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on Getty View Trail

1 day ago

Great view and very beautiful!

2 days ago

definitely need hiking boots. when the reviews say rocky, they mean it's literally 3.5hrs of traverseing a continuous pile of loose rocks.

I enjoy my walks in this hiking trails n also beautiful view n so relaxing✨✨✨

Closer to Easy than Moderate, this loop offers a gorgeous view of the Los Angeles Basin on a clear day.

3 days ago

Be advised. This hike involves stairs and quite a bit of them(524 steps) ! Be mindful of this if you’re bringing your dog or looking for a hike and you haven’t done one in quite awhile. You have to do the stairs on the way up, so make sure you save some energy for it! They’re kind of steep and can be brutal if you’re not ready for it.

Other than that I loved the hike once I got down the stairs. There’s a lot to explore. There’s different trails that head off Here and there. I definitely want to go back and explore. There’s a lot of ppl there when I went (Saturday at about 1)

The road to there has great views of the coastline. First part of the walk is on a road. You have to park in the neighborhood. Then from there basically follow the graffiti ! There’s no shade on the road. You come to a yellow gate that blocks cars, keep going. You’ll come to another fence with an opening and you’ll see stairs to the right. 524 steps.

It’s cooler once you get down. Shaded well. There was a little creek. I didn’t get to go to the nazi house. We came up to the first painted house and explored around. My friend was getting tired so we headed back. She went up the stairs next to the graffitied house. I went through the back of the house. If youre not doing the whole loop and want to see me more (or avoid stairs) I’d suggest cutting though the back of the house. There’s another building with cool graffiti on it. You come to a wall then go up the side. They both lead to the same spot.

You take a right from there, go down the road then take a left. You’ll arrive at the stairs that brought you down. At least once you’re up then the walk back to your car is downhill.

God forbid there happens to be a single drop of rain. They close the trail?!?! Seriously?

12 days ago

Easy hike as long as you take the stairs down (as we did) and complete the loop from there, clockwise. Very cool to see the old ruins!

A great place for escaping in the city for some hiking and running. Good views, some nice nature, can get crowded

Creds: AllTrails Pro for accurate GPS real time location and mileage. 7.3 mi. 1,260’ El Gain. Went clockwise for both loops. First loop trail closed half way through, had to back track / go around (reason why mileage more then 5.7 planned).

Aside from closed section, rest of trails in great condition.

3 stars for terrible parking. Park only has slots for about 10 cars. Street parking ‘permit only’. Easy to miss. So I pay $1,000 dollars in city taxes a year to live here and people who live right next to park managed to get rid of public parking on this wide street I helped pay for. Wow. Amazing to me people buy a house next to park entrance and get upset when people park there?!?!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous views of Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island, and lots of whales.

18 days ago

Small little hike with beautiful ocean views. Happy we could bring our dog on the trail, but unfortunately couldn’t take him on the beach.

I was worried this was just another paved fire road with a view but when you go thru the fence and down the cement stairs you’re into another world. Great glute workout on the way back up too. Make sure you take a left thru the opening in the fence!

fun trail to hike solo or with the dog(s). Couple of things to note- not much shade and can be pretty rocky. Be sure to bring plenty of water and if an older dog consider their paws/joints. overall a lovely hike with great ocean views

19 days ago

Loved this trail. Nice walk by the lake with my girl and a nice workout once you reach the hill trail.

Hiked all the way down . So hiking back up was the challenge. We had to do this to get the full experience rather than just doing the 2.7 miles. Overall it was a very good one. There are two toilets only and gross! so make sure you have unloaded before you start

Very easy walk paths with a couple of tangents to the rocky beach. The lighthouse is only open to the public on the 2nd Saturday of the month, if you plan to visit inside. Great trail for dogs (on 6ft max leash) as there is a water fountain at the half way point

21 days ago

Short and crowded. A nice walk if you happened upon it accidentally; not worth going out of your way for.

Easy/mod. Beautiful views

Beautiful views

Went again on dec 16, 2018. It’s amazing! This time I didn’t miss the “entrance” of the loop (the break of the fence) and when you goes down the steps, it feels like you are diving into the embrace of the mountains and green trees. Gorgeous view for mountain lovers! But be mindful since the steps are narrow and small, and full of shades. If you came late without flashlight it might be too dark to see anything and unsafe.

I didn’t finish the steps because it was dawn time and I walked back in darkness. A group of guys was going down the steps, and from far they thought I was a bear climbing up the stairs to attack them and freaked out.

Such a beautiful nature I love the area

Omg!! The views!!! Amazing! Definitely doing this again. So many trails to choose from. Easy to hard. Love it!

mountain biking
24 days ago

Fun and a well groomed trail!

I am not sure what route Raul took that narrowed but at no point was the west trail I walked less than 6 ft wide. Walk clockwise if you want the big grade downhill. Walk counter clock if you want to go up it. For those out of town era like me I saw no indication of vagrants or any scary people. Sunrise walk almost no one there

Really like the area and overall the hike is nice and long. The parking was easy to find and lots of dogs! I took my dog and it was a nice walk for him with great views. Started to get cold and windy towards the evening so try and get out there earlier.

27 days ago

Nice hike/walk to do for beginners and those looking for a bit of creepy history.

As others have posted, it is best to walk clockwise in the loop, starting by going down the stairs to the left. The stairs are long and a bit short and narrow - so watch your step! At the bottom of the stairs continue left to walk around the compound. It is super interesting to see 1930's structures here knowing it was an old ant-semitic / Nazi activity campground. That said - it's not at all sad that it's since been burned down and many buildings have been demolished because eff the Nazi's.

The walk itself offers quite a bit of shade and is mostly paved (~75%) as you are walking essentially a driveway around the compound. I wouldn't recommend this hike for someone who is looking for more nature or for something strenuous. There is a LOT of litter here including a lot of beer bottles, spray paint cans and cigarettes which can detract from the experience for some. I more am interested in that whoever wanted to go smoke weed and paint graffiti here made such an effort to walk all the way there. So more props to them I guess?

1 month ago

Parking costs $6 dollars for 2 hours.

1 month ago

A recent storm washed out several trails. I spoke with a lifeguard and right now the only option is to walk over the rocky beach - difficult but fun (I had my dog). Parking is $6 for each 2 hrs, free for seniors 62 and older and ADA.

Hikes for all tastes and ages: you can walk around a small pond, around a larger lake, or go all the way to a top of the hill to the south.

Nice little hike. Incredible ocean views.

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