followed the footsteps at the beginning of the hike (there was some snow and was our first time) which led us way off trail. Ended up taking 2hrs45mins to get past the needle peak/flatiron lake junction. 1hr10mins down. Very easy to find your direction, highway was nearly dead North and could see it from most viewpoints. 10/10 will hike again later this year!

Awesome hike. Took us 2.5 hrs to top of peak. Recommend bringing a wind breaker and gloves for the scramble at the end! Amazing views. Great hike for whole family, less adventerous people can split off and go to the lake!

1 month ago

Hiked up to the ridge on Saturday but got rained out. Came back on Monday and got to the peak. Weather was awesome with no trace of smoke in the sky after the rain on the weekend. Loved the scramble sections, wish they were longer! This trail should be rated as hard because of the scrambles and steep first section. If the Flatiron trail is rated hard in AllTrails, this one is definitely hard. (I backpacked Flatiron last year). Would go do it again! (I don't like that the AllTrails map shows a circular route, thats now how most people hike it and the east ridge looks very challenging.)

This is definitely one of my favourite hikes. This year I went in August, but a couple years back I went in September and the blueberry bushes had turned bright red making for quite the spectacle. This hike can be as long as you want it because there are so many view points that no matter how far you go it will be worthwhile. The first 45 minutes are a steep rooty climb through the forest, but it breaks off to a boulder field with 360 degrees of mountain views and then into a waving grassy trail that leads to the split off between Flat Iron (right) and Needle (left). If you continue to Flat Iron, you'll head into another rolling hill type of trail that winds (several paths) through low blueberry bushes and rocky outcrops. This eventually goes out to the lake. At the lake, there is a stunning view of the mountain (and usually some left over winter ice) and the water is clear and glassy like a mirror. There is so much to look at on this trail that I always end up making this a full day trip - it's hard to zoom through it because its simply so beautiful. After the lake you can continue to the top of the mountain. This is a bit of a rocky goat trail at first but the higher you go the flatter it gets. At the top there is a weird dark green tower - I've never really figured out what it's used for.

During the hike this year (Aug 2018) we encountered a group of people with an off leash dog. The dog charged and picked my dog (which was leashed in order to pass them) up by the neck and proceeded to thrash and bite. While no serious injury was sustained, I just want to remind people to stay safe and be respectful to other hikers. If you're going to have your dog off leash (even though here, it is stated that dogs must be on leash) - please at least be responsible about it and leash your dog to allow people to pass, even if your pet is typically friendly since you never know other people's situations. The last thing anyone wants is an emergency, especially while you're so far out from town. It would have taken us at least 2 hours to get to a vet or hospital had something gone terribly wrong.

We couldn't find the left side of the loop trailhead. Couldn't find it from Needle Peak either. Smoke impaired the views but wasn't smellable on the trail until getting to the junction for Flatiron. Took us 4 hours to summit Needle peak and took a few photos before retreating from flying ants. Beautiful views. Sketchy scrambling up to second ridge and to peak. Was hard hike for us.

Really nice walk with the tunnels and some small waterfalls below

Good cardio for first hour and stunning views.

this was a beautiful like just got back this morning there's a tower you can stay in just make sure you bring your own spoons and forks and sleeping bag there's beds up there and make sure you stop at the last Creek grab enough water but yeah I told the amazing hike

2 months ago

Only person on the trail this day. Fun hike with varied terrain. Views weren't great due to smoke but saw a few mountain goats grazing at the top. The access road was in terrible condition, lots of ditches for a lengthy stretch, suggest going in a high clearance vehicle. Stop and say hi to the lady camped at 36km with the honey sign, shes a colourful character and makes great honey!

2 months ago

Solid hike, the lakes are beautiful, but this seems to be a really buggy area and views were blocked partially by smoke, both of which contributed to 3 star rating.

2 months ago

Easy hike and beautiful lake.

It's been said many times that this hike is awesome but it is certainly tough for the first 45 mins or so at sometimes 25 degrees incline. The lake is very pretty and surprisingly warm for a dip. We encountered snow in some shaded areas which was also fun considering it was 35C or so. Great fun!

2 months ago

Great hike with variety and fantastic views! Our pace was slower then normal so our timing is reflected in this. 2 hr 45 min in the trees to the campsite and this was the most incline with well placed switch backs. The creek had running water and the campsite included an outhouse and bear cache! Nice little set up. We dropped our bags and continued on. Opens up to meadows and some views! Eventually you will see a stream on the right, it was a cooking hot day so we stopped to enjoy the freezing chill! Carried on, and the path turns to rocks for the remaining ascent. False summit with great views after 1.5 hours and then walk along the rocky ridge another 30 minutes to the summit to enjoy the incredible views! Soak it in but make sure you take bug spray - they were pretty bad at the camp site, along the hike and at the summit. Not unbearable for me, but everyone has different tolerance levels. No wind when we were up there, but I’ve heard it can be windy... which would help with the bugs. ;) After the campsite you are out in the sun for the remainder, so keep that in mind if it’s a hot day. One person in our group really felt the heat, slower her down and needing lots of water. We did refill at both the stream and creek - filtering the water before drinking it. We did notice pink in the snow higher up. Keep in mind the creek could dry up so don’t depend on the water, make sure you bring extra - we happened to know there was water as a friend had just been up. We stayed overnight in the camping area, enjoyed a relaxing morning before continuing our descent, ready for a swim in lighting lakes! I’d love to go back in the fall to see the larches!

This is great hike and is worth the view. But the beginning has a lot of roots, so be careful. It is steep for most of the way. There are two major scrambles. It can be very hard for someone who is scared of heights. I would recommend good foot ware. The walk down can be a bit much for someone with bad knees. Plus this hike should be rated as hard.

A great walk for the whole family with awesome views.

2 months ago

Great trail, steep and rooty at the beginning so watch your footing. Once you get to the top of the first ridge the climb lessens. We didn’t go to Needle, but camped overnight at Flatiron. Wasn’t crowded at all despite being a long weekend. Will be back to do it again. Also watched an SAR rescue from Needle peak. Please come prepared and don’t attempt anything over your skill level!

on Gwillim Lakes

2 months ago

Did this last weekend. As a new hiker I found it tough, but it left me wanting more! Bring bug spray! Lots of hungry mosquitos. Road up was fine, just the last couple of km were pretty rough. See excellent description by BK Kennedy.

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