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I go here with my bike sometimes because it is very close to where I live. The trails are primarily for hiking, but I have been coming here for almost 10 years and have never seen or heard anything to suggest bikes are not allowed. The ride to the top will take about an hour and a lot of muscle. The ride down can be as short as 5 minutes. There are several loops, and many parts of the trail have been widened and coated with gravel, I assume for access to logging equipment. This, combined with many straight sections and a lack of blind corners makes respectful biking here safe and easy. Don't be a jerk and ruin it for me. Only bike here if you can do so respectfully.

Great directions to the trailhead. The trail is wider and has a good uphill challenge. There are a lot of offshoots of the main trail so it was hard to stay on track. Nevertheless the hike was beautiful and the shrine was great.. even though I went on a not so clear day.

Such great views of surrounding areas of the Colombia River Gorge! Did this a few years back with 2 Cocker Spaniels and they did great besides all the barking!

9 days ago

Difficult road to travers to the actual trail head unless you have an all wheel drive vehicle. We walked the road to the TH and the trail itself is not long but steep and appearing not formerly maintained. The hike is sleek with rock and covered in fallen leaves making it difficult to traverse in many areas. The pay off is well worth the jaunt with a beautiful falls. The drive to this falls is also splendid.

Still closed as of 11/7/18

is this trail still closed??

Absolutely gorgeous! made it to the white locked fence easily thanks to the directions of *always staying to the left and down hill * directions once turn off of Crooked Finger Rd. Took second trail as stated below with Abbey Foundation sign and it was a quick hike in staying left once we hit the river.
Definitely going back once every season this next year !

Completed 10-8-18
Went in the dark, still a fun hike

Great elevation gain, took us a while, and we did it in the heat. But the view was so worth it!

A good hike— challenging for me since I hadn’t been out on a trail for months. We hiked up to the shrine and then back. Since the trail is rocky in places, I would recommend caution when going downhill because of slipping risk.


My brother & I drove ALL the way here for nothing...
We can hike like beasts and navigate well but once we got about 1/2 way done with the hike, your just left stranded and guessing.
there's a HUGE lack of signs and you just get lead to an open area of complete confusion.
We tried to find the right trail using the description but had no luck at all.
We tried to find the right way for an hour or two and just said screw all of this and packed it home.
If you want to waste your time... Come Up To This Trail!

Beautiful. Rog’s directions below are essential reading before you go.

Good varied trail. Little tricky to follow the path, but got there in the end. First time hiking for many years, so the outward uphill mile was tough for me..
Overall.. good two hour walk

1 month ago

Just beautiful. Well worth the hike.

1 month ago

Great hike!!!! past reviews helped big time to find the falls. once you get to the dead end it’s only .5 miles to falls but it’s a climb down and a climb back up ,totally worth though . lots of people while we were there . parking is very tight

Irresponsible dog owner or owners didn’t pick up after their dogs.
From the patterns and size of the business , I will say it’s from the same dog and owner.

1 month ago

This trail is very, very dangerous. If you are on the trail in Rog’s pictures (below), you might consider turning around and finding the easier trail a bit further down. We got pretty banged up and were told by a girl that her mom was life-flighted out due to sliding all the way down.

Under current driving conditions (9/22/18) I would say you absolutely must have a high clearance vehicle or you’re going to get stuck.

There are also people shooting guns and drinking most of the way down. Just a heads up.

The waterfall is magical and totally worth visiting.

2 months ago

First hammock camping trip. Tough climb to the lake. No bugs. Dry on the way up, but rained all night and on hike out. Saw fish caught. Probably swimmable with hot weather.
5 or 6 groups of day hikers but only one other overnighter at the lake.
Lots of day hikers with dogs on the lower, first section of the trail.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes that I went to. Absolutely beautiful! The unpaved road definitely makes it hard to walk so hiking shoes are recommended (I used running shoes and almost slipped few times). However, the scenery is breathtaking!!!! I got to observe the nature in the most vivid ways— got to see the wildlife (bees, spiders, garden snakes, etc...).

Abiqua is a hard hike but it totally worths the time and energy !!! My friends and I felt accomplished !

2 months ago

FREAKING GORGEOUS!! Getting there can be tricky so definitely read the previous comments made by others. I got there and had such an amazing time thanks to the tips and comments I read on here. The unpaved road constituted half of the hike literally but once you’re at the trailhead, the hike itself is less than 2 mi. Steep hills but the ropes and fallen trees along the way made it a tad easier. The waterfall made it up for all of the hard work. A MUST SEEN! This is by far the hardest but it is also my favorite hike! Super peaceful and calm :) I’m definitely coming back

Great loop. Well maintained trail, easy to navigate, beautiful open views. A few wildlife sightings which was a bonus, and only a few others on the path. Peaceful.

This is more of an uphill walk than a hike. Still enjoyed it! Would be great for trail running. Not a ton of views but was great for the dog. Barely saw anyone else and it was a Saturday.

2 months ago

Finding the trail head was a challenge. Spent about half an hour just trying to figure out where to start. Recommend having screen shots of directions as no cell service. My Subaru couldn’t make it all the way down so I hiked about 3 extra miles, GPS put me at about 5 round trip. It felt like a ton of work for the payoff but I’m giving 4 stars due to the lack of people (I went on a weekday).
Also, I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a dog unless they are very agile. I had to carry my 60lb pit bull up a steep hill because she was struggling.

Easy trail beautiful peaceful hike

on Abiqua Falls Trail

2 months ago

I passed the entrance and got lost for about an hour, until a really good person showed me the right road. It is true that the further you go, the sketchier it gets. I don’t think the road is meant for sedan cars, so I will recommend to drive the road as far as you can and the condition of the road allows you. When you start to see the road full of very sharp rocks, park the car in one of the several spots along the road. Then walk from that point. You will find at the end a closed white gate, then turn back and find to your left one of the trailhead with a withe and black sign (see picture). Once you’re there, as you already read from other comments, in the Y section, take the left and you’ll get to the bottom with no complications. You will use the ropes to climb down, but it is really easy. Enjoy :).

I second Jessica Davis' review. Yes this isn't your typical 'hike' where there's some sort of dirt trail leading you up a switch back but it's a nice, peaceful place with not a bunch of people. There are shrines and places to worship or find peace. Lots of random things in the woods and so many blackberries! Noms. Really enjoy it. If you go here, be mindful others are here for peace and quiet as well as exercise. Enjoy the views. You can see the mountains off in the distance at one point too. Lots to explore and take photos of.

Beautiful peaceful hike. The first mile was mainly uphill. I honestly have no idea what the person was talking about when they said it was just a "walk".. idk what kinda walks they take but Im in good shape and hike frequently, and this got my heart going.
After reaching a mile, there was a long stretch that smelled wonderful, like vanilla and cinnamon.
There was a sign for a shrine and viewpoint but we must have gone the wrong way because we never saw either.
The scenery was still beautiful, it wasnt the most breathtaking but its still Oregon.
At the end we reached a car port and turned right to go around it, then walked down to the gravel road (turned left on it) which leads back to the parking lot. The parking lot isn't large but has enough space for around 15 cars.
Didn't see one other person the whole time which was great. We had a great time there, will be back, maybe we'll find that shrine!

2 months ago

We really liked the environment. Brought 4 kids (ages 10-16). A little challenging to keep them quiet while we were around the abbey but the kids loved it. Since we were on a time crunch we took the trail that went around the pond and into the woods for a bit. Very nice and peaceful. We saw frogs, lizards, and deer. There are some memorial pieces along the way that we were curious about and wish there had been more info. We loved the environment. Something big jumped into the pond. Kids were convinced it was an alligator :)

2 months ago

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” ~Alan Watts

I left a wonderful gift for you to find here. You'll know it was from me when you wake up tomorrow feeling magnificent almost as if something has awoken inside of you. Be prepared for the ride of your life! You're going to experience several days the most incredible love in your heart. You'll recognize the one you truly love in everyone you see. You'll be so intoxicated by the thought of that special someone that sleep and reality will blur together.

No matter what happens in your life enjoy the moment that is now! Today is tomorrows yesterday and you can never do it again. It is the reason why I'm forced to leave this kind gift for you to discover. I can no longer look back, it's time to move on, I can only hope for forgiveness because all paths lead you to where your heart wants you to be. J

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