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Steep steps towards bottom. Down all the way in, up reverse. One of the nicest falls in NC. Well worth the hike

4 days ago

Excellent trail. We hiked after a rain and it was muddy in places, but the waterfall was well worth the wait.

Great trail. Lots of people though. Didn’t expect to be that crowded. Nice waterfall.

6 days ago

Quick hike to see a waterfall off of the Blue Ridge Parkway! We did this hike in a slight rainfall and it was perfect weather! Falls were the best at that time too.

10 days ago

Plenty of parking available.
The trail was very well marked, and despite having rained earlier in the day, it wasn’t overly muddy or slick.
The falls were gorgeous! Definitely worth the hike to see. I strongly recommend hiking the full loop...there are beautiful views all along the way:) took less than 2 hours altogether, including time stopped to enjoy the breathtaking waterfall.

The Falls were beautiful and worth every step of the hike. If you have children be very careful as the lower 2/3 of the trail has very jagged rocks and exposed roots. Will definitely hike this trail again when we are in the area.

Loved this hike. Was so worth the drive. Second half is a bit harder, but some really pretty viewpoints. Also some nice rock formations to see.

Great hike for the entire family. Note the trail head is 75 feet from sign where you park your car; trailhead is marked by large boulders on both sides of trail start. When you reach the river you have to take a hard left in order to reach the waterfall. It is another .3 passing two streams.

This is an amazing little hike. Great for dogs and hikers, even bikers. I didn’t bring anything with me. Besides a dog leash. Some might want to bring a little snack, water etc. The end is beautiful. Great swimming spots scattered around. The end is worth it! There are a few different paths you can take. So read up on where you want to go. BE IN SHAPE. Know your body. This isn’t a trail for people who are new to physical activity. Or people who have never seen a real “mountain trail”.

Enjoy it! It’s mind clearing and a great workout.

20 days ago

Great hike! The trail down to the Narrows is definitely not for everyone but the view is worth it. Be very careful if the trail is wet (be very careful anyway. Be extra careful if it’s wet). The pink flagging does not appear to be there to mark the trail branching downwards off the Pulliam Creek trail but it’s very apparent—a packed clay path that has clearly been regularly used.

Nice little hike.. not difficult at all and even small children can do that... the waterfall at the end is really beautiful!!

One of my favorite waterfalls! The river was beautiful and the falls were roaring. I feel like the trail is varied and fairly easy for the first bit. On the way back up, it is quite steep for a ways. Very secluded and peaceful in late spring. For beginners who like a challenge!

27 days ago

awesome trail! the descent down to the green river is a little tough but the ropes help a lot, and coming back up isn't too bad. the views of the river are amazing and you will probably see some brave kayakers sending the falls!

30 days ago

This is a beautiful trail to an even more beautiful waterfall. Like everyone else has said, it is so much prettier than it appears in pictures. It was well worth the walk. Definitely take the rest of the loop back to the trailhead as the additional water access points are worth the extra effort.

The hike was Good except I was the only one doing the entire hike
To start with, there is no marking that says there is a hike, there will be a muddy road going indicating the start of the hike. You can park on the side of the road but there are not many spots (I was lucky, I was the only one but was still concerned about the safety of the car)
The trail is not well marked but the muddy pathway is about 15 feet wide for most of the part and you can just follow that.
There will be few points where the roads goes in two directions but try to be on the right. The last part of the hike is really steep and you have to literally crawl down holding roots and branches. The waterfall is really nice and rewarding.
I will not risk taking children and pets if I want to go to the waterfall. You have to crawl down even to see that as it’s not visible from a distance.

1 month ago

Great little hike. We were in and out in 2 hours, which included a dip in the (cold!) amazingly fresh water pools by the falls. The rapids/waterfall at the end are definitely worth it, and the descent in and out of the narrows is challenging enough you feel like you got a workout! The rest of the trail was very well-maintained and relatively flat, so might be great for a trail run, with a swimming break in the middle. FYI there was a sign posted that said the trail is closed Mon-Thurs for trail maintenance, but since we’d already driven all the way there, we ignored it. Saw one couple the entire time so it wasn’t crowded at all.

1 month ago

Nice, well marked trail. Beautiful waterfalls. Stop by the beach on your way out.

Worth the hike to the falls. Not to steep some climbing nothing to hard, our 3 year old loved it. Our dog enjoyed it as well. wear closed toe shoes very wet trail. Take water with you as well. Well maintained tail and very well marked. if you haven't been deff worth the trip!!! lots of wildlife & birds.

Short hike to the falls. I’m used to really strenuous trails so this trail is very easy for anyone to do. The rocks are slippery so I would just be careful if your going to walk up close to the waterfall. Beautiful waterfall off of the blue ridge parkway.

good trail

Great hike down to the narrows, but be ready to scramble to the bottom. Definitely at the top of my list!

Impressive view of the Green River Narrows! From the trailhead, it’s just under 2 miles to the steep dirt path that leads down to the narrows. The path will be on your right. We walked right past it and didn’t realize it until we eventually got to another trail and turned back around. The actual trail is pretty easy...BUT as for the path that leads down to the narrows, holy moly! There are multiple ropes to hold on to but it is VERY VERY STEEP! Be prepared to go very slow on the way down and to sweat your booty off on the way back up!!! Take your time!! We enjoyed the views of the narrows and watched the kayakers.
Great trip! If you don’t plan on doing the trek down to the narrows, I’d probably skip this trail...it’s buggy, cob webby, and not all that exciting otherwise.

on Crabtree Falls Trail

1 month ago

Such a beautiful waterfall!! Picture doesn't do it's justice! Bring a hammock that you can wrap up around trees and there is perfect set of trees to tie it up on right beside waterfall! More than relaxing and refreshing. Hike back up is incline and a great workout.

Great workout with a beautiful view the entire hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. The falls is extremely gorgeous.

1 month ago

Incredible trail with multiple waterfalls! Pretty easy hike.

Gorgeous right after a good rain! The trail was very natural, lots of rocks & logs, so be careful with your footing. Be prepared for the uphill hike on the way back. It was a lot on my dogs, they were completely give out & were wanting us the carry them before we made it back, so I probably wouldn’t take them on this hike again.

We drove over here from Rock Hill for a change of scenery. It was an unusually cool day for July with low humidity. The hike was very nice even without the break in weather. Note that this is Palmetto Trail until you take a hard right onto the Lake Johnson Fairforest Creek Connector Trail (there is a signage and a picnic table there). We took that trail down to the creek where there was a beautiful picnic spot. We turned around there. It was 6+ miles. All in it took us 3.5 hours. A lovely day.

The falls are very pretty. We did this last minute at the end of a long day and we weren’t prepared for the uphill journey ALL the way back. It’s downhill all the way to the falls and then of course uphill going back. We didn’t do the loop because it was a longer trail and we were short on time and energy. Thousands and thousands of rocks and roots along the trail...be careful not to twist or break your ankle! Probably wouldn’t take my 5 year old for that reason.

1 month ago

We hiked this trail with another family yesterday. If you stay on the trail itself it is moderate and kid friendly. If you take the rouge trail down to the narrows it is extremely difficult. There are ropes tied to trees to help you down and up. We had 5 kids complete that ages 14-8. Our 8 year old completed the whole thing with a lot of help from her Dad. Once down to the narrows you can sit and watch the kayakers tackling the Green River and there are numerous swimming holes. We will do this trail again some day but probably not include that rogue trail as it was intense and probably not safe to do with kids. We are glad to have done it but that is probably a one and done for us. Lol

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