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Really enjoyed this hike as an intro to snow hiking in the white mountain. Micro spikes were absolutely necessary. Be prepared with extra layers and freezing temps. Amazing views and fun trail. Looking forward to this hike in warmer temps.

Hiked up to the hut at the base of the ravine on 1/06/19, ended up in a mini blizzard but that was the best part, the beauty was breathtaking. Of course we had the right clothing and used spikes for the fresh snow. Lots of people to the hut, but most opted not to go on due to weather conditions, 105 mile winds reported at the top. Even at the hut they were about 30, the air changed right there and the temperature dropped to felt like 20 below. That was far enough for us!

12 days ago

The sign in the parking lot says 2.5 to Mount Crawford summit. I do not record my hikes so I am leaning towards trusting the sign over this description.
The hike up is definitely steep, but the view is worth every inch.
We went up without our snowshoes today and probably could have used them after the first lookout.
To get to the summit keep right after the first lookout. This means turning into the trees.
Leave plenty of time to take in the scenery.

12 days ago

Climbed to the top of Pine cobble in the early afternoon. The color was not spectacular, but a local woman told me later that this was the worst color season she has seen in the last 20 year.
The trail is well marked, a little rocky, but definitely a nice hike to view both N Adams and Williamstown.

13 days ago

Hiked this trail on 1/4/19 with my dog. Snowshoes or ice cleats were a must, as well as hiking poles with snow baskets. The trail is steep for sure, a real good work-out. With the snow covered the entire trail, there was no rocky areas to tackle, and my dog had no trouble doing the hike (no icy areas on the day of our hike). The view at top is out-of-the-world beautiful.

Great well marked trail. Just long and steep enough to feel like you accomplished a burger worthy hike. Cool features along the way including a throne, stainless steel dog bowls and lots of sticks. It would be nice if they added a hot tub at the summit.

Great hike!! Trails are hard packed with ice, traction is a must!. My hillsounds made easy work of the ledges. Some mixed conditions (ice and rock) going up Welch. I did run into a group that turned around because they couldn’t get purchase safely with their traction (yax and katahoulas).
The saddle in between the 2 is packed nicely. Beautiful views!! Will be hiking this again.

I have always LOVED this hike! Great views.

on Boulder Loop Trail

17 days ago

Pretty easy hike, no difficult terrain. Good for families with kids.
The official name of this trail is "The Boulder Loop Interpretive Trail" there are 15 numbered markers along the way. US Forest Service has a guide for this trail available here:

Hiked on June 27. Nearly 8 hours with a 45 minute break at summit. Perfect weather, not windy. Note that Tuckerman’s ravine was closed once you got to the lion’s head trail, so that was the only option. On the return, the flies started chasing us and no amount of bug spray could deter them. Challenging, but lovely throughout with many views.

This is one my favorite hikes of all time! It begins in a hardwood forest, continues through and alpine zone, and finishes in a huge boulder field. It is by far the most complete hiking experience I’ve done on the east coast. I suggest starting early, if you plan on completing the entire loop before dark.

Visually it is a stunning trail. Once you get to the alpine zone you can see how the glaciers meticulously carved this landscape, years ago. The boulder field at the top of the mountain is other worldly and really takes some thought to get through. My buddy and I really had an adventure on this hike!

The last thing to consider is the weather. We did this trail in late July and had great weather until... the boulder field! When we reached this zone a storm rushed in bringing thick fog, hail, and a quick 20 degree drop in temperature. Make sure to layer and bring a hat and gloves, even in the summer.

Fun boulder scramble and great views!

Awesome winter hike! Definitely needed spikes , everything was packed down though. Did the ladder, it was a blast! Took about 3 1/2-4 hrs total

First time taking this trail and it was great, especially in the snow. Spikes were a must as it was quite icy. We almost didn’t take the ladders going up Mt Morgan, but I’m glad we decided to give it a try! Lots of fun and in the winter it was nice and quiet.

1 month ago

Amazing 360 views. This was an incredible hike, highly recommended. trail is well compacted with some powder in the last quarter mile as you get above the trees. Spikes (and poles) required. While the trail is good, stick closely to it. Depending on the elevation there is up to three feet of snow and immediately off the compacted trail it is soft, watch where you plant your poles. Did I write I loved this hike.

great hike with some of the best views in the whites, we had mid winter conditions!! snow no ice!!

1 month ago

This trail is a great hike. We did do the Trail counterclockwise and it was a lovely hike. I want to go back and hike it clockwise to see which way is “nicer”.
There were some smaller trees down throughout the trail - easily maneuvered
We wore spikes as the path was packed by hiker traffic.
Note: When you cross the covered bridge from the parking lot take a right to the trailhead.

Great trails really well marked. Carried my snowshoes but the entire loop was hard packed and didn’t use them. Used only my spikes, no post holing. Went Percival to Morgan. Would recommend if you want to take the ladders to go Morgan first....the cave squeeze to get to the ladders was a little less clear with the snow, but there are foot prints. My first time up there. It was breathtaking.

This is a great hike in the summer and almost better in the winter. Snow at the bottom was ~3 inches but at the top was almost 1.5 feet so snowshoes are highly recommended. I hiked up Percival and down Morgan, which is definitely the way to do it in the winter. Percival starts shallow then heads sharply upwards. Trying to get down the trail in deep snow would be tricky, but going down Morgan was no problem. The views as always are unbelievable! I stayed almost an hour on top of Morgan.
Time to Percival summit: 2 hours
Time to Morgan Summit: 42 minutes
Total time (with ~4 trail breaks and an hour on the summit): 4 and a half hours

Plan a two or three day stay, the weather pattern changes by the hour.

Did this with a summer camp. Really fun, not challenging. There is a cliff at one point but you don't have to go near the edge. Steep rock face to climb but I was fine in hiking boots. Took five hours with slow frequently stopping camp group. Would probably take four hours with a frequently stopping but well paced group. (done somepoint in July)

1 month ago

Great day. Had to wear snowshoes from start to finish so this “easy” hike was a bit more challenging than normal. We started from the logging road to avoid the river crossing. I would rate this hike “moderate” level vice “easy” One great view about 2/3 to top. Spectacular view from the top where even Mt Washington was clearly visible to the north. Snow softened from warmer temps on way down, so it was a little dicey. Nice hike overall.

Excellent hike featuring expansive valley views west to Cathedral Ledge and north to Mt. Washington. My quick fix when I need some nature time.

1 month ago

Favorite hike for years, first hiked around 12yo

I’ve done this hike a few times. Gone with kids ages 8 and up during May in New England. May flies prohibit a great hike during this month as they’re everywhere.

The trail however is an incredible family adventure with challenges up a somewhat flat and steep incline. Slow and steady and the kids find the challenges once traversed as monumental achievements.

Beautiful scenery and skyline views and surprisingly little traffic.

Makes for a full day adventure where you can stop numerous times for water, potty, feeding breaks.

I suggest plenty of water and healthy snacks in a medium travel pack. The more people the merrier this will be in your group.

Hiked this in mid November with about 6 inches of snow cover. Definitely a solid “moderate” or “moderate to hard” for less experienced folks. Challenging incline in the beginning, leveling off in the middle, and a challenging rock scramble at the end—which being snow covered was especially challenging without micro spikes. I brought my Labrador and he did great with the terrain. No bear sightings, but lots of coyote prints.

great workout or beginner family hike with nice view.

Started out with just leaves on the trail but surprised me with lots of snow the last 1.5 miles.

Great hike, getting to the parking lot feels like you’ve gone off the grid.
Steady incline, no switchbacks. Gorgeous views of the White Mountains from the lookout.
Not recommended after rainy weather as the trail was mushy at times several days after rain.
A very quiet trail, during our 2.5 hours we only saw 3 other parties and it was a gorgeous September Saturday

Great hike today. Trail crampons were not essential, though make the hike more enjoyable as you ascend to the summit of Mt. Morgan. There is a couple inches of snow and ice above 2000 feet. The views are fantastic.

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