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Hiked today 7/15, gorgeous cloudy day. Lots of wildflowers and water along the way. One of my top 10 favorite CO hikes for sure.

Difficult, but the views along the way up are beautiful - can be hard on the joints and toes, also slippery when wet.
You can see the Denver skyline on a clear day!

Took my husband in his first backpack trip. Was well worth it as the flowers are in full bloom. Trail is well maintained. Rocky and lots of tree roots but the beauty makes up for it. We had perfect weather and were able to sleep under the stars.

Believe the hype - on the gorgeous hike, the dirt road to get there, and the amount of people. It’s all true!

Be sure to bring a high clearance vehicle, hiking boots, and layers. The road up is slow and bumpy and gets super sketch when vehicles are parked along side it and you’re forced to drive on the little space that remains regardless of its condition.

The hiking trail has lots of water features and rock fields so you’ll need proper footwear. It also gets windy and cooler at the top so bring layers.

Be prepared for an incredible variety of views, wildflowers, and bears, oh my! We felt like we saw it all. The trail was friendly with lots of dogs and even more hikers. It took us about 2 hours up (including a slight diversion where the trail splits at the pass - going right will lead you down to Caribou lake but it is called Arapahoe Pass trail so we took that. We should have followed the sign for Caribou Pass and gone left, up to Dorothy Lake which we eventually figured out). We saw a family of ptarmigan at the pass. The views of the mountains will take your breath away! It was 1 hour, 40 minutes to get back down. Only about 10 minutes from the trailhead we spotted a black bear cub grazing up the mountain. One of my favorite hikes yet.

Great trail not too crowded and great views on the way up, the top is the reward.

7/14. if you wanna do this, start early. I reached by 7.30 in the morning and the parking space was full and cars were already lined up along the road for atleast half a mile. so better reach early.

And the hike, OMG it's just amazing. lots and lots of wild flowers along the entire hike. so if you are interested in photography flowers, it's for you. The trail is well marked. The view does not disappoint you. The spot where tree line ends is just spectacular.

overall it took 3.5 hours uphill and just 2.5 hours downhill. be prepared to spend a good 7 hours on the trails and lake overall.

Above the tree line it is there are some loose rocks, so be careful. The lake is greenish blue adds to the amusement. Just walk past the lake for an amazing Mountain panoramic view.

1 day ago

Great trail that gets your heart rate going and wonderful views. Went up the castle trail up to walkers dream trail and took turkey trot on the way down. Saw a deer on the way. Effort to views was ideal

Still my favorite hike in The Front Range even though it’s gotten more crowded over the past year. Did the hike on 7:14 and beautiful wildflowers all around the lakes! (There are three easily accessible! Don’t miss the first to the left behind the trees)

2 days ago

Beautiful area, the three lakes are amazing, definitely a good spot to keep in the rotation.

Spent one night at upper camp lake. 70% of the trail was dry and fast the other 30% was slow and muddy due to snow melt. Setup camp on the south side of the lake on the beach. Prefect spot to camp just takes a little longer to navigate without getting your lower half of your body soaked. Saw one bull moose and a couple of deer. The trout were very active most people we talked to caught plenty of trout for dinner. We had the lake to ourselves for camping. Saw 4 parties walking out when we were heading in.

Great morning hike. Good 8 mike hike! Great views, wild flowers and decent climb. Decently traveled today with a lot of mtn bikers and hikers.

Great, dog-friendly front range hike. Got to parking lot around 8am and it was only half full. Took us 3 hours with a few stops for our pup, but could easily be done in 2. The switchbacks to the reservoir are worth the effort - nice spot to have a snack and relax for a bit. This seems to be a pretty quiet trail comparative to other hikes in the area. It does get pretty sunny and warm, so bring plenty of water.

2 days ago

One of the most amazing places I have been!
Hiked this trail on 7/8. Directions took us up West Dallas Creek and we could not access because it was private property. Make sure to use Dallas Creek road and it is easy to get to from there! The first mile/mile and a half is steep, but the rest of the hike is moderate. Get there earlier because it can get hot hiking up to the lake and also serious thunderstorms roll in around 3pm. Saw some people with one bottle of water... its a moderate/hard hike so make sure you bring plenty of water.
The views are SO worth the hike. The third lake is difficult to get to b/c it is a climb, but it is more secluded and absolutely gorgeous. Sat there and watched people summiting Sneffels and climbing the pass. One of the most amazing places I have been!!

Best views with the most exciting hike to the top!

Absolutely fantastic hike. This one has it all. With option to keep going further into hall ranch trails at the top. Was about to turn around at the top of sleepy lion in the large field before the view of the dam due to inclement weather but so glad I pushed forward. The sky went from dark most of the afternoon to a full 180 of afternoon sunlight. The river and dam portions are astonishing.

Beautiful view of flat irons and boulder at summit. Bring lots of water for ascent.

Fun! Starting above tree line takes away from the 14er experience of ascending/earning your changes of scenery, carried my 4-yr old, she hiked a good portion on her own, she didn’t like the exposure on the edge leading to the summit, and about lost it when she learned what a false summit was the hard way lol. However, a great experience for the two of us!

SO CROWDED/HEAVILY TRAFFICKED. Arrived at 8:30am on Friday 7.13. Upper lot was full and there were about 15 cars lined up along the road, so ~30 cars total. Once on the trail though, I was able to pass a few groups then was mostly alone. Definitely want to do this one in the AM because like others have said, coming down the volume of people had almost doubled.

Of course we're all there because the hike is amazing with lots of running brooks cutting across the trail, wildflowers, nice shade for the first half, and amazing views at the top. Was tough to trail run with so much loose granite towards the top, but I made due.

3 days ago

Great trail with access on the west and east ends. West end is a more gradual slope–perfect for kids. The east end has great views towards Morrison, Downtown Denver, and Red Rocks.
We hiked from the west end of the Castle trail out to the old ranch house and cornerstone of the attempted Summer Whitehouse. On the way back we added the Meadow and Tower trails to the south to form a loop.
If starting in the morning from the west, I would recommend the reverse: Meadow, Tower, then Castle. (Castle Trail is shaded whereas Meadow is not)
Good map in this app, but maps available to print by searching “Jeff Co Open Space Mount Falcon Park.”

Great trail, with amazing views!

Great summer trail next to river. People were taking dips and cooling down. First part of trail is a road but then the loop is a great true trail with nice views.

Super short and easy fourteener. Took me less than 2 hours to summit and 45 minutes to descend. Giving this 4 stars because it isn’t one of the prettiest fourteeners I’ve summited. Road leading to trailhead is rough but 2WD vehicles can make it.

This is a beautiful hike. I got elevation sickness so it may not be for everyone. It’s worth it though. Take lots of water or a water filter (lots of water everywhere) and sunscreen and make sure your battery on your camera is well charged because your going to use it!

scenic driving
5 days ago

This is a proper moderate level hike that I really enjoyed. Trails were clear and parking wasn’t horrible when we got there just before 7am (by 1030am though it was atrocious). Didn’t really see anyone else on the trail until we started coming down, this seems to be a busy spot even on a Wednesday morning. Lots of wildflowers, water crossings, and the lake is gorgeous, would highly recommend. The road up there, like others have stated, it’s a bit rough for lower cars. My newer outback did fine but I was a few small sedans struggling their way up when we left.

Pretty good hike, it's fun to explore the whole area. Meandered through and went on other trails here and spend about 5 hours here. Moderate hiker.
Devil's Elbor was a nice addition.

5 days ago

Would definitely recommend this hike!! finding the trail was tricky at times and we got a bit lost. directions below:

-Park at Stormy Peaks Trailhead
-Hike until you come upon a sign (will be behind you) for Original Wagon Road, follow the sign to the right. If you continue straight where there are green tags saying "Stormy" you are not going the right way.
-Upon reaching the reservoir, take an immediate right to the trail. It will be marked with a green tag that says B-17
-You'll come upon many forks in the trail but look on the ground for big arrows made from rocks/sticks

Slight steep climb at times but generally a level hike. Absolutely beautiful views and well-shaded! Parking was easy and not very crowded when we arrived at 9:30am.

6 days ago

i went here on a whim today and as my first and only hike in wyoming. great choice. it was well worth the hike as the falls area is absolutely amazing. the water wasn’t cold and i only wish i had brought my swimsuit. just be ready for some rock scrambling and bring plenty of water

6 days ago

Did this hike on a Sunday 7/1/18. The most beautiful hike I have ever done! Also one of the hardest. There are 3 lakes in total. The first lake is the easiest to get to and is beautiful in its own right. The middle and upper lake are up a more secluded trail that is to the left of the lower lake. They are stunning. This is when the trail got pretty difficult for me because it was basically straight uphill. But man was it worth it to see the upper lakes! Hiking to all 3 lakes is closer to 8.5 miles total. We got to the trailhead by 8am and had the trail up to ourselves. The way down was super packed though and super hot. Definitely go early and try to make it to the upper lakes if you can!

You know this hike is going to be great when people endure the final few miles of the drive in attempting to ruin the underbelly of your car. But the second mile of the hike up has amazing wildflowers and the top of the pass is a sight to behold. One of the best hikes I’ve done in Colorado!

6 days ago

My 5th 14er. Beautiful wildflowers and the old mine buildings are cool as well. There are a lot of trails to follow and we got a little off track and turned it into an 8+ mile hike. It was very windy in places and hiking near the top with drop-offs on both sides was a new and exciting experience for me.

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