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2 days ago

Excellent hike with some great views, however, the trail was far more technical and challenging than I expected. I would highly recommend snowshoes and hiking poles. I snowshoed clockwise and the first half was moderate so I would recommend doing in and out on that side if you want an easier hike plus it follows along a brook which is nice. If your up for the challenge than the whole loop is excellent, just make sure your prepared.

Great views, last time I hiked here was 34 years ago. I see people like squeezing through ledges now...the paint blazes are in sad shape but the rut in the ground is pretty hard to miss, the snow is well packed down and spikes are highly recommended. Counter clockwise is easier on the knees coming down, I'm an old fart now...

7 days ago

This hike may have the best views for a relatively short hike of moderate effort. It's a 4.4 mile loop with one small stream crossing at the begining of the trail to Welch. If you want an easy short hike with views take the trail to Welch up a little over one mile to a large ledge with views east to the Sandwich Range. A very busy trail in the summer and weekends.

Difficult footing made it seem more difficult than the numbers suggest. It was also relatively hot and humid, as it was July when we did it. We turned around at Pike’s Peak, which is an overlook 1.8 miles up. I have read that the trail is obscure and even more rough from there to the summit. There were nice views at the vista, though.

15 days ago

A bit muddy and the top 1/3 would be easier with spikes. Otherwise, nice hike. Saw coyote or wolf tracks at the top and bear tracks on the way down! Views were quite good.

22 days ago

Fresh snow fall trail.. View at the top was beautiful..

1 month ago

Nice trail, no one on it. Starts off as hard wood slopes and at top Spruce and a lot of rocky ledges. Trail was icy today, you need traction. Moose tracks at very top.

Great views but if you want a good workout type hike in the winter this isn’t it. When icy, a lot of the trail is so slow and you need cramp ons. Would be a Great trail to run when not icy. Also not very challenging for a hike. Not much elevation gain, I’d rate it easy, it’s a stretch to call moderate, maybe only when there’s ice.

1 month ago

Pretty easy hike. Not a very big summit but has exceptional views

2 months ago

A really nice hike through the woods, with some cool features along the way (a literal ladder drilled into rock, and some bounder caves to climb through!). There were some scrambles, and I would say it is deserving of the moderate rating. It took us about ~3 hours to do roundtrip. However, we did get lost for a bit, as some turns are not clearly marked off.

2 months ago

This is easily my favorite trail in the Northeast! It's so incredibly beautiful, with plenty of bald faces and slabs to hike up, and forest around to look at. It's fairly strenuous and took us about ~3 hours to complete, round trip. The top is very nice for picnics!

Hiked on 02/01/18.
Hike only took around 3 hours stopping lots to take pictures and drink a cold one. Trail is packed down nicely which made it very easy to hike on. Temperature was cold but no wind and sunny skies which made for incredible views.
Highly recommend this hike it was tons of fun!

2 months ago

Hiked on 12/15/17. Weather was cold but little to no wind which made this an ideal winter hiking day.
Decided to go counter clock wise based off of other reviews. The ground surface had about 6-8 inches of snow in some areas, and others greater than a foot, and deep in some spots towards the tops of welch and dickey. We made the mistake of thinking the first false peak was the top of Welch only to realize it was indeed a false peak. It was certainly tough to get traction in some areas where there was nothing to grab onto. Microspikes came in the clutch on the ledges especially ascending towards the top Welch, and to Dickey as well. Top of Welch is beautiful, 360s views of the white mountains.

After Welch we realized there was a short descent to start the ascent on Dickey. Descending in the snow is super tricky as the snow covers up the rocks and roots which adds to complexity of a winter hike. The trail felt like a big zig zag to get to the top going through tight spaces through the big rocks and onwards to the top. The top of Dickey is timeless. Pushing close to 3,000 feet. After Dickey on the descent there is one of of the ledge where you are literally about 15 feet away from a big cliff area, made the hike a little bit more exciting to say the least. The descent felt long, and was tough due to the snow covering up the technical parts of the trail.

Given the conditions of the trail I would only recommend to people who are prepared and are experienced. Snow is tricky to hike in.

I am looking forward to hiking this one again in the spring. Five Stars. Live Free or Die!

Total Time took us 5 hours and 17 minutes to complete the loop at 4.95 miles.

Snowy day good winter conditions. Trail conditions good with broken trail. Icy ledges towards the summits.

Light traction fine.

Wonderful winter hike. Parking area has room for at least 10 cars and additional parking is possible along Old Hebron Road. Took me 2 hrs to get up (in the snow) and one hour down. Consistent moderate grade to the summit.

3 months ago

This hike can still be done easily without spikes. Almost no ice and got lucky: morning sun was warm and wonderful. A bit of crunchy snow on top. Roundtrip (up Morgan, down Percival) took us under 3 hours.

3 months ago

Great hike with some great views. Trail was in great shape wit a little bit of scrambling and slick rock. Great trees colors with many photo ops.

3 months ago

I'm sorry to see the last review before mine was 1 star. I found this brief out-and-back hike to be just wonderful. Original plan was to summit Doublehead and then trek across to Percival, but it was gusty and snow-sleeting so we only did the out and back. Trail is well marked and woods are beautiful. A couple somewhat steepish spots, but no scrambling. Would be a GREAT beginner hike. It took us 3 hours in wet, leaf-covered conditions with fresh 1/2 inch of snow.

Great hike. Lots of variety including caves, ladders, some steep sections, scrambling, etc. perfect day with my son, cousins, uncle and nephews.

Great hike for the day after Thanksgiving. It has a variety of muscle groups used if you do the whole loop. We climbed up the Welch side and came down Dickey. Micro spikes were a must once we hit the ledge area. Very icy in a lot of spots and had to bush wack around those area but it was an enjoyable hike none the less. I would not recommend it for beginners in its current condition today. I have a few pics, If I can post them I will. Great views and as long as use come prepared, I think you would like it too.

This is definitely a difficult trail. A mile of ledge!
Do Not attempt in bad weather, rain, or ice. This is definitely a beautiful Hike filled with wonder and beauty one sight after another!!

Great views. Did this with my 9 year old, 11 year old, and two dogs. Challenging enough, for all of us; but would definitely not want to do it if there was ice on the rock slabs (there are several). Would highly recommend for families who are want approximately 4 hours outdoors.

Great views, open slabs of rock, not too hard, not too easy, this trail is a favorite for many. I would definitely do this trail again but not on a weekend. It gets very crowded on the weekend.

This is NOT kid friendly- very steep and extremely rocky on last part. My friends with kids had to stop middle hike and go back.... was wet and slippery - fell twice
However beautiful and stunning!!!

Quick hike with a fantastic view! A new fav!

This is one of my all time favorite trails! I am not gonna lie, you earn every view but the effort is well worth it. Going counter clockwise is the way to go. Can be treacherous in wet or icy conditions because of all the bald faces, rock scrambles are many but the pine groves are awesome. Do this trail, it is awesome!

Myself and Rosa started kinda late morning. Nice solid path with many rest areas. We ran into picnic sites and the best part was at the bottom near the parking lot after we finished...there is a small river where we soaked our tired feet...super soothing.

Was unsure if we were on the right side of the road (Rattlesnake Mountain parking lot is across the street with the port-a-potty). Decided to go Mt Percival trail and loop around to Mt Morgan and back down (approx. 5 miles). Mt Percival trail gets very rocky towards the top; wouldn't recommend bringing kids, my dog had a hard time in spots. We ended up taking the Caves route, which lead us to the most beautiful view and right towards the trail leading to Mt Morgan.

If you’re an experienced hiker, this is an amazing loop. There are incredible views with great climbing opportunities and interesting geological features. It’s advertised by All Trails and by many locals as moderate but only the first section to the Welch peak is that. After that, it gets difficult! There are lots of steep inclines and descents. If you have less experienced hikers with you, consider calling it quits after the Welch overlook.

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