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on Heart Rock Trail

2 days ago

Amazing place ❤️

Love this trail so much. Unfortunate there's so much graffiti. Looking to start a cleanup group to get rid of the graffiti/trash if anyone's interested...

Love this trail. Where Google maps tells you to turn right is a private road, it's better to park on the highway or in hiker lot. The trail is on the other side of the road behind the church and through the cabin lane. One of the lots is home to the world's "oldest Doug fir". Challenging, but not too hard. The campground is basically just a small flat area.

3 days ago

Burned our.

Awesome hike. If you go with snow on the ground make sure to wear spikes. The switch backs up to the saddle can get slippery.

Beautiful drive up to trail. Perfect weather for a December hike up Bear Canyon Loop with pleanty of parking at the San Juan Trail across from the candy store you will see trail head. At the beginning of the trail recommend that you sign in & out of the book book.

It rained a few days prior I recommend you wait a few days after a rain. Very minimal mudd on the trail. Enjoy this is a good one!

 We started about 11am to beat the cold. Mostly up hill and has some nice view nice and greenery. More cooler areas as you get some elevation. I would rate it as slightly above moderate. Incline was manageable at a nice relaxed pace. Some narrow rocky areas, but generally maintained & easy to follow. Some strenuous narrow areas. I would have liked to see more written trail markers. 

Take a map & mark you trail up it is easy the vere off recommend trail. Take pleanty of water & snacks. 

Some very rutted trails. Amazing workout. Moderately trafficked hike. It actually locked in to 10mile hike down to Tenaja Tuck Trail is generally flat mostly down hill on the way down to Ortega Hwy. Careful on taking this route it will end up, to hwy with minimal trail back to parking area. Wasn't our initial plan. I recommend you stay on trail. With an experienced hiker to navigate your way down. Trail head is best, cause you run into some some private property areas. 

This is a hike I will do again. A fun hike with scenic views!

good trail. Took my dog and all went well. Hiked up to where you start climbing over some rocks to get the waterfall, but decided to turn back after a family said there wasn't any water. hopefully that changes soon, definitely want to come back when there is water

7 days ago

Easy, fun and beautiful. I’ll go back in a Heartbeat ❤️

A great hike with some nice views, it actually clocks in at 7miles round trip. Advice: Hike in the morning to avoid the head (88F on our hike), Sign into the book at the start of the trail and sign off on coming down, bring 1.5L water per person, be sure to take Bear Ridge trail back, has the best views!

Third time doing this trail on a stunning 48 degree day. Hard enough to keep you warm and cool enough to stop and lounge on a few of the big boulders. Amazing 360 degree views from the top.

Very nice hike, as mapped here taking the chapman trail back it is 9 miles though. I enjoyed the chapman trail, hiking back along the wall of the canyon provides nice views.

Great Trail.. Will do it again counter clockwise..

This hike was a little more challenging than I thought in that the boulders were vertical but it was so worth it. Haven’t rock climbed like that in a long time. I definitely recommend hiking boots and pants as my son wore running shoes and shorts and his ankles and calves took a beating. I wore hiking boots and pants and was very comfortable sliding down boulders on the way down. No waterfall but still a lot of fun.

10 days ago

Nice enough to give it a shot. But please don't advise people to go "after a rain" without giving some head's up that means a good day or 2 with no chance of more rain. Most of the trail from the road to the falls is in a creekbed canyon subject to flooding. I worry since most hikers in the area only really know drought conditions. Too much road walking and too many inexperienced hikers for our tastes, but a nice hike nonetheless. Especially if you read up on the haunted history of he area beforehand.

Easy quick hike. Stayed awhile taking pics. Towards the end u have to go to the right and the heart rock is at the bottom.

I hiked this trail shortly after the first snowfall and it was a killer workout. If you will be hiking through the snow be sure to take appropriate gear.

The views along the trail are gorgeous.

Long and steep, but diverse with great views.

Relatively flat first half followed by creek bed uphill climb progressively getting steeper with some bolder scrambling. In a wooded canyon. Pretty overall.

11 days ago

Such a beautiful and easy hike!!!!

Really easy walk, I wouldn’t consider this a hike.
Well maintained and really pretty views from the top of the hill.
Just a bit of dog poop on the trail. Please pick up after your dogs guys.

12 days ago

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE SNOW! This hike is rated easy, but it gets really hard with the snow. There’s a lot of icy patches and snow on the side. There is a very very narrow path leading to the first mine and another one after the first mine. I was basically hugging the side of the mountain. Not recommended for kids right now. Please wear hiking boots or chains on your shoes! I made it to the first mine, but I was unable to continue cause I was wearing the wrong shoes. I will be back to finish this hike once I get the right shoes!!!

nature trips
14 days ago

Great for the pups! Easy parking. Less crowded during the week. Best after a rain.

15 days ago

Trail was heavily trafficked. Hikers were playing music with no respect to others around them. People brought aggressive dogs on the trail which bit other dogs and people did not clean up after their dogs. A man smoked his cigarette where the group of other hikers were hanging out... disgusting. If you hike for the instagram photo this is one for you. If you like to hike to be one with nature... pick a different trail.

Nice easy trail to follow with an awesome view. Start early and be prepared for crowds since it’s a short hike. Dress in layers if you’re going during cooler windier weather. We went during some Santa Ana winds and definitely felt the wind chill. Pack a lunch and enjoy the view from the mine.

The mine is also cool to check out, but make sure you have a headlamp. Be careful of low clearances in the mine.

18 days ago

We took our 4 year old and it was an easy hike for all of us. Went on black friday. Crowd was average and we did not have any problems finding parking. The creek has very less water at this time of the year, so there was no waterfall near the heart rock. Nevertheless, a beautiful hike through the forest. The heart rock itself is fascinating to view. Would love to go again in spring.

A very intense workout. Hiked this one today 11/24/18. Some snow at the top and very icy in some areas i didnt have any hiking poles so it was scary to walk on ice dont recommend it (had to step on the rocks to pass through). I can say it was easier than San Jacinto, but probably because it was few miles shorter. Views throughout the entire hike are just amazing. No parking permit needed if you park on the street up the hill from the Ranger Station. Be fit if you plan on beating it at this time of the year.

Gorgeous beach! But they do not let you dogs on the beach. We went here because this description said dogs on leash ok. Not ok. So one stayed back with the dog while the others frolicked in the beach.

18 days ago

What an incredible view once you reach the summit!!!
There are some narrow parts in the trail, make sure your shoes are appropriate. Moderate hike 2.0

Love this trail whenever I’m back home and want to get a quick hike in. Easy enough that you don’t need a lot of things to bring up with you on the trail but moderate enough to get a good sweat in. Usually takes about 2-2 1/2 hours to complete.

I enjoyed the hiking aspect of this trail, but I found the vandalism (graffiti) overwhelming. It greatly detracted from the beauty of the surrounding forest and mountains. I will never understand how someone would make the effort to go out into the woods and then ruin it. The mine itself could transport you mentally to a bygone era, but the graffiti just makes you think of the inner city after an apocalypse. Just SAD!

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