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Beautiful and quiet. Lots of nature where you feel away from the city. Some challenging parts and great view at the top.

Beautiful views and very peaceful!

Life's a Beach!

Trail was closed today due to maintenance/weather

6 days ago

Great quick hike for a nice view of Bay Area and City all in one.

This place is great for family hikes, easy and fun for kids...one big main trail and small fun rigid trails cut through it.

13 days ago

My all time favorite trail the stairs are a killer but its worth the walk

My 3 year old grandson and I both loved this trail. It's a good walk uphill to start, the higher up gets pretty steep for little ones. I was actually more concerned about going down, but my little hiker did it :)

14 days ago

Too much litter- interesting history but no need to do this hike again.

Nice view with a simple pathway or a few side trails for the little adventurer in you. Nothing too crazy, good for a nice stroll. Overall a nice spot.

Not dog friendly. No bikes. State park. So the area below (the field) can have dogs on leash. But no dogs allowed on the trail sadly :/

20 days ago

Dog friendly hike. Parking is a bit weird. If you’re coming from the Hollywood side and you’re in the residential area just park by a house. If you start going down a narrow street there’s no parking there and turning around is a beetch. Also a ton of construction happening right before you hit the trail the last time I went. A few of the structures are still up it’s nice to look at. Would be creepy af at night I would imagine some meth heads there or something but yea :) do it. Enjoy!

Short, easy hike with a good view at the end. Continue to the end after the boy scout "summit" sign for the best view.

Good family hike. Informational plaques a long the way. If there is a good rain there would be a stream. Horses and dogs are allowed. Lizards and birds are plentiful.

Perfect day hike, easy enough.

view was great, plenty of splinter trails, good workout on the way up. :)

love this hike, lots of rock jumping, wear good grip water shoes, and pay attention to the tide if you go too late the tide will creep up and you'll be swimming instead of hiking

I really enjoyed this trail — once I found it. I missed the first left turn (because I wasn’t looking at the trail map), and I ended up going on a short hike behind some of houses. That isn’t this trail. So I’d advise, if it’s your first time there, use the map. The trail has a few places where it Ys, and I appreciated this app in those moments. That said, it’s a beautiful area with incredible views, and my dog and I had a grand time. We will be back.

Also: Make sure to keep your dog on a leash. They seem pretty serious about tickets. One visitor told me a ranger recently hid in the bushes and gave his friend a ticket. Sneaky.

good short work out, but the amount of horse feces found is ridiculous.

Great place for a hike! Love Palos Verdes and the amazing views!

1 month ago


1 month ago

A very brave way decorated with graffiti. Get ready for a lot of steps halfway up.

Beautiful well maintained trails with fantastic views of the ocean. Most of the trails seemed pretty easy. It is definitely hard to find close parking if you are not there early. Good trail for walking dogs.

Mostly an asphalt road- not enough nature for my liking

A couple trails were closed but still had a blast!

1 month ago

Gorgeous view

1 month ago

The hike was somewhat short but we continued on to a separate trail to make it longer. We took our two year old and he really enjoyed the beach portion of the trail. Downside to this spot is that there is very little shade, but the view is beautiful.

Perfect workout

Not really impressed by the views. Took paintbrush trail which is closed right now, but it wasn't bad. For the amount of time it took us to drive here it was really just "ehh". Coming back up was a nice workout though. Probably won't be doing this one again for a while.

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